listen & clap

words are crazy/lovely. try to look past them/beyond them.. to what i’m/you’re seeing.



often used/heard as an order, no matter how nice. even from ourselves. telling you where/how/why to direct your attention/energy. i’m thinking of it here more in terms of this kind of listen. where the small voice is coming from within you. everyday. the music/rhythm/beat.. is already there.. if you’re quiet enough. i’m thinking that’s where we’ll find the energy/desire to ongoingly co-create our alive\ness.



often used/heard as an approval, no matter how sincere. even from ourselves. telling you where/how/why you did something worthy. of value. i’m thinking of it here beyond what Sugata’s crowd experiment (bottom page aero 2015 convo) suggests. where he asks the crowd to clap in unison. and they do. without direction. ie: his experiments w/hole in the wall. given find this.. given question.. the group self-organizes; our pilot math class. given parameters.. ie: learn this by may.. the group self-organizes.

i’m thinking beyond someone suggesting that the people/group clap (or do this or that math) and then set them free to organize that. i’m thinking a clap/whatever that emerges as each individual listens. as one.


often used for – whatever. i’m thinking of it here as a person who is listening to/for the whimsical nature/direction of their heart. every way/day. listen ness.

ie: perhaps the luxury ness (for all of us) that neil and neil talk about.


often used for – whatever. i’m thinking of it here as a group who (not just have been told to clap, find this/that out) is made up of people who have found each other because of the listening/curiosity within each one.. so the thing they are self-organizing is ongoingly within each one and all of them. clap ness.

ie: perhaps haven’t seen this yet. because it takes all of us free enough to make it work. as the day.

networked individualism

i’ve heard several flavors of this.. mostly from Barry Wellman. my description here may/may not be exactly what he intended. i’m thinking of it here as the dance of the listen (self-directed whimsical soul) & clap (self-organizing from people finding their people to do the thing they can’t not do).

that dance is constantly changing, zooming in. zooming out. people seemingly deep in it, then lurking, then leaving, then returning, whatever (there’s never nothing going on ness). it (ni) doesn’t register things like we’ve been trained to register things. there’s no course, no roll call, no start, no end, no credit, no package deal (except ie: trust, which is all or nothing. unconditional. people with trust on an incremental scale often have trouble seeing lurking as beyond lurking and quitting as deeper than quitting.)

– – –

so perhaps.. our claps haven’t been working/lasting.. because they are coming from outside us. from supposed to’s and such. and from standard/assumed/efficient rhythm ness (non-cage ish). and when we can’t hear the rhythm because of that beat, we wear out. we die while we’re still alive.

and perhaps.. our listening hasn’t been working/lasting.. because it’s coming from a song none of us really like. we’re just afraid to change it. everyday. 24/7.

networked individualism ness… lets us be us. it lets us choose. all of us. every minute. that’s messy.. but if we carefully care about the tech‘s we create/use/keep/abandon.. we become antifragile. we know what to do when we don’t know what to do. we embrace uncertainty.. as it makes us stronger. but most of all.. it awakens us and keeps us alive.

self-organizing ness

self-directed ness