ie’s of black science of people

perhaps a good ie (of black science of people/whales law) from Erich Fromm‘s escape from freedom (at least one worthy of an incomplete/ongoing convo between c & i one deep weekend):


(on diff between fromm and freud.. since fromm bases much on freud’s operation of unconscious forces in man’s character and their dependence on external influences): for freud, *the individual of his culture represented ‘man’ and those passions and anxieties that are characteristic for man in modern society were looked up on as external forces rooted in the biological constitution of man.. (ie: hostility..evil..) freud always consider the individual in his relations to others. these relations as freud sees them, however , are similar to the economic relations to others which are characteristic of the individual in **capitalist society. each person works for himself, individualistically, at his own risk, and not primarily in cooperation w others..

so.. the *ecosystem is disturbed by money/capitalism.. making the individual works/arts.. not for the good of the whole.. so freud concludes that individuals fundamentally/naturally.. doing their art.. is not going to benefit the whole.. (so.. basically saying.. no interconnectedness)  which is like saying.. a great whale is fundamentally/naturally lazy.. just floating a round in one place all day.. dependent on others to feed it.. et al.. based on researching the great whale enclosed in a disturbed ecosystem.. ie: sea world

but.. man needs others, as customers/employees/employers.. he must buy and sell , give and take..  the market.. regulates these relations.. so (according to freud) individual is primarily alone and self-sufficient, and then he enters into economic relations with others as a means to an end: to sell and to buy

10 day care ness.. money/market is a disturbance to our ecosystem.. like sea world is to the great whale..


freud’s concept of human relations is essentially the same: the individual appears fully equipped with biologically given drives, which need to be satisfied (to buy/sell).. in order to satisfy them, the individual enters into relations w other ‘objects’..

people become objects to commodify (buy/sell.. put a price on) in freud’s version of the roots of humanity

contrary to freud’s viewpoint, the analysis offered in this book is based on the assumption that the key problem of psychology is that of the specific kind of relatedness of the individual towards the world and not that of the *satisfaction or frustration of this or that institutional need per se; further more on the assumption that the relationship between man and society is into a static one..

so.. according to freud..*satisfaction comes from being able to price things/people.. and to buy and sell them.. imagine if we thought a whale’s true needs were that a man would come and drop some fish in for him to eat.. so.. thinking the whale needs the man.. to get food..  because he only floats around in a small space all day.. appearing lazy..


black science of people/whales law