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intro’d to Zita when Iwan shared a stunning/resonating quote of hers:

plague of sameness

president and founder of shorefast foundation.



Transforming Fogo Island as a magnet for the arts

Published on Jun 23, 2013

“We must disturb the present in order to sustain the future — because our present situation is not sustainable,” says Zita Cobb. The former CFO in the fiber optics industry feels that some things in the world need to change, including some things on the island of her birth, Fogo Island, off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

Like most young islanders, she headed to the mainland at an early age to study and pursue a career. She was so successful that she was able to take early retirement and spend four years sailing around the world. Her encounters with other cultures taught her the value of her own origin. She returned to Fogo Island, where she set up the Shorefast Foundation which has goal of securing cultural and ecenomic resiliency for Fogo Island and the nearby Change Islands.

the most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing…

if you go there today– you will find a people who are very tangled up with the natural world.. and very tangled up with each other..

a place where – to be human just feels bigger..

nature presses up against you all the time

about as far you can get from an administered life..

if you don’t recognize your place, you soon can’t recognize yourself

1. lead with the arts – a way of knowing

2. social entrepreneurship model in place

3. build another leg on the economy (fogo island inn –  has to tell the story of us)

the chair – how we all value things

7:50 – the little temporary economic power – didn’t take long to translate to a complete loss of personal power and a loss of self-sufficiency

create structures that are made of us – and yet have a resonance in the future

10:35 – thirsty for the power of the specific – to get to know the people et al

a way of knowing that is born of the place

15:35 – every cent that is made at the inn belongs to the fogo island people

16:30 – a way of asking – what really matters – and everyone has to define that for themselves


shorefast foundation:
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