hameed’s glossary

hameed glossary

adding page while trying to take Hameed in .. intro’d to him here: healing (roots of) – [where Gabor Maté talks about A H Almass as person he may quote most ..maybe person i quote most is Gabor .. since my he’s basis/insight of a nother way]

and swimming a bit in his glossary (linked to image above) that seems a great add to hlb trail ie’s .. when you get to the page.. have option of alphabet buttons of glossary and/or newest phrases) .. once you get to a page.. you can tweet section and/or page.. you can also start a discussion on it.. making it a bit more danceable..et al.. and .. like wikipedia.. so many words link to a page explaining meaning ness et al..


jerry’s brain – algo ish.. clean ish – here’s my brain – pick.. see it
maria’s brainpickings – love ish – literature ish – i’ve been picking brains… see them here
hameed’s glossary – perhaps a more linear (and dancible) version of jerry’s..? as he seeks the maria’s heart of the matter: love..?
me – combo of two/three – at least with chip… but an ordinary 99% er’s… not really a writer .. not really an algo er… not really highly connected to people.. but a rev of everyday lifer… just living..leaving a trail..
esp from today’s… literature was pre internet .. w hyper text … into brains..


i see these brilliant lovely people (maria, jerry, amanda.. et al) .. living an other way.. yet having to spend time/energy asking/seeking for moneys. there’s got to be a nother way.

perhaps ie:

hosting life bits..

self talk as data.. for (blank)’s sake

io dance/hosting life bits (blockchain/stack ness: replace server farms – chip energy efficient –dna\ness)
ps in the open (idiosyncratic jargon)
decision making/B redefined via self-talk as data
rna ness – entropy ness
on leap frogging – for (blank)’s sake
gupta roadblock law
3 ship  [a kids’ bookan app/chipan experiment]
short  [deep problem,simple mechanism,opensystem]
short bp


calm tech