kathleen taylor – authenticity


Quotes from Kathleen in the video above, on people at the end of their lives…

i found hopeful consistencies in what seemed to matter & not matter to them

why i loved what i was doing… people at the end of their lives are incapable of bullshit

when facing a task of wrapping up an entire life, the many distractions that usually tempt us away from being honest with ourselves fall off the map [being right, being buys, being guilty] – people become this distilled crystalized version of who they are, no time or strength left to be otherwise…. they become incredibly courageous & open & intimate & honest. they reconsider things they have been certain about all their lives. they do brave stuff like change their mind, apologize, …find joy in the smallest of moments… perspective shifts and presence seems to expand..

the incredible transformative power of this authenticity

finally awaken to the preciousness of time

young – fearless, set a course; middle – question the course; end – find the answers about the course

of top five regrets #1 – live true to self and not the life expected of others 

rather than it’s never too late… what if it’s never too soon… let’s not wait

why is this so important? – you are the only one – like you

what am i supposed to be doing with my life – wrong question? – rather: who am i being with my life.. being comes before doing

if you want to live every day like it’s your last – maybe it’s not about a bucket list of adventures… look at what those who are truly dying do, … do some introspection, discover and express your amazing uniqueness, make your life story about who you truly are – the world needs you to


authenticity matters.

let’s not wait.

be you.


#1 regret

Regrets of the Dying

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