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The Omidyar Group represents the philanthropic, personal and professional interests of Pierre and Pam Omidyar. The Omidyars’ work and activities are wide-ranging, but united by a common set of values — a deeply rooted belief in humanity, the conviction that every person should be treated with respect and dignity, and a vision for positive change powered by the individual.

By cultivating the inherent capabilities that exist within each individual, we hope to have a positive impact on people and communities, promote human dignity, and alleviate suffering.


the omidyars on human trafficking


first look

rewire – powered by individual ness


june 2016 – Omidyar releases civic tech report, specific calls to action

Findings in a nutshell:

The main take-away from this research is a need for a coherent and clearly articulated vision and sense of shared identity for civic tech. If the sector can work together to deliver this, it will help attract more participants to the sector – the more people understand what we mean when we say civic tech, the more they may see their work and interests reflected in it and will be interested to actively “join the movement”.

ie: vision – hosting life bits  attract more – self talk as data

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way



Join the conversation w/ @stephenk01 @martintisne @mattbish & more at #OpenUp16. Watch via livestream on 15 Nov:…

‘do we really want to live in world where always worried @ credit score’ #OpenUp16

disengage from measuring/validating transactions/people

what is the right thing to look at’ #openup16

let’s try ie: self-talk as data..a nother way

pretty much ….either we’re spending our days.. talking about ie: trump/political-drama ness.. or.. how we could be reworking w/in money ness..  missing the opp for a nother way

next panel on privacy..

so.. snowden private in public law.. et al..  let’s try hosting-life-bits ness (along with gersehnfeld sel et al)

even on refugees.. give up of info to get cash..

so let’s disengage from cash ness..

thinking adam tanner ness

on need to authentic individuals with iris..

crazy ness

ie: nationality: human

we have no idea that this can work.. because we’ve never yet given us a try.. ie: science of people

ps in the open et al


One million of the best jobs in America may go unfilled if our children don’t learn to code. #CSEdWeek

Original Tweet:

oh my
straight from the 70s.. change a few words..

What is truly remarkable about’s strategy is their ability to engage teachers and students through a consumer-centric approach that makes learning fun and engaging.

oh my..


Omidyar Network (@OmidyarNetwork) tweeted at 5:27 AM – 14 Jun 2018 :
.@Bharath_Vis: “We believe in the power of ordinary citizens to solve the everyday civic challenges they face. The idea is to aggregate individual voices so that there is no choice but to solve civic issues.” #CivicTechIndia #civictech (

2 convos infra

as it could be..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

Omidyar Network (@OmidyarNetwork) tweeted at 5:31 AM – 14 Jun 2018 :
.@Bharath_Vis: “We will create an ecosystem of #civictech entrepreneurs to bring about a revolution in governance in #India.” #civictechindia (


Omidyar Network (@OmidyarNetwork) tweeted at 6:21 AM on Sat, Sep 29, 2018:
Business models will now need to evolve in order to provide greater privacy protections to individuals, while also ensuring inclusive innovation” – @cvmadhukar on how businesses can use the #AadhaarVerdict to move towards #GoodID :

or..we could let go and implement gerrshenfeld-something-else-law 
because.. the starfish can keep growing legs .. for good or bad
looking thru cvmadhukar’s tweets:
Omidyar Network (@OmidyarNetwork) tweeted at 3:18 PM – 14 Sep 2018 :
.@cvmadhukar: It’s more critical than ever for the global community to agree on the parameters of a good digital identity. #GoodID #ID2020Summit @clbtea @Reuters (
let’s try: daily curiosity as id
ie: cure ios city
Omidyar Network (@OmidyarNetwork) tweeted at 9:55 AM – 4 Sep 2018 :
1 million children and counting are getting a better education in India with the support of #edtech. Watch @aksharadotorg in action. #EquitableEdtech (
teaching math..?
go deeper .. and for 7bn+
ie: 2 conversations as infrastructure
CV Madhukar (@cvmadhukar) tweeted at 12:04 AM – 10 Sep 2018 :
Our journey to #GoodID, summarised here: References #ID4D’s key role. Also work of @DFID_UK @wef @GSMA @ID2020 @Oxfam @mercycorps @WorldVision @SavetheChildren @1WorldIdentity. Keen 2 engage more orgs/individuals in months ahead. Join the #GoodID movement (
CV Madhukar (@cvmadhukar) tweeted at 10:58 PM – 9 Sep 2018 :
When science moves faster than moral understanding, ppl struggle to articulate their unease. In liberal societies they reach first for the language of autonomy, fairness, individual rights. But our moral vocab is ill equipd to address the hardest questions (
begs idio-jargon
no agenda
ie: meadows undisturbed ecosystem
and linked in last tweet:
There is something appealing, even intoxicating, about a vision of human freedom unfettered by the given