jordan on crisis into opp

listening and adding page after Jordan Hall posts on fb about us maybe finally getting taleb’s antifragility

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jordan on turning crisis into opp

Sunil Bagai Interviews Jordan Hall – Turning Crisis into Opportunity ami… via @YouTube
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55 min video

1 min – addiction means fundamentally.. to bs selves.. an explanation that allows them to continue to be an addict.. if deluded.. not making good choices..

2 min – then something happens.. where reality hits you so hard that delusion pops open for some moment.. and have a moment of clarity.. a liminal event.. a space where the constructs that you have imposed on self.. that have separated you from effective decision making.. suddenly drop.. and able to look around and begin process of climbing back into sobriety..

yeah.. for many.. 1/ i don’t think those constructs have been imposed by self.. 2/ i don’t think better decision making is the focus/cure.. 3\ in addition to antifragility.. i think we’re also learning about exponentiation.. (ie: possibility for global leap to antifragility)

good parable for where we are as a civilization.. deeply addicted/separated along a lot of fronts (marriage, families, ed, food allocation/consumption, production, finances..) all running on intense delusion for a long time and are hyper fragile.. this is an opp really.. an event.. that’s hitting us.. generating a liminal event..

3 min – ie: how many people right now actually have to make meaningful choices..

go deeper.. not choices.. curiosity..

bachelard oikos law.. et al

bonnitta‘s post same day:

Stay home one day at a time. Think of it as practice for getting out of the rat race once and for all. Don’t focus on what you are giving up. Imagine what you might gain. We have not been able to go to the monastery to do this. The monastery came to us.

5 min – used to be if pull kids out of school.. unexcused absence.. (san diego email 8 days before school cancelled)

things supposedly impossible.

6 min – people are interacting w changing environ.. an environ where their habits aren’t giving them good answers..t

habits as supposed to’s.. of school/work.. et al

they have to actually think about choices they make.. that’s one big piece

imagine if we didn’t have to think about choices.. but rather realized we could live/focus-on curiosity over decision making/choices

next big piece.. what is the story about us being addicts.. what’s going on here

whales in sea world.. almaas holes law..  et al

7 min – one thing left out of current civilization.. this notion of complexity.. and how we could live in durable way.. one piece.. systems.. (then explained complicated vs complex in terms of virus).. all things connected.. (included fin et al)

complexity ness and more of his c vs c take above

problem is .. weaving addiction/whales into that connection

13 min – we’ve become an addict to particular lifestyle that tries to pit wealth vs resilience.. and uses efficiency in middle.. pulling resilience out of bio system for a burst of productivity.. and it’s addictive

14 min – the virus is a risk.. but like 1 of 9.. and could be 1 of 30 tomorrow.. adding more chaos as we go

norton productivity law

16 min – (on things evaporating in virus ie: med system) 4 med challenges:

1\ drs/nurses getting sick – shortage of working masks ie: seattle.. as pandemic expands.. all of washington.. so diff issue

2\ prisons – can’t do physical distancing.. prison fragility – ie: guards (potential) infected.. run by prisoners.. won’t quarantine selves

3\ homeless – same – human crisis .. long time.. and not acute.. again quarantine not going to work well

4\ quarantine – imagine full on .. troops enforcing that .. if not wearing hazmat suits.. exposed.. more have them on ground.. more they break quarantine

21 min – fin system..

1\ earn a living – 70% of american population live pay check to pay check.. i’m not going to take that as humanitarian problem.. look at it as fragility.. selfish.. then when something like this occurs.. econ shuts down.. have households w/income less than costs.. reports predicting .. 30 million men w no cash/house/family.. they’ll begin doing things that are anti social

isn’t that how we live most of the time – beyond those in poverty or living pay check to pay check.. thinking we have to earn a living is a fragility problem

maté basic needs

2\ supply/demand chains – an american econ that fell apart in 2008 and now getting hammered again

26 min – addiction has that half life.. have to take more to get a hit.. so now we’re running into headwinds

again.. that’s been going on forever.. what we need is to focus on the most basic holes.. ie: maté basic needs.. not on how to measure/account-for a return to balance

[this is fractal to thinking we focus on better decision making rather than curiosity – aka: not deep enough)

everybody’s trying to figure out how to get more chips

monopoly game ness

crisis creates opp .. good and bad

27 min – (why are you able to make more sense of this than others)  1\ things happening fast.. expo curve.. only people who have had embodied experience w exponential..t to see (virus) 1000 turn into 1 million in 2 months.. et al.. a rate we don’t make sense of .. virtually nobody is trained in everyday lives to work w complexity.. ie: focusing on fire and plague of locusts show up

bartlett expo law

exponentiation.. (ie: possibility for global leap to antifragility)

30 min – 3 things have supported me: 1\ pace from entrepreneurial ness  2\ sante fe institute on complex science.. so things i experience first hand.. now talking about theory  3\ later on.. getting worried about fragility in domain i know about.. noticed that experts talking about same thing.. and if i asked them about another area.. they were surprised.. ‘i had no idea’.. stuck in vertical disciplines.. so 10 yrs ago ..took on myself to try to address all this

32 min – (what you see playing out) visual metaphor.. rolling marble on glass table w big groove.. imagine if while rolling.. groove gets shallower and shallower moving it out of groove.. until groove gone.. now notice.. it can go anywhere.. completely unpredictable..

34 min – what looking at now .. some scenarios lowering sides of groove (ie: med).. one big scenario where capacities of people come together..  ie: 2008.. big changes made but bigger thing still stay the same.. still in the groove..t

this is huge jordan.. let’s not do that again

35 min – creates opp for change.. creates cascade effects.. amount of complexity creates more problems when trying to solve them (ie: mis/dis/info).. lost trust of institutions and haven’t created new ways of making sense..t

let’s just facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city

37 min – outside of muddle thru.. 2 possibilities.. determinant is powerful.. (metaphor: depression germany & us.. in us.. level of community it hung together.. that foundational fabric of civilization got stronger.. *on basis of we.. econ/fin questions can be solved.. community is foundational. . switch to germany.. opp – fin system came thru but community crushed).. so determinant – maintain community feel on the ground

rather *on basis of we.. econ/fin questions become irrelevant

community is based on fittingness.. so need both maté basic needs

40 min – die is not yet cast.. in our hands.. this crisis is not problem.. this crisis is a symptom of fact that we are addicts.. addicted to extracting for plentitude in exchange for fragility.. can have abundance and resilience

42 min – (on we at global level) – we is community and global but we have to be clear.. can’t be naive (then goes into another war ie.. leaving it for benefit of all)

44 min – govts not good at that and kinds of people that tend to rise to top of bureaucratic ness.. tend to now be good at that.. better at us/them win/lose

45 min – two dimensions to means of change

1\ notion of community.. people choosing to collab for all

2\ world we are in allows such a capacity to communicate that wasn’t present prior to now yet still largely using (old) infras.. so new structures of coord that are appropriate to capabilities of temp environ.. vastly more productive.. produce less uncertainty.. non extractive.. things people enjoy participating in.. and only things that can deal w pace/complexity

48 min – what does that look like:

1\ already happening.. internet better job at getting info to people..

makes no diff if info is non legit.. ie: from whales in sea world.. even if just focus on needs (mentioned needs during virus).. needs today aren’t legit needs if we were healthy (ie: someone to watch kids)

2\ biggest challenge.. detection.. ie: *people don’t have clue they’re sick.. that’s more or less the whole problem.. even if whole quarantine.. if can’t **detect.. don’t know when to stop.. current detection tech slow.. already exists tech to do that called (gene something) and can do 5m tests a day.. can do it thru white house.. or thru more decentralization.. ie: mormon church combined w tech.. can do thru kickstarter  250 m to get tech to detect.. any one of these three could be done right now

*whales in sea world

**deeper .. need to detect legit holes/virus.. and focus on that

53 min – this is generally the case.. a lot of *problems.. most of solutions we already have.. it’s actually finding the **people who have been doing incredible work for decades.. that haven’t been perceived by current fragile institutions.. t.. and resourcing them in context that has leverage of communitas

1\ a lot of energy on wrong *problems

2\ yeah.. let’s focus on a mech that listens to **all those voices.. everyday ie: tech as it could be.. and use that data to augment our interconnectedness (beyond solving problems anyway)

54 min – back to global.. very important to get into consciousness that nation states are artificial and these (taps heart) are real..


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