dawn of everything

(2021) by david graeber and david wengrow

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Wouldn’t it be fun if the earliest evidence for an explicit ideology of equality (“we are all much the same”) came between farming and cities, in what’s usually assumed to be a “chiefdom” type organisation? Everything we know is wrong.
#TheDawnOfEverything  #Ubaid #Mesopotamia

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black science of people/whales law et al

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Any time something really good happens with #TheDawnofEverything I naturally wanna tell @davidgraeber about it at once. Since I can’t, I’ll tell Twitter instead: a leading expert thinks our #Cahokia chapter is not too shabby (usual disclaimers, etc.). 🥲



Close to finishing edits on #TheDawnOfEverything but with a heavy heart, as it feels like a conversation I started long ago with @davidgraeber is ending. Today was to be his 60th birthday. David liked putting out teasers, so in his spirit, here’s one from our conclusion: (1/3)

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@davidwengrow: – “In developing the scientific means to know our own past, we have exposed the mythical sub-structure of our “social science” – what once appeared unassailable axioms, the stable points around which our self-knowledge is organised, are scattering like mice. – 2/3

black science of people/whales law

@davidwengrow: – What is the purpose of all this new knowledge, if not to reshape our conceptions of who we are, and what we might yet become? If not, in other words, to rediscover the meaning of our third basic freedom: the freedom to create new and different forms of social reality.” 3/3

imagine if we


Our charming publishers @fsgbooks made a proper banner for #TheDawnOfEverything so now at least my twitter profile looks a bit less like ROCKY III . . every step closer to release is bittersweet without DG: thanks to everyone who’s along for the ride. It really means a lot to me.

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10 years on this is my copy of Debt – which @davidgraeber gave me over a bowl of ramen near Times Square, which is roughly how #TheDawnOfEverything started. https://t.co/MwsZf4Lz5G

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“Perhaps this is what a state actually is: a combination of exceptional violence and the creation of a complex social machine, all ostensibly devoted to acts of care and devotion.” #TheDawnOfEverything

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ostensibly: apparently or purportedly, but perhaps not actually


First reactions to #TheDawnOfEverything: magical, marvellous, much missed @davidgraeber – all this is for you!

Thanks so much to R.D.G.Kelley, R.Solnit, J.Scott, P.Mishra, @CoreyRobin, @nntaleb, Prof.Chomsky, J.Lanier, and @rcbregman https://t.co/rayWmM4JVw

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rebecca solnit, nassim nicholas taleb, noam chomsky, jaron lanier, rutger bregman


This is one of the most important books I’ve read in a long time. Clear, urgent, powerful – a manifesto for decolonization and climate justice that pushes the horizons of our imagination. Every page is gold.  Read it, share it, discuss it. https://t.co/hNC93OOkjR

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This is how we start by the way . . #TheDawnOfEverything https://t.co/XWUSFob4Sn

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farewell to humanity’s childhood – or why this is not a book about the origins of ineq.. ‘living in time for metamorphis’

so let’s do it.. and not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake


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In case you’re seriously impatient @nntaleb has been tweeting pics of #TheDawnOfEverything (some of the bits between the covers that is).

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I’ve stopped blurbing books. Except when they are real books. In this case a real, real book.

David Graeber and @davidwengrow, The Dawn of Everything. https://t.co/8hFzgopsGNhttps://t.co/a4JpqZ0c5m

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A remark that both I & Amin Maalouf made: Livy documents that the Carthagenians had a senate that blocked Hannibal. Arabs inherited a “مجلس الشورى”, a council of elders. So could it be earlier?
Here in Graeber & @davidwengrow:
1/n https://t.co/lj9SLzM5cO

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Graeber & Wengrow: While ancient assemblies deliberated on common problems, democracy as now implemented is a game of winners & losers. https://t.co/HPjJRI6fVF

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quote from book: ‘democracy as we have come to know it .. a game of winners and losers’

commenter suggest david’s ‘there never was a west‘.. for david writing about democracy.. read it for one of museum of care meetings

other notes from his writings on democracy ness: david on voting; david on communism; david on direct action; david on consensus; david on care and freedom; as if already free ness; .. so (to me).. we need to let go of any form of democratic admin

Again, the late David Graeber: the problem with historians is that they are not aware of the survivorship bias, do not have a word for it. https://t.co/tezSOFje2y

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from book: ‘the line of reasoning that assumes that, if there is no direct evidence for something, it can be treated as if it does not exist’

validation and all the red flags