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intro’d to Halldóra w this tweet from Smári McCarthy:

Smári McCarthy (@smarimc) tweeted at 8:01 AM – 9 Jan 2018 :

My colleague @Halldoramog on UBI and systemic change: “When you’re living in a scarcity mindframe, then you don’t have the same capacity for compassion” ─ right on. https://t.co/qIN781BDQs (http://twitter.com/smarimc/status/950744315197902848?s=17)

she believes the status quo needs a complete overhaul, and one of the central elements of that goal is universal basic income, or UBI

ubi as temp placebo.. if we want a true do over

the underlying principles behind UBI mean changing everything about the way we do economics.

ie: san money.. measuring..

“I was always really interested in finding a way to change the *incentives in society, because **I’m a big believer that most of the stuff we do stems from human behaviour but not necessarily human nature,” she says. ***“I don’t think that it’s in our ‘nature’ to be the way that we are..t.. I think it has more to do with behaviour that is learned and incentivised in our systems, due to the ideology that drives our society. I’ve always had this view that human beings could be doing much more amazing things than we’re doing right now. So I did a lot of reading into the ideologies behind our systems.”

*if we’re needing incentives.. red flag we’re doing it wrong

**science of people.. need to get back to us – human nature

***wilde not us law

There are two running themes that persist when Halldóra talks about UBI: freedom and compassion. She questions how free we actually are in a capitalist society..t

krishnamurti free will law

“You can’t really talk about freedom when people are making desperate decisions just to survive,” she says. “That’s not freedom, and you’re not making a free choice when it’s a question of surviving. So I asked myself, how do you give people that freedom?”..

imagine a turtle.. let’s try detox via 2 convos.. as the day.

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

“When you’re living in a scarcity mindframe, then you don’t have the same capacity for compassion,” she says. “I think that’s another part of what’s causing all these problems in society; the hatred, the anger. I think a lot of that stems from scarcity.

perhaps even more stems from a loss of maté basic needs..

“We judge someone based on how someone chooses to spend their time,” she says. “If someone wants to spend their days playing video games, who am I to judge that that’s a bad use of their time? Why does society decide what work is? Why do I get paid to watch someone else’s kid, but I don’t get paid to watch my own kid? I think it’s really strange how we define this stuff.

spaces of permission w nothing to prove.. rather.. save us all energy.. and assume good

Halldóra doesn’t pretend to have UBI completely mapped out. She does, however, believe it is essential for our survival to at least experiment with the idea. At the same time, she does not believe that you can simply inject UBI into a capitalist system and solve all of society’s ills. Rather, the entire system needs to be upended, if only in steps…We need to rethink the whole thing.”.. t

indeed.. a nother way .. deep/simple/open enough..

A major part of this is education. She believes children need to be taught from an early age to have a say in their environment, so that they will grow into people who will see themselves as stake-holders in their communities.

so .. in the city.. as the day.. for all of us.. let’s redefine Ed that way

It’s ridiculous that we even have poverty in this country. Poverty is obviously built into the system, so we just need to change the system.


ted on bi


how much time/energy leftover after 8 hrs at work


only way to reach it is if people are truly free.. not what have to do to survive.. but what you want to do to thrive

luxury ness

we must find a way to sever the connection between work and income

earning a living ness

first time in history tech could get us to abundance

affluence w/o abundance.. eagle and condor ness

the systems that frame our lives are man made.. we can change them..

making up money

smith believed monetary incentives essential to get people to work.. same w Ed system.. degrees/grades incentives for learning.. so from early age we become accustomed to working from *extrinsic instead of intrinsic rewards.. it’s led to.. (as smith warned) an uninformed..dissatisfied population forever seeking extrinsic validation and instant gratification.. the perfect consumer.. t

if we’re needing incentives.. red flag we’re doing it wrong

our measure is still gdp – amt of stuff we produce w/o any regard to what we actually *need..do we not have to rethink our very **defn of success.. t

*have/needs ness

**redefining success

we have to examine our core belief systems.. all of us..

all of us ness

the how might be a bi.. i think that’s worth a shot

indeed.. but let’s try a deeper/simpler how


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