emergent defn

perhaps the first real noticing of this term was via Venessa‘s emergent by design..


emphasis on process.. begging perpetual beta ness.. as ongoing chaordic ness..

like the dance of the self-directed bee/person/atom with the self-organizing system (both often/alway one and the same – fractal ness – simply from different vantage points.. points in time ness).. both intensely focused on listening – to being ness.. while immersed/swimming in trust in order to freely follow whimsy/change/lines of flight.. (rather than lines of best fit)

emergence frees us all the more we free art ists to come together and dance.

part of the emergent (undefinable) property come from the self-directed self having

1. freedom of choice

2. quiet ness to listen


from very bottom of Sugata Mitra‘s page (his talk in 2010):

emergence – the appearance of a property not previously observed as a functional characteristic of the function, it’s not supposed to happen, but it happens.