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intro’d to Daniel in his convo w Vinay here:

Ben Schulz (@bnschlz) tweeted at 4:39 AM – 9 Apr 2019 :
The Monster Factory. Love of “us” at the expense of “them” is destroying the world.
Nice work @leashless and @thorson.
Part I https://t.co/kljYA74tcX
Part II https://t.co/9ZAG0kWMx9 (http://twitter.com/bnschlz/status/1115564858978623489?s=17)

twitter handle above not right for Daniel Thorson.. it’s @dthorson – he is/was in boulder/vermont – https://www.monasticacademy.com/

Daniel has joined the Monastic Academy in order to become a person who can serve the world in a time of crisis and contribute to building an educational institution that can train many more such people.

In previous incarnations, Daniel has organized with Occupy Wall Street (in NYC); worked at a company called Buddhist Geeks (it’s what it sounds like); helped start Boulder Flood Relief in the aftermath of the September 2013 Boulder, CO floods (which went on to become an award-winning non-profit); founded a mindfulness education company; launched a new American political party; and spent over 10,000 (awful, wonderful) hours in formal meditation practice. Daniel is the host of the Emerge podcast, which explores the relationship between inner and outer transformation.


part 1

12 min – i’m really only about preventing extinction.. if we can do that.. possibly expand into space.. past that i have zero hope for everything else.. fairness/goodness/well-being.. we have blown everything there is to blow on all of those levels.. my advice is .. abandon all lesser causes..  none of it’s real.. none of it matters if we go extinct.. not because of global warming.. but because of political changes which will come because of a result of radically increased resource scarcity brought about by global warming.. ie: nuclear/bio weapons.. the more chaotic/violent the world gets.. the more dark the more crazy the solutions


25 min – huge ineq happening.. not because they (few at the top/wealthy) hate you .. but because they love their kids and are blinding selves to all others.. not being done by hate but by love.. that’s why it’s so hard to stop

27 min – love is not enough.. it’s by no means the highest virtue.. rather.. truth.. above love is truth

what is truth? who decides..?

has to be love vinay.. those people ‘acting out of love for kids’ .. that’s not love.. that’s fear.. (security for kids.. security is based on fear not love)

thurman interconnectedness law

29 min – everyone feeling they are doing the best they can.. but not enough.. so why do it

it’s less about doing so much and more about sync.. to me.. the biggest/deepest problem is getting us back into sync..everyone in sync.. which can’t happen unless it’s everyone.. we can’t fix things.. we can just bring us all back together..

the ai humanity needs..

augmenting interconnectedness

30 min – in reality.. nothing we can do in amount of time we have.. so we are looking for hacks to buy us some time to do something about resource scarcity.. if people have enough .. so they don’t feel they need to butcher their neighbor for resources.. to some degree we could get them to chill out about

doing enough about material scarcity that we could get people to chill out a little is about all i think is realistic at this point in history..t

short bp


you look at things like bi.. even a 3rd rate implementation of bi is likely to stop people starving in the streets.. even a lousy implementation of bi is likely to do a good job of stopping that (people falling off cliff).. worst part of anybody is..instability.. not knowing where money is coming from.. seems you could pull an enormous amount of anxiety out of society w bi.. not happier.. but less aggressively vicious and maybe less violent

33 min – i’m not talking massive save the world.. but maybe if people less scared..

34 min – now.. unable to prioritize.. we’re not noticing that we’re shooting people with one hand and handing out bandages with the other

rest of this and part 2 – mostly about awakening ness..

part 2

35 min – d: this helps me realize why we create monastic environs where you can contemplate these things w/o losing everything

imagine that space.. everyday.. for everyone.. ie: 2 convers as infra

listen & connect to undo our hierarchical listening

@dthorson: I predict we will soon see the rise of emergent self-governing collectives organized around shared problems or purpose. To participate in these collectives will require a high degree of sovereignty.

maybe just curiosity  ie: cure ios city

am thinking that would save a ton of energy.. by creating diff collectives..

‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

 1:04 – so much energy has been poured into this massive awakening dream (like eradicating racism – not gonna happen).. that could be poured into doing practical stuff in the world..

what we need most: the energy of 7bn alive people

begs tech as it could be..

Vinay Gupta (@leashless) tweeted at 6:37 PM on Tue, Apr 09, 2019:
I’m fascinated by how hard-hitting people found these two podcasts @dthorson and I did recently. We didn’t talk about extinction, or pandemic flu, or genocide, or any of that stuff. https://t.co/3BRmMfUJTY
https://t.co/qCzE2nwwdi We talked about *money* and homelessness and lies.

Vinay Gupta (@leashless) tweeted at 6:38 PM on Tue, Apr 09, 2019:
What really amazes me is the difference in reactions between part one and part two: part one, lots of fanfare. Part two, flat silence. Mostly we talk about the struggle of knowing how to help in a world gone things wrong.  https://t.co/3BRmMfUJTY
https://t.co/qCzE2nwwdi basically

Vinay Gupta (@leashless) tweeted at 6:42 PM on Tue, Apr 09, 2019:
I know we all want a two car garage (to put our fab lab in, if not a car) and free health care. These are our rights, right? But we share a planet with a million people who will starve to death this year. Socialism failed. Now what? https://t.co/3BRmMfUJTY



advancing human sovereignty – by Daniel Schmachtenberger – via @dthorson when i asked him what he meant by sovereignty here:

@dthorson: I predict we will soon see the rise of emergent self-governing collectives organized around shared problems or purpose. To participate in these collectives will require a high degree of sovereignty.

ie: cure ios city


Sovereignty relates to the capacity for and demonstration of good (omni-positive) choice-making.

We can define sovereignty more formally as the product of sentience (one’s ability to sense the world), intelligence (one’s ability to make sense of the world), and agency (one’s ability to act on and in the world).

then @dthorson rt’d this tweet on individual sovereignty

@dthorson #RiffingDefinitionsForSharedSensemakingV1

To have individual sovereignty is to have a clear sense of your self, values, purpose, and your place in universe; To feel ”anchored”in your psyche deeply; to be in the world but not of; to be engaged in messy world with boundaries.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/drtime_/status/1115647345608118272

so.. what if with that/those definition\s.. curiosity is what creates/sustains sovereignty.. what if that’s why we’re missing it.. by not trusting/facilitating individual daily curiosity..

@dthorson: Ah! I think I’m getting you now. Yes, I think curiosity is a big part of what leads to sovereignty. I personally prefer ‘eros’ as a term for what I imagine you’re pointing to.

In that sense sovereignty is an emergent property of our deep love affair with life.


thorson curiosity law

sovereignty ness

@dthorson: Meditation amplifies curiosity. First we practice cultivating curiosity towards ‘uninteresting’ things (like the breath). Eventually we become naturally curious towards all experience. Everything becomes interesting. Then the whole world unfolds like a flower

like a healthy 5 yr old.. back to vinay’s – give people a means to chill: 1 yr to be 5 ness


@csageland Yes. The major bottleneck to their emergence is not infrastructure (which companies like @daostack and @joincolony are building) but the lack of human sovereignty in our world. I think that’s why folks like Daniel Schmacthenberger and @jgreenhall emphasize the quality so much.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/dthorson/status/1115954555068526592

i think the infra needs a detox embed .. get people back/to that love of life (cure ios city).. ie: 2 convers as infra..

major bottleneck is that we can’t seem to let go enough (gupta roadblock law) of all the things.. and just trust (unconditional trust – oxymoron) that that love/curiosity/sovereignty is already there.. the infra has to assume/model that trust


6 min video


5 min – the purpose (of meditation) for a lot of people is to wake up.. and if you achieve that thru tech means.. then the purpose is achieved.. if the goal is enlightenment.. whatever gets you there fastest.. go for it.. it takes a long time now.. so just do it faster

for (blank)’s sake


from Richard

Richard D. Bartlett (@RichDecibels) tweeted at 9:29 AM on Wed, Sep 25, 2019:
.@dthorson I have a wish: with yr podcast yr gaining wisdom and knowledge and integrating perspectives and helping the field advance. I want you to stop every 6 mo and interview yourself, get on a soapbox and encapsulate what’s shifted for you in the past period.


june 2020 – A Latter-Day Rip Van Winkle Emerges, Blinking, Into a Surreal Reality


Daniel Thorson went into a silent retreat in mid-March, meditating through 75 coronavirus news cycles, Boris Johnson’s hospitalization, social distancing and sourdough starter. Now he’s catching up.

Daniel Thorson outside the cabin where he just finished a 75-day silent meditation retreat at the Monastic Academy in Lowell, Vt

“While I was on retreat, there was a collective traumatic emotional experience that I was not a part of,” he said, on the second day. “To what degree do I have to piece it back together?”

After graduating from college, he was an organizer for Occupy Wall Street, camping in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan and engaging with pedestrians. He logged a few years with the Buddhist Geeks movement, promoting the use of online technology for enlightenment seeking. His podcast, “Emerge,” seeks to explore “the next phase of the human experiment.”

“I would turn a corner in the grocery store, and someone would be there, and they would recoil,” he said. “I haven’t installed the Covid operating system. At first, I was, like, ‘Whoa, what did I do?’”

He has begun to regard his phone use, he said on “The Stoa,” a philosophy podcast, with fear.. “This whole thing is a hell of a drug,” he said. “It really, really, really has an impact on my nervous system.”


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