thomas & bennett

via Thomas – I had a fun hour and 45 talking to Bennett about random stuff and recorded it for no particular reason—

4 min – i want to surround myself with people who do stuff

5 min – i have a lot of stuff to lay out.. the only reason i’m staying here is i’m 3/4 way through.. and i haven’t gotten the actual classes i wanted yet

8 min – doing what you want to do always wins

9 min – b – a quote – hierarchy of a male can be based off his ability to make decisions and stick with them… it defines where you’re going to be.. 

does it make sense?

find the bravery to change your mind

AJ‘s latest interview – 7 min ish

it’s no wonder that so many of us leave high school and college with no idea of what we really want to do. of course – you’ve never been asked.. we get told/guided  what to do.

12:45 min  – transcension hypothesis – John Smartsingularity – rather than conquer outerspace – inner space.. transcension via Jason Silva

things are getting smaller and smaller

small is ginormous beautiful


18 min – bennett shared a story from  the book – the compound effect – to demonstrate exponentiality – where people were compared over time doing small things. they stayed similar.. for months.. until month 15.. the person doing healthy things – changed exponentially

(hmm – don’t know about Darren‘s assumption of what success is – always winning/money/et al)

the getting betterness.. the inner rather than outer space – like groundhog day..
tweet from today – jason – we as humans have evolved to become self aware – useful trait – now what to do with it ….. not many of us use it very well
john smart – personal futures..
bennett- wants to travel to be more aware – it’s pretty easy to be unaware.
business and art
27 – no more paper money – it will all just be numbers on a screen – and then it will all just be value – it’s how we shouldn’t be looking at value now.. the evolution of selling is really just sharing – relationship brings more value/trust
thomas – social currency – to get paid for your passion/ideas/knowledge – klout is a baby step, peer index, ..on world of warcraft people sell.. blurring the line between digital and money.. once virtual reality is ubiquitous – changing the game of value completely
32 – the extended mind
Rupert Sheldrake-ness
34 – great question .. on feeling like you have to finish
36 – b – make a decision and stick to it.. t – the thing about making a decision, .. more than anything i want to trust people that they want to be there.. make the best decision, be honest.. better communication…  then thomas says – i don’t know what i’m trying to say…
this is huge…
the it is me ness
i haven’t gotten a return for being here for 3 years – so waiting for that
38 – 90% businesses will search you on google before they’ll look at your resume – what have you done
44 – bennet talking about you being you – thumbprint – 
47 – idea of a job – only a recent invention… spot on
bucky – but thomas keeps saying monetize – which i don’t think will matter..
ie: us dancing with tech:
51 – bennett on govt
56 – personal fabrication
58 – fb – just to seek approval.. 
medium and twitter
1: 00 – it’s a lot for some people if you’re really honest
it gets really interesting with you’re honest with people. esp people that you know.. it makes it hard.
1:03 – bennett – everything is stolen
if you have 10 cases on ethical behavior – 
1:07 – too much to know is good – leads us to trust
1:12 – net – if everyone has their own rules (each country) it’s not a truly open global place to connect
kurzweil – global govt by 2020 – sooner no?
bennett – interesting – because right now most powerful govt is china.. and that would be a scary govt
1 14 – how are we going to come together – how are we going to do that
1:17 – bennett – i don’t have time to think like that… then listed all he has to do at school  – at the end of the day – haven’t really figured out what i want to do
1 19 – it’s an entire new world when you can take time and do what you want to do
1 29 – thomas about why he quit football – the ball dropped and we won and now we’re happy – teaching us things like us vs them – creating boundaries
1 34 – pure hell forces action – anything else can be dealt with with the right amount of rationalization   – make those tough decisions as soon as possible – before it’s hell
1 40 – a feeling i will never forget – i can turn the bike left or right
udemydemocratizing ed
extremely surreal – this is how it started 5 yrs ago with steven.. eavesdropping on a conversation that i felt like i/we scripted..
earlier chat:
get ideas out there –
Bret Victor ness
Bernd & Venessa ness
Douglas Rushkoff – program or be programmed
6:12 – dang Bennett – wish i just had today left –
you can go anywhere from here.. why from here..?
9:55 – diploma narrative – how much you wake up wanting to do something
the brain ness – creates a trail of you
paper – helps you ask permission – interested in things you can do w/o asking permission
spaces of permission w/nothing to prove
Russell Brand interview
plan for a year
experience institute – gap year

recent thinking from Thomas and Bennet on sports culture:

sports, time (work/school day), money,.. 3 things that are a beautiful distraction for government..

resonating with catching fire, and a quiet revolution..

From now on your job is to be a distraction – so people forget what the real problems are.

– Haymitch