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I saw the failure of a genius. I saw the final years of Vincent Van Gogh. I saw Frenchmen underestimating me. I saw a master die in poverty. I saw a remorseful Europe. I saw millionaires shouting my name at auctions. I saw a new home. I saw adults teaching, I saw children learn. I saw a young building become Brazil’s most visited museum. But, having seen all this, there’s one thing I haven’t seen yet: you. Come. I wish to see you.

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be kind.

i know you.

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From: How We All Miss the Point on School Shootings (may 2014)

They are distractions from what is right in front of you and me and the victims of tomorrow’s shooting: people who need help. And while we’re all fighting over whose pet cause is more right and more true and more noble, there’s likely another young man out there, maybe suicidally depressed, maybe paranoid and delusional, maybe a psychopath, and he’s researching guns and bombs and mapping out schools and recording videos and thinking every day about the anger and hate he feels for this world.

And no one is paying attention to him.


the only reason we’re alive – love


Darran Anderson (@Oniropolis) tweeted at 6:08 AM – 30 Apr 2017 :

Hawkes’ people-focused aerial photos are amazing


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If a man decides that it is better for him to resist the demands of a present feeble love, in the name of another, of a future manifestation, he deceives either himself or other people, and loves no one but himself.

Future love does not exist. Love is a present activity only. The man who does not manifest love in the present has not love.


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 Caroline in the final chapter, then offers several “possible morals” for the story, the last of which embody everything that makes Lost Cat an absolute treat from cover to cover:

2e292385-dc1c-4cfe-b95e-845f6f98c2ec.png6. You can never know your cat. In fact, you can never know anyone as completely as you want.

7. But that’s okay, love is better.

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