center for planetary culture

center for planetary culture

from their about page:

The Center for Planetary Culture is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to a few fundamental propositions: that a transformation of global beliefs and practices is necessary for a sustainable and just society; that this transformation requires a meeting of indigenous and postmodern world views; that future development must mesh with ecological design.

The Center for Planetary Culture intends, through issue briefs, research papers, video productions, public talks, and social media, to define and explain what a new planetary culture entails. It will seek to rally support for this vision among cultural influencers and the public, and to stimulate vital debate on the future of technology, spirituality, and social change, along with other aspects of the transformation facing us today.

The organization will function as a new hybrid between a traditional think tank and a media destination site. We seek to attract collaborators across disciplines who are practicing a solutions-based approach to the ecological, economic, and political issues that face our global society. By creating a hub for transformational culture, we aim to inspire a new type of planetary citizenship that will re-define our relationships to one another and our environment.

on their intentional arts page:

Art, for the most part, is not really “art” anymore. It is barely decoration. Most of it could be called “personal display,” with dollar signs attached.

If we want a living, vital art again, we must go on a quest for something lost and suppressed – something forfeited long ago. We won’t find it in the white box of the gallery or the museum, or even within the exploded frame of the deconstructive or post-structural, the curatorial or the archival.

We have played out all the familiar buzzwords until they sound like tinplate notes from an old pianola.

art – the thing you can’t not do ness – eudaimoniaart ists

from their projects page:

According to Fuller, we will either establish a world where everyone on Earth receives a research grant for life, in whatever subject interests them, or we will fall by the wayside, like the vast majority of species before us.

yes. that.


co-founder: Daniel Pinchbeck

first intro’d to Daniel via (one of) his interviews with Russell Brand

In August 2013, Pinchbeck became the host of Mind Shift, a new talk show, filmed in New York City, produced by Gaiam TV.

From Daniel’s interview with Russell on mindshift:

what do you think is the means to a revolution..

everyone just needs to be nice..

the system requires us to be selfish.. when we leave that.. the system dies

oscar wilde‘s essay on socialism..

via Daniel – artists as engineers – to talk to the world about alternate routes than consumerism


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