dawn of everything

(2021) by david graeber and david wengrow

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Wouldn’t it be fun if the earliest evidence for an explicit ideology of equality (“we are all much the same”) came between farming and cities, in what’s usually assumed to be a “chiefdom” type organisation? Everything we know is wrong.
#TheDawnOfEverything  #Ubaid #Mesopotamia

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black science of people/whales law et al

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Any time something really good happens with #TheDawnofEverything I naturally wanna tell @davidgraeber about it at once. Since I can’t, I’ll tell Twitter instead: a leading expert thinks our #Cahokia chapter is not too shabby (usual disclaimers, etc.). 🥲



Close to finishing edits on #TheDawnOfEverything but with a heavy heart, as it feels like a conversation I started long ago with @davidgraeber is ending. Today was to be his 60th birthday. David liked putting out teasers, so in his spirit, here’s one from our conclusion: (1/3)

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@davidwengrow: – “In developing the scientific means to know our own past, we have exposed the mythical sub-structure of our “social science” – what once appeared unassailable axioms, the stable points around which our self-knowledge is organised, are scattering like mice. – 2/3

black science of people/whales law

@davidwengrow: – What is the purpose of all this new knowledge, if not to reshape our conceptions of who we are, and what we might yet become? If not, in other words, to rediscover the meaning of our third basic freedom: the freedom to create new and different forms of social reality.” 3/3

imagine if we


Our charming publishers @fsgbooks made a proper banner for #TheDawnOfEverything so now at least my twitter profile looks a bit less like ROCKY III . . every step closer to release is bittersweet without DG: thanks to everyone who’s along for the ride. It really means a lot to me.

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