bauwens in australia

[adding page because Michel said he was *really seeing things happening towards commoning in australia.. and then this 15 min interview seems to capture a lot]

*this little post is dedicated to Sharon EdeElsie L’Huillier and Tirrania Suhood and all others , like Jose and Darren Sharp of the P2P Foundation / Commons Transition Coalition, who have made Australia such a fertile commons territory.

I must say, the 2 workshops in Parametta and Sydney, were nothing less than the zenith of my lecturing/workshopping life, nowhere else has the reception been so enthusiastic, and the progress so clear. comforting it is to see results like this.. I could say this, there is no other place on the planet, where I have seen so clear results of helping along the organic growth of a social movement, but giving the right touches at the seemingly right moments, to give the nudges to evolve just a bit faster and deeper!

Michel Bauwens Interviewed by Paul Bishop in 2018 in Melbourne – P2P Foundation

15 min – interview sept 2018 – melbourne

p2p is a non profit based in the netherlands.. a network and research org

what we do .. observe and analyze the emergence of the commons as a new modality of organizing life, society and the economy..t

p2p.. common/ing

and the commons being a shared resource that is maintained by a group of people/stakeholders, which has its own rules/norms.. neither a market/state.. somewhere in between.. which has always existed.. but is now able to scale up at a global level thru tech..t

begs that tech focus on listening first.. ie: tech as it could be

kind of a cyclical phenom.. when society overuses its resource base.. it has almost always come back to this commonification.. ie: end of roman empire.. christian monks sharing knowledge throughout europe.. they’re the engineers of their time..  you see mutualization of infra thru the monasteries.. monks actually have own apt

rp ness

so they live better than the farmers but at a very low cost compared to roman elite.. then 3rd thing.. relocalisation of production.. that’s the feudal system w the local domains..

2 min – so these three phenom come back .. today you would have.. global open source and open design communities like the free software movement (linux, arduino).. we have wikihouse for building houses.. farmers making own machines again.. then relocalization of production – organic farming.. collective gardening..

5 min – i believe the commons is kind of an answer.. a template to solve in a new way the issues that our system has..t

1 yr to try commons

i talk about contributive democracy (vs rep demo where i get elected i have power to do things.. participation is i’m asking the people for their input.. both have their uses.. i wouldn’t want to abolish them.. but i want to add a third layer.. contributive democracy – we have a lot of state/market failure.. so it’s the citizens.. actually carrying out what we promised to do

why promise to do things..? does that happen in stigmergy..? in meadows undisturbed ecosystem..?

gives a legitimacy to those citizen initiatives

that’s why..? for legitimacy..? (on legit ness)

therefore if we make a food council to manage and advise the food transition.. these people should be in the council.. we need to have the doers

imagine we trust our dance more.. (i’m thinking even more trust than in jerry’s design for trust)

we need those people (doers) in our institutions and the legitimacy is that we actually voted to do this

voting ness

7 min – there are so many initiatives.. just look on the web and you will see that in every place that you live there are people doing that change.. you just need to connect with them

what we need is 1\ everyone free to do/be that  2\ a means to connect 7bn (via curiosity – not via councils or initiatives or.. ie: 2 convers.. as infra) everyday

that doesn’t mean that someone needs to tell someone what to do.. but it’s a question of alignment.. mutual alignment

why..? why can’t our alignment be.. we need to make sure everyone get their 2 basic needs met.. otherwise.. the day is up for whimsy/spontaneity..

i’m changing food because i’m passionate about food.. well i have to know that other people are doing mobility and others housing.. they are my allies.. we are in the same transition

indeed.. but we have to go ginorm/small .. because people could change their minds everyday.. and that.. that ability to change everyday because we’re listening to our hearts.. that is the energy we need most.. and the energy we’ve been missing for years and years.. (ever since we globbed onto the notion of supposed to ness)

back to your first comment.. that know we have the means/tech to scale the commons.. that.

8 min – so what we do today is, in our system.. we have to sell our labour.. and so we look for a job and then .. we are essentially in a subordinate position.. and ie: 1 in 5 people do what they like to do.. meaning if they would not be paid they would stop doing it..

bs jobs et al.. gershenfeld something else law

you cannot be productive/innovative/creative if you’re doing something.. your heart isn’t in it.. doing it just for money..  but look at wikipedia, linux, system that i’m studying.. 100% of people in it are doing it because they want to.. so this is hyperproductive.. so have to see future as.. i have my passion/virtues/ideals .. and i’m going to filter my work.. the proposals that i can contribute to .. in function of my life project

and i build my id thru contributions and thru recognition of my peers

i see id as a disturbance to meadows undisturbed ecosystem.. to the commons

10 min – a whole diff way of thinking .. and you start form your passion..

again.. i’m thinking we have to go ginorm/smaller .. (esp since today tech allows us to).. or we won’t get to what we need most.. the energy of 7bn alive people

and then you look for generative ethical livelihood.. how can i make a living thru my contributions

too much measuring..  if it’s all of us.. and we’re all truly free.. all we need is for you to be you

the good news is that so many people are inventing.. new forms of accounting.. of coordinating work.. of governance.. of making decisions together.. there’s an *explosion.. this is really a moment in history where we actually.. we’re going thru a renaissance (rebirth)

well.. we could be.. but currently.. we’re missing it.. (ie: we’re not letting go enough for this to be an explosion) we’re missing the opp of ie: rebirth.. a reset.. a global do over

11 min – i would say it’s a bit larger than the crypto currencies.. i would say it’s accounting and accountability

accountable ness.. uck

every big change of civilization has gone thru a representation of what they are doing thru accounting

maybe that’s why civilization ness is so cancerous to humanity

11 min – *writing is a result of accounting.. the first writing is actually a ledger in sumeria.. probably the rice is going in and out of the temple.. this represents the rise of the state.. of a separate institution which is taking care of society

capitalism is double entry book accounting.. you see the word thru the accumulation of your **assets as an individual or corp and everything else is not of interest to you.. it’s externalities.. it’s not my business.. the world could go to pieces.. i don’t care.. i’m making a profit

*write\ing ness as measuring **assets.. dang..

now we are inventing 3 new forms of accounting 1\ open/contributive – by communities that decide to practice value sovereignty – we want to decide what value is for us.. even if we depend on the market still.. we can re distribute it differently inside a commons

sovereignty ness and graeber values law

12 min – 2\ rea (resources, events, action) – accounting that flows w/o double entry – you don’t look at only yourself..  you look at the circular flows in an ecosystem..  3\ bio capacity accountability – look at the flows of matter and energy.. doughnut econ – we need to know what is my fair share w/o destroying the planet

doughnut econ

13 min – we need open/share supply chains.. connected to distributive ledgers.. this is where crypto comes in..  important because they rep the invention of social money.. money is legitimated not by the state/market.. but by the trust of a group of people

i’d say if we think we need money/measure.. trust is already out the door

let’s try ie: hlb via 2 convers that io dance.. as the day.. sans money/measure

and you can design a cryptocurrency that reps your value system.. then start negotiating w other cryptocurrencies.. how you do the exchange of goods/services

marsh exchange law

try have/need ness


imagining a nother way w/2 convers.. as infra.. so we don’t have to keep waiting (and finding means for livelihood) while we’re going at this via part\ial..ness.. for (blank)’s sake

in the city.. as the day..