adding page day i realized

spaces of permission and private/hide in public
less about alone space
more about not observed/judged space
rp ness

not so much about needing the private space.. more about needing the mindset.. of being enough

hard to find/be that person(s) who can share a space w/o observing/judging ness



I am transported outside my ordinary self and into the world as it could be when no one watches.


not sure where to put this.. so putting it here – from seth’s generalizations work until they don’t: https://seths.blog/2020/12/generalizations-work-until-they-dont/

If we’re talking about groups of people, if we’re teaching, leading or trying to predict future behavior (all three are related) then we’re making a generalization.

Without generalizations, it’s almost impossible to begin to serve people.

thinking we have this all backwards.. not about serving people (puts us at advantage.. esp in context here ie: teaching, leading, predicting – all red flags we’re doing it/life wrong).. about listening deeper.. so selves/others/nature.. ie: holmgren indigenous law et al

begs a mech to undo our hierarchical listening

which in turn.. would keep us too fittingly preoccupied with things we can’t not do to keep up our addiction to ob/serving others

so thinking.. maybe generalizations never work

marsh label law et al


nothing to prove

no strings attached