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the leveling out – that Hans describes/suggests/talking about.. seeking that equity is what keeps us up at night.

set people free & share clean


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monday, march 29, 2010

hans rosling – let’s do it because it’s possible

a new way to use leggo’s
the difference – the entire public has to accept the world of equal nations… accept the notion that no one has a given advantage over the rest of the world.
the human force is the engine.
we have enough human resources, enough capital, enough possibility to make a good world.
let’s do it… because it’s possible.

tuesday, august 31, 2010

hans rosling



= social change.

being good to each other is clever…
how can we not?


tuesday, october 12, 2010

hans rosling


Hans Rosling reframes 10 years of UN data with his spectacular visuals, lighting up an astonishing — mostly unreported — piece of front-page-worthy good news: We’re winning the war against child mortality. Along the way, he debunks one flawed approach to stats that blots out such vital stories.

measuring makes the diff from a political talk and making change happen


friday, december 3, 2010

hans rosling

a story of 200 countries over 200 years


being good to each other is clever


June 2014 at TEDSalon Berlin 2014:

Hans and Ola Rosling: How not to be ignorant about the world

5 min – the first thing to know about the future is to know about the present

the problem isn’t that people won’t listen to media – problem is media doesn’t know itself

Ola – why are we all so ignorant? we have a personal bias – from our neighborhood (personal bias), from outdated info in schools, news bias (focus on unusual)

so skewed info – then add on human intuition – we see causality where there is none

solve by measuring – the curing… – ignorance

1. sit down late night and learn all this

2. short cuts – turn intuition into strength – learn to generalize

ie: everything is getting worse, most things improve – pick the improve

using gdp – ugh



Hans’ son @OlaRosling writing: Hans sadly died today! But his dream of a fact-based worldview, we will never let die! Follow @Gapminder


World-famous Swedish statistician Hans Rosling has died at the age of 68. The Professor of Global Health was a pioneer in his field, acclaimed for his innovative use of data when researching development issues.



Factfulness (as frustrating read – skim) by Hans Rosling.. love the man.. rip.. but too many #s describing humanity..what about first error (describing not us)..getting us to black science of people.. and what is fact.. ie: recorded death by war/disease .. non recorded death by suicide/homelessness/disease-of-heart.. (& non recorded homeless et al).. recent ie.. puerto rico’s 5000.. et al


Jason Hickel (@jasonhickel) tweeted at 5:30 AM – 11 Mar 2020 :
The New Optimists’ “progress” narrative collapses when stacked against actual science. In this new book the economist Rodrigo Aguilera examines their core claims. I’m afraid Pinker and Rosling (and a number of others) do not fare well. https://t.co/RTRUOfRrB9 (http://twitter.com/jasonhickel/status/1237702308496060420?s=17)

Jason Hickel (@jasonhickel) tweeted at 6:16 AM on Wed, Mar 11, 2020:
Ironically, the “progress” narrative promoted by figures like Pinker and Rosling isn’t progressive at all, but a conservative defense of a status quo that’s leading us to disaster. This new book by economist Rodrigo Aguilera explores their core claims: https://t.co/T413ijaNKm

rosling.. pinker