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project lead for commons transition.. p2p strategic direction


adding page this day (team human interview)

douglas rushkoff (@rushkoff) tweeted at 6:43 AM – 10 Jan 2018 :

Back from 2 weeks hiatus, @teamhumanshow with P2P maestro Stacco Troncoso on commons sense, and me on how the Russia story is distracting us from fundamental changes in American law and policy, and the real, new, suffering and death it’s causing. (

Stacco starts at 8 min

11 min – what they show is that people can deal w complexity

13 min – these are my friends.. they are working 60-80 hrs a week.. they cut their salary (on occupy and 15 m)

14 min – doug: what is it that’s energizing.. if it’s not resistance..

15 min – coming from a lot of self org’d projects… forced in this physical space.. it wasn’t homogenous.. it was contradictory.. but was very much commons..  what i’m really interested in is how it’s permeated culture

16 min – met Michel in 2013.. started volunteering heavily.. and now work fulltime at p2p


19 min – on p2p – generative creative blob.. outlets.. when i started digging into this wiki.. i thought.. this guy.. Michel.. has got everything i want.. hacking.. possibility of digital democracy.. and i thought.. they’re not talking to the hackers.. i thought this system (p2p) gets the lack of resources.. et al.. and i thought.. let’s bring this narrative forward that is based on existing practices..

21 min – doug: and that’s because this needs to happen at scale.. beyond these communities..

i prefer the word crystalize

doug: p2p seeing way to bring techs together with retrieving real p2p values

22 min – even in agri societies and even capitalism.. commons has been there..


what p2p does is scale up the small group dynamics

jo freeman ness

23 min – p2p democratizes production of knowledge

26 min – primer.. and new web page.. features better images..  et al.. not commons for dummies.. but a lot more inclusive..

27 min – doug: people are not stupid when it comes to real world things..t

no train

28 min – doug: what’s the strategy.. how do we go from site.. to .. wherever..  how do we convince self/others it doesn’t have to be this way

show models.. ie: water commons enables.. models not based on profit

29 min – farmers get together.. but.. see complications arise.. because not educated to behave as commons.. must reach maturity to .. listen to others..

how about tech as it could be

doug: how do we ed to be commoners

30 min – policy level.. lobbying.. talk to politicians that are more amenable to these things.. ie: pirates.. commons is glue that unites these things.. a narrative we’re working hard on .. not just to power..

31 min – you don’t know what’s going to work so have to do both.. institutional.. creates space.. if have more space.. have material conditions to bring into practice..

32 min – operating on two levels.. knowledge level – global.. industrial machine.. michel – light global.. heavy local

designing reality

35 min – a commons is not a commodity.. people become enabled..

we increase possibilities of this becoming true by making these projects visible..

36 min – a lot of changes not by lifestyle choices.. but survival.. it makes people change

Halldóra Mogensen

38 min – ie: in barcelona.. guy who was against immigrants.. then accepted/welcome into commons.. supporting immigrants..

39 min – doug: sometimes the thing that collapses is not the thing itself.. it’s the structure around it that was keeping us from the thing..t

40 min – the commons predates capitalism

affluence w/o abundance

41 min – the commons keeps popping up its head in times of crisis..t

potentially half of world’s pop working on this

indigenous people 4% of planet.. but hold as commons 80%

holmgren indigenous ness

42 min – absent a profit motive.. do things much more differently.. spend time making hobbies into something useful.. we may get out of this mess..t

gershenfeld sel

luxury ness

44 min – wherever commons .. someone wanting to enclose.. and wherever things collapse.. commons emerge naturally.. going on at same time.. in need a more approachable narrative that does give it complexity

47 min – rural areas.. people characterized as stupid.. but they get it.. they get the commons.. so if can extend narrative by lived experience.. may be able to increase synergies.. so it goes to finance/politics.. the commons can play w market and state..


50 min – commons allows us to be less dependent on market and state.. so good thing we can have both

doug: on realizing these online spaces aren’t enough any more.. wanting to get hands dirty.. on commoning.. so how do we start.. find others first.. or resources first..?

51 min – find the others first.. to do that.. have to explore in depth what you want to do.. a lot is more about listening than talking

2 convos the day.. quiet enough

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

as it could be

52 min – it’s up to what you want to do.. and that may change.. we need diversity

bravery to change.. eud

bravery to change.. eudaimoniative surplus


documentary in june w Zoe and Yanis and Stacco.. and..

EuropeanAlternatives (@EuroAlter) tweeted at 6:05 AM – 22 May 2018 :

While we prepare the release of our documentary, take a look to some of the interviews we are publishing in #politicalcritique! Now available two conversations with @ZoeJardiniere and @BaobabExp about migration, borders and human rights
#Demos (



stacco on dao to disco

Richard D. Bartlett (@RichDecibels) tweeted at 5:55 AM on Thu, Aug 01, 2019:
Cooperative DAO for the new economy. Sounds like you? @StirToAction @stephenreid321

If you’re not familiar with DAOs, they are blockchain-based entities that can execute payments, levy penalties, and enforce terms and contracts without human interaction. Think of a virtual robot that can automate governance processes and execute investments and payments for an organization and you’re on the right track

dao ness

While there are many exciting aspects to this technology, DAO projects have mostly prioritised focus on speculative assets, tokenization and grandiose promises of disruption, while reproducing many of the power dynamics of the normative systems they aim to disrupt and decentralise. There is also a distinct lack of political and historical awareness of other movements which have prefigured the dynamics of decentralisation and who could benefit from the advantages offered by DAOs.

After analysing the situation, it’s clear that we need counter-cultural alternatives to leverage the positive aspects of DAOs for radically different economic and social ends. Our proposal is the DisCO framework



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Hervás Rock City, Spain

Stacco Troncoso (Spain) is the strategic direction steward of the P2P Foundation as well as the project lead for Commons Transition, the P2PF’s main communication and advocacy hub.


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