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This second RGCS white paper is focused on a new research practice and method codesigned by members of our network: Open Walked Event-Based Experimentations (OWEE).

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common\ing et al





owee (open walked event-based experimentations) – this white paper returns to the owee philosophy, the importance of improvisation and public spaces, and the search for commons in the way collaboration and knowledge are built and shared..

city sketchup via walking the commons

ie: cure ios city

it then discusses the issue or preparing and managing the event..

finally, we offer several case studies/ethnographies



close to the spirit of the pracitce of the french dérive (drift), the idea is to introduce in the walk soamethin managers, consultants and politicans organising field trips and learning expeditions cannot afford: improvisation in the flow of the walk and fuzzy temporal and spatial boundaries for our events. an owee is primarily a ‘temporal luxury’.. we take our time and do our best to care in the flow of our walk beyond the walks, we take time to analyze and reflect upon what we say and how we felt..

better yet.. if this was just everyday life.. not an event.. no? in the city. as the day. ness

after two years of experimentation and 19 owees (berlin twice, barcelona, paris, tokyo, copenhagen, roma and milan, eneva, london, paris thrice, lyon thrice, montreal, tallin, boston, chicago) we believe that the time has come for first feedback on its practice..  this is the white paper objective..

part 1 – what is owee (philosophy)


‘in life there are no solutions.. there are forces in action.. they must be created and the solutions follow them’ – antoine de saint exupéry


towards more integrative research practices

imagining more.. toward more integrative days/living..

ie: revolution of everyday life


the dérive (drift) has been originally put forward by guy debord.. he defined it as ‘a mode of experimental behavior linked to the conditions of urban society: a technique of rapid passage thru varied ambiances’

debord’s – society of the spectacle

dérive is fully imporvised; it is an unplanned, walked journey thru an urban landscape. according to debord, the max number of participants is three, which makes it possible to keep the integrity of the group in the process of improve

improv.. today .. we can do deeper improv: via 2 convers that io dance.. as the day.. for 7b

owee i snot fully improvised.. part of program is defined


we understand the word ‘community’ according to indo european roots.. communis: who has reciprocal obligations.. reciprocity is an organized process.. so.. while creating a community, we build rules.. institutional arrangement .. that arrangement is not as familiar market or state.. it’s a commons

not a commons if ie: reciprocity and obligation.. at least not one that will work

it is important to underscore that a common pool resource (elinor ostrom) only becomes a commons once a communal management of the resource has been put into place.. a commons, thus, must be governed..

not buying that guys.. (again .. not in a functional/alive/ongoing common\ing) .. let go


bollier: ‘each commons has its own distinctive character because each is shaped by its particular location, history, culture and social practices.. so, it can be hard for the newcomer to see the patterns of commoning.. ‘

yeah..  i don’t think that’s the common\ing our souls crave/need/already-know..



ostrom’s 8 principles


maybe it’s time to transform the city..

indeed..  but we can/need to go beyond what you’re describing here..

ie: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake.. there’s a nother way

part 2 – living owee experience? collab-ing and co-designing the narrative


‘know, therefore, every true creation is not prejudiced about the future, a pursuit of chimera/fantasy and utopia, but a new face read in the present, which is a reserve of bulk materials inherited, and of which is not a question. for you neither to rejoice nor to complain, for simply as you, they are, having spring up’ – antione

we divided owe into three stages: 1\ id of actors  2\ spotting.. design the walk.. make sure participants would enjoy street arts.. et al

oh my

3\ managment of serendipity

oh my.. let go

part 3 – building knowledge from owee – exploring, reflecting, learning and teaching in the walk


visit center for bits and atoms (after harvard labs et al).. in which fab labs were co invented..

dang.. everyone keeps quote bucky’s – gotta be new/diff enough to make existing obsolete.. but we’ve not yet experimented with ‘new/different’ enough ness.. and we’re missing it

ie: gershenfeld something else law (fab lab guy .. beyond fab lab); cure ios city

perhaps.. give 1 yr to try commons (common\ing) a go..

in the city. as the day. ness

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. as the day.. (aka: not partial)


on the issue of enmeshment and solidarity, merleau ponty has borrowed or shard key ides from antoine de saint exupéry.. basically, ‘one can feel empty and hollow pursing ethical action for the sake of an abstraction called ‘humanity’, unless it is based on amore immediate felt connection w humanity thru its concrete presence in one’s life.. .. if there isa depth of perception that encompasses the nexus of relations that are the linings of each percept, then to be immersed in the myriad acts of humanity.. that have spanned the long history of human beings.. gives us another sense of humanity as inexhaustible and of an unfathomable depth’

merleau ponty.. embodiment ness


‘when you want to build a ship, so not begin by gathering wood, cutting boards, and distributing work, but rather awaken w/in men the desire for the vase/endless sea.. – antoine

what the world needs most: the energy of 7bn alive people.. aka: eudaimoniative surplus


and since there is no goal attained, neither of a revived cycle, nor of an accomplished age, but for the historians who invent these divisions, how would you know what is to be regretted by the approach which has not yet come to fruition, and which will never succeed – for the meaning of things does not reside in the provisio once made that the sedentaries consume, but in the heat of transformation, of walking, or of desire – antoine

and the simple shepherd himself who watches over his sheep under the stars, if he becomes aware of his role, discovers more than a shepherd, he is a sentinel. and ever sentry is responsible for the whole empire – antoine



Yochai, Stavros, Michael, Michel, David, Elinor, Andreas …..

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