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taking JJ in here (28 min podcast): https://longmontobserver.org/lifestyle/the-journey-home-a-podcast-series-on-addiction/

The Journey Home is a new podcast series by J.J. Zepp. He is a recovering alcohol and drug addict who has recently decided to change his life and become clean.

8 min – foreign.. being in prison twice.. growing up in judicial system.. behind bars.. convicts don’t get to talk to cops.. that’s been huge for me.. w ie: Steve et al

11 min – i’ not responsible for my disease.. but i’m definitely responsible for my recovery..

12 min – i’m hopeful that this podcast can be a way for anyone to get clean and find the resources that are available..

13 min – if don’t meet requirement.. 8 yrs in corrections

14 min – shooting the bird and crying story..  139 days ago that similar cry as when i was 7.. i’m the bird.. i’ve been shooting myself in the face..

maté trauma law

17 min – that feeling of being worthy to be alive.. to be completely vulnerable.. ie: i’ve never shared that bird story before.. cross over that boundary and be open/honest.. i did that at 12 step meeting

russell brand‘s recovery et al

hari addiction law.. let’s do rat park man..

23 min – there’s no dehumanizing happening at all

deeyah’s white right et al

24 mi – what i really want to do is help others.. the only way i can keep what i have is to give it away..

25 min – if i’m able to help in any capacity to help stop (what i’ve done) for any others..

jan 1 2023.. why on ellen..? to offer the audience.. (help)

imagine modeling a means for 7bn to leap to a nother way..  let’s skip ellen..?

26 min – being able to separate shame (i am stupid) and guilt (i did something stupid)

shame et al


took him in earlier here w Steve Desmond:


26 min – jj – on not being able to get out of addiction..

2015 – steve- had 3 tragic events – fetal steal, son killed parents, and one other.. got core and lead and angel initiative.. to help people get clean, housing, job

30 min – if built a jail .. we’d fill it in no time.. but would be sweeping under rug..

build housing instead ie: living spaces

jj – i as owned by dope.. if i can change.. (4 months clean).. why i’m clean went to a 12 step and heard a gal that was talking to a cop .. then i did.. with you (steve)..  so hoping this podcast brings hope.. helping me w assumptions i had.. ie: can’t talk to cop about addictions/crime

33 min – steve: all the things police expected to do.. counseling.. homeless ness.. you know a non criminal activity

really..? seems we criminalize it a ton ie: unauthorized home less ness

jj: if everybody that needed help got help..  they have to have that want to stop.. there’s help out there

but we need to nip the lag time.. the putting people on hold.. w/o resources.. that’s killer


and here w Mike Butler:

purpose of walks – 1\ help people to feel they belong to community  2\ ask them to make an investment.. so.. surfacing and activating social capital

jj bringing up council could to be best community

brian bagley’s intro to longmont home less ness mtg et al

10 min – lead and core – addiction

31 min – there’s a lot of people who want to help – 180 walks.. met 3000 people

healthy relationships most healing factor in struggles

almaas holes law

37 min – we’ve got to rethink the institutions

He also does a podcast called the bantering of rose and JJ.


longmont home less ness

home less ness

unauthorized home less ness

to belong rev

Nancy Kerr

wondering if we can access the full potential of a library‘s unique opportunity: equity .. everyone getting a go everyday

imagining the library as a means to quit putting people on (bureaucratic) hold.. by facilitating whatever it is that people need.. today..  ie: a book, a home, a hit, .. could we use tech as it could beto facilitate ourselves back/to the natural sync of an undisturbed ecosystem..? – (beyond youmedianess – even beyond Chera Kowalski‘s a life line ness)

my experience w findings.. in order to get to a quiet revolution