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new video series via Jerry Michalski on trust

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I’ve been wrestling with trust for a while, as a linchpin issue for fixing the many things that are broken today. A major output of this process is a conscious design process I call Design from Trust. I’d love to know what you think, starting with this introductory video:


assume good intent.. notice it’s not assume everybody is good.. it’s realisitc

assume good

we’re not used to trust.. most of our systems are designed from mistrust

the bad news is we lost trust in humans a really long time ago and most of our institutions are designed from mis trust of the average human.. they use coercion to keep people in line.. doing same thing.. rather than finding the ways to release the genius that is already present..t

peter on from coercion

ie: compulsory ed.. you can be compelled to put your children in school.. when you do so.. the school is designed from mistrust.. the school doesn’t trust.. and apparently all of us don’t trust.. that children are curious.. t.. and that they are trying to find their way forward and that we as a community or community of communities might find ways to educate them really well

ie: cure ios city

instead.. we separate them into one yr cohorts we put them thru same steps/stages over time.. we ask them to perform to tests that are going to try to indicate whether we trust that they’ve learned anything or not in the future.. instead.. what we get is very high stressed.. dis affected.. dis connected.. alienated..  in fact student suicide rates are pretty high.. even in the most prestigious of schools because there the pressure is often highest

suffocating from the day

4 min – layer on top of this.. school shootings.. bullying..  and a whole series of things that really make this a complicated set up.. but.. there’s usually very little trust in the institution of compulsory ed at this point

often there’s not much trust in the corp world..corps often the most autocratic hierarchical institutions out there

we are in the middle of deep trust crisis world wide

5 min – design from trust affects almost every sector of our lives..  design from trust allows a consistent framework that can align.. all.. to find way back to trust

6 min – we don’t really think about the word trust very deeply.. we’ve forgotten the meaning.. trust is often cheaper than control.. and it connects people

7 min – but it also pisses people off.. ones who would have to give up they way they live now..

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