walking contest:

what is so scary about moving together at the same speed?

like… there’s no way i have something in common with a stranger.. not even the speed of walking.

why can’t we walk together…


Maria Kalman

walk out walk on

walk free

walk 30



walk\able cities – Andres..  and Jeff



how large is a city street neighborhood that functions capably? if we look as successful street-neighborhood networks in real life, we find this is a meaningless question, because wherever they work best, street neighborhoods have no beginnings and ends setting them apart as distinct units.   – Jane Jacobs


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LES drift #1 by Ienke Kastelein

A group of people go for a walk in silence, with one white plastic patio chair. All participants take turns in carrying the chair. The one who is carrying the chair searches for a place where he/she would like to sit down. Once found he/she puts the chair down and sits for a while, at least for a few minutes. Everyone will observe the place, space, view, each other, passers-by and him/herself. After that they continue the walk with someone else carrying the chair.

Our experience of the walk was very meditative and everyone agreed that our daily lives in New York rarely permit us to wander without a destination. Taking all of us to some place we hadn’t been before, we returned from the hour long walk in a blissed out state of mind.

“Sitting is one of the greatest pleasures of walking.” Dillon de Give, 2014


Beethoven on walking



the world seems different with a walking friend


World Economic Forum (@wef) tweeted at 5:30 AM – 10 Oct 2016 :

Brain training exercises: why a walk in the park might be better https://t.co/Wk1jT7C7Gfhttps://t.co/ASWORiWKJ7(http://twitter.com/wef/status/785442426102177793?s=17)

I’m happy to tell you now that a brisk walk round the park with a friend is not only free, and not only more fun, but has better scientific support for its cognitive-enhancing powers than all the brain training products which are commercially available.


on lawns and walk\ing\ness and walk\able ness

Golf is so weird. Huge swathes of landscape culled and privatised because men are too scared to just ask their friend if they want to go for a walk
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