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intro’d to Andrew here:

Jenny Luca (@jennyluca) tweeted at 5:57 AM – 28 Jun 2018 :
I highly recommend you listen to @SamHarrisOrg interview @AndrewYangVFA about Universal Basic Income. one of the best conversations I’ve listened to on the topic. (


3 min – sam: running for president 2020.. and basic plank is ubi..  his book – the war on normal people

5 min – ran ed program that got people into business school.. dealt w people who hated their jobs.. created 3000 new jobs

prospector request at library – thanks library

war on normal people

10 min – sam: the illusion of meritocracy.. blame is on the person.. ignores the fact that some are luckier than others..

13 min – i attribute my early success good at filling out bubble sheets.. if not good at qualities that were academic system prices.. increasingly marginalized and beaten down.. the logic of the meritocracy is breaking down around us.. people are catching on.. now we rely market place to assign/attribute certain values to people’s time..

14 min – the crudeness of market as an effective evaluator to our time.. is about to exposed to people.. we have to evolve to the next form of capitalism as quickly as possible..

18 min – right now scarcity is winning and that is what we have to reverse thru ubi.. it’s our best move forward

only if as temp placebo.. otherwise.. we’ll circle back around.. go deeper.

(haven’t listened to all yet)

19 min – sam: one objection up front..  this notion that it really is different this time.. 150 yrs w this effect of break thrus in tech.. something comes online and destroys jobs.. people can’t envision the replacement jobs.. so this luddite delusion.. what you’re saying.. this time is diff..  some are saying.. this is a failure of imagination.. conviction that there will always be things for people to do

21 min – i find this line of reasoning so lazy/ridiculous/frustrating..  saying jobs as long as human needs.. fails to see how market values human labor.. ignores realities on the ground..

sam: he thinks the onus is on people find it difficult.. zoning issues.. to get to new centers of growth.. have to help people to move.. and treat people as assets.. his counterpoint: if we weren’t destroying jobs thru break thrus in tech.. that would be synonymous w lack of process..  he thinks solution is to be it as easy as possible for people to relocate

23 min – that’s something ubi would help with.. like now.. people are moving less not more.. saying the market will get it right.. will break down.. it already is

25 min – if moving were enough that would be great.. but it’s a multi-faceted.. deep/human problem

so.. let’s go deep enough.. deep to the roots.. to get us back to meadows undisturbed ecosystem..

as it could be..

27 min – cannot overstate the importance of freight to many communities around the country.. going to have human truckers for a long time..

well.. unless we get us back to meadows undisturbed ecosystem.. ie: agri surplus et al

28 min – how many more retail workers will be needed if truck drivers stop

29 min – 80% of jobs lost to automation.. or 70%.. point is.. majority most due to automation

31 min – sam: on picture of this retraining burden.. does seem insurmountable..

unless we go for cure ios city.. w/no train..

32 min – expecting these workers to be retrained.. ignores many realities.. there’s this very reflexive instinct around market base ness.. something much deeper at work

35 min – sam reading from book: 95% temp jobs from 2015.. most wealth gains have gonen to top 1%.. top 20% own 92% of stock market..

this is wasted energy guys.. we have to go deeper.. and let go

37 min – sam: if focus on that picture.. why wouldn’t ubi exacerbate this..

main reason.. if getting 1000 a month.. more likely to get out of parent’s basement.. a lot of reason men are retreating.. there’s no econ security for them..

yeah.. but the cycle is still there.. because security is myth/disturbance..

going to be a generational challenge to engage men in ways that further society.. that’s going to be something we grapple w for decades..t

or a year.. our choice.. how brave/wise/quiet are we..? bandaid or root solution

ie: let go of money/measure.. and focus on cure ios city

gershenfeld sel

40 min – great thing about ubi.. would flow to the bottom line immediately.. gpa up.. friends says.. govt not too good at much but great at sending checks to people..  so ubi could be managed


42 min – one reason i’m going for 1000/month.. 12 000 yr puts you at right below poverty level.. not going to quit their jobs on that.. supplement.. mobility enhancer but not work replacement

dang.. have you read bs jobs..?

44 min – on people having to just do a job to put food on table.. so i propose.. and this scares me stiff.. we can’t tell what’s going on till the next downturn.. look at pattern where lay offs occur

wow.. that’s your plan/vision

47 min – sam: because it’s just a fact that everyone has to work to survive.. the fear is that ubi would undercut this necessity (work as meaning to life)

a fact..?

and that really is the biggest challenge

dang guys..

some people say to me.. if we’re really automating jobs away ubi is not the solution.. which i completely agree with.. ie: if look at data.. that if someone doesn’t have a job.. esp if a man.. they tend to disintegrate into anti social self destructive behaviors.. i mean that’s just again.. facts and data..

holy dang man.. go deeper..  black science of people/whales.. graeber jobless law .. thurman nourishment law.. et al

48 min – so the goal is to try and get people into environs where they’re not all cashiers.. to me one of the dystopian futures to avoid is govt saying.. you can make enough to live.. if you do this nonsense job.. so the main challenge is .. what does provide this purpose/structure.. that we imagine work to provide to mn’s of americans everyday.. so ubi has incredible virtue.. puts people in place to make that determination.. and would create more jobs.. if more money to spend.. creates more jobs.. and also puts people in position to see what they want to work on..

gershenfeld sel

2 convos infra

49 min – we need to implement new digi social currency that maps to some of things we care about.. because needs monetary value to drive meaningful behavior

2 convos ..that io dance.. as the day..

50 min – 3 ways to address this  1\ do nothing  2\ pay people to do things  3\ create a new currency that provides access points for people to do things we know are valuable that monetary system currently counts as invaluable ie: taking care of elderly, nurturing children..

so caring labor.. nice.. but if you keep on doing things with a payment.. an exchange.. we’re never going to get to global equity: everyone getting a go everyday.. (which today we have the means to facilitate)

perhaps we focus our energy on an infrastructure that has that (caring for people) baked in.. sans money/measure.. which is our disturbance.. which is what we can’t seem to let go of

51 min – things that many people would like to do if that had the opp and it was somewhat remunerative.. so create new currency that maps to those values

10 day cares man.. let go of the remuneration ness.. it’s killing us..

and we try and create more civic opps..

52 min – sam: you’re talking more than ubi.. more time banking..

exactly right.. based on time banking.. can earn a time dollar..

53 min – econ grown to 19 trillion dollars.. we have the money.. would cost 1.5 trillion per year on top of what we’re already spending.. and save on healthcare, incarceration, homelessness.. et al.. so eminently affordable.. and will grow econ and create more jobs..

59 min – my days are spent talking to people .. raising money..

1:00 – i’m freaked out about what we’re leaving our children

let’s try a nother way..  for (blank)’s sake

as it could be..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]


2012 – Fixing the Flow of Human Capital: Andrew Yang at TEDxGeorgetown


(haven’t listened to all)


David Graeber (@davidgraeber) tweeted at 9:44 AM on Wed, Apr 03, 2019:
Real (Left) UBI aims to expand the zone of unconditionality (free health care, edu…), in society; Right UBI is meant to contract it. Alas, looks like .@AndrewYang is a right UBI enthusiast. His rejection of free higher ed is a give-away. Stop him before he destroys the brand!


via michel

you may ask , ‘how is this related to p2p’

my answer is that while I support the poliitical programs of Sanders, Warren and AOC as the most beneficial for the greatest number of Americans, I also feel that they are still very largely agents of the past,i.e. they support left-Keynesian politics, brushed up with green, and perhaps, if you look very carefully, a bit of a touch of p2p and the commons,

but Andrew Yang is a different story, here is a very original, thought trhough take on the current conjuncture. Though he doesn’t use the language of p2p and the commons at all, he in my view is the only one he throughly gets the new dynamics.

Listen perhaps to this very short, and promotional, clip where he discusses with Lawrence Lessig, but if you go to or P2P/Commons policy page, youlll see more links on Andrew Yang


stop villianizing people and take on the system – lessig



Project Greshm (@projectgreshm) tweeted at 4:30 PM – 20 May 2019 :
“Basic income doesn’t cost us anything. Poverty is what’s expensive.”

quote from Alex Howlett @AlexHowlettUBI Basic income enthusiast. Founder at . Organizer of the Boston Basic Income discussion group (). cambridge  yang 2020


Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) tweeted at 9:00 AM – 26 May 2019 :
I’m laser-focused on solving the problems that got Trump elected. That’s why I sat down and did the math to figure out why so many Americans are struggling and how we can fix it. The solution is the #FreedomDividend. (

it isn’t about doing the math

it’s about augmenting interconnectedness



Yang calls out ‘reality TV show’ style elections that resulted in Trump: ‘We need to be laser-focused


Credit where credit is due. He is absolutely correct about this. “We’re up here with makeup on our faces and our rehearsed attack lines, playing roles in this reality TV show,” Yang quipped. “It’s one reason why we elected a reality TV star as our president


via next system tweet on yang and ubi (and planned obsolescence)

Here’s how @AndrewYang could turn a questionable idea like #UniversalBasicIncome into a way to fundamentally change the economy. #neweconomy
Original Tweet:

Community currencies tend to be somewhat small in scale and therefore their impact tends to be limited..t

and money (any form of measuring/accounting) that in\tends to keep up the assumption of money ness tends to be limited.. because it’s leaving-in/perpetuating the cancer

we need to try ubi as temp placebo.. for once let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

It’s the UBI that provides the rocket fuel for the program. ..up for grabs only for businesses that meet publicly set priorities.. t

we need to focus on curiosity over public priorities/decision-making.. public consensus always oppresses someone

Through a participatory and democratic process, a universally distributed alternative currency would empower communities to build their own economic transitions.

nah.. the cancer is still there.. so only pre scribed transitions would/could ever happen (feedback loop still broken)


Basic Income Earth (@BasicIncomeOrg) tweeted at 5:20 AM – 17 Feb 2020 :
Going all in on @AndrewYang today with @intelligencer piece on chances of your man using #YangGang to power his way to #NewYork Mayoral Race #UBU (


rutger and andrew on humankind



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US Presidential Candidate (D). Founder of , author of The War on Normal People about automation

Let’s Put Humanity First.

It’s time for Universal Basic Income.

wikipedia small

Andrew Yang (born January 13, 1975) is an American entrepreneur, the Founder of Venture for America, and a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. He has worked in startups and early stage growth companies as a founder or executive for nearly two decades. He is the author of Smart People Should Build Thingsand The War on Normal People, about automation of labor. In Yang’s current bid for the 2020 presidential nomination, one of his main campaign goals would be to implement a universal basic income (UBI) for all American citizens between the ages of 18 to 64.