chaordic {glossary}

keri chaordic

A blend of chaos and order, resulting in resonance/harmony because neither feel the need to dominate.

The web is modeling this for us.

The more we can embrace this idea, simple complexity, complex simplicity, the more natural our gatherings/movements will become. The more natural, the less we’ll need carrots.


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The portmanteau chaordic refers to a system of organization that blends characteristics of chaos and order. The term was coined by Dee Hock, the founder and former CEO of the VISA credit card association.

The mix of chaos and order is often described as a harmonious coexistence displaying characteristics of both, with neither chaotic nor ordered behavior dominating. Some hold that nature is largely organized in such a manner; in particular, living organisms and the evolutionary process by which they arose are often described as chaordic in nature. The chaordic principles have also been used as guidelines for creating human organizations – business, nonprofit, government and hybrids—that would be neither centralized nor anarchical networks.


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visa’s model was prophetic – internet and their system.. born apart and a reflection of each other
welcome to the culture of participation. the person, the public, is not merely a consumer but a producer

it is those who participate that will make change
it’s about people coming together for the greater good of mankind.

so how to we engage in a chaord.
we need to accept the tension between chaos and order:

1. make things better than status quo, people will follow you when stakes are high and vision is clear and ambitious.. be bold.
2. empower people – push decision making to the edges.. along people to root around the structure, nodes don’t ask for permission
3. allow participation and participate – invite people in..
4. treat and expect to be treated as a community of citizens. they are you and you are them. [the essence of participation]

if this is not what we’ve grown up in, we may need to let go of something:

1. command and control – it dies in face of participation
2. perfection – share works in progress – invite people in
3. hierarchy – give permission. no one to ask, no one to give you a key, no one to blame.

lean into this and you will not only nurture but accelerate the participation culture

the participation culture is here…
soon there will be too many examples to point to.. will no longer be the exception.
disrupt yourself. it will be the rule. lean in and embrace it – rather than getting dragged in.
a global society connected as a chaord, participating and powered and validated, by hearing our own voice in this new world.

Notes above came from Pascal Finette’s TEDx: the-participation-culture/

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