david on radical may

David Bollier on radical may

If you missed @davidbollier’s “Radical May” virtual talk with @NewSocietyPub, don’t worry! You can still watch it using the link below.
“The Need for Second Responders to the Pandemic: The
Pioneers of Institutional Innovation”
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The Need for Second Responders to the Pandemic: The Pioneers of Institutional Innovation – 1 hr talk (with rob west of new society publishers)

1 hr video.. david starts at 6 min

i have a huge desire to listen an learn.. but i’m also impatient to start new institutions

wish we could talk man – findings et al

deeper problem.. need to listen deeper .. to every one.. every day.. as it could be..

7 min – we need second responders to try to emancipate ourselves from some archaic ineffectual institutions/infras

2 convers as infra

8 min – need to understand our interdependencies.. and these internal feelings need to be brought into alignment w institutions

augmenting interconnectedness back/to fittingness

9 min  – we need to entertain fresh possibilities that were dismissed only 6 months ago..ie: bi

need to go even fresher/deeper

10 min – deeper level

11 min  – andreas article.. nourishing community in pandemic times – ‘pandemic makes us understand earth is a commons and that our lives are shared.. reciprocity – mutual care.. keeping of a community in tact’.. then talked on reflex actions

andreas on animism

we need to go fresher/deeper than reaction

13 min – w new deal .. necessity became mother of invention – as now – permission to innovate on what want rather than ie: military rules

14 min – director of reinventing commons program at schumacher center for a new econ.. so i’ve traveled/studied hundreds of commons.. and concluded they have really great promise to address challenges of this moment

? you’ve studied common\ing .. or rather.. tragedy of the non common

legit commoning does.. not tragedy

14 min – on free fair and alive.. to distill/synthesize 15 yrs of study.. to functional alts

free fair alive

not really diff/alt

15 min – i think w commons we have an opp to leapfrog over a lot of tired debates..t

but only if we legit leap.. to legit common\ing

17 min – covi19 most powerful political of our time because it’s disrupting premises.. brought us to a fork.. restore system or build .. place based system.. that puts limits.. invites participation

? invites.. limits..

18  min – we need to develop institutional legal/financial support systems to that all these (new thinkings) can sustain after virus.. so need to build new infras.. old falling apart.. but new not developed.. so burden on us to sketch new societal vision..t

2 convers as infra

20 min – 5 pt agenda in a dutch manifesto: shift from gdp; build econ framework for redistribution; transform farm to regen agri; reduce consumption/travel; debt cancellation

21 min – but hard to get to these macro policies.. important to focus on what we can do ourselves.. right now.. ie: commons based institutions

24 min – in some ways it’s an understatement to say that the corona virus is destroying the capitalist global econ.. it’s really destroying the epistemological edifice upon which we all have stood

pluralistic ignorance et al

starting to see earth as pulsating org.. people starting to talk about animism

andreas on animism

rebuilding world will require more than just new econ policies.. it will require a new mindset about existential existence on planet earth

russell and rory on consciousness et al

25 min – w that intro.. let me talk about new forms that i think can get us there.. paradigm shift.. ones central to the commons vision

1\ reglocalize ourselves..

26 min –

2\ convert to commons strategies.. ie: move private assets to collective ones.. nathan’s exit to community strategies; community land trust as vehicles for real estate; food distribution; data analytics; open source; ..


all infra’s he ie’s involves  money (some form of measuring/accounting)

3\ cosmo local production – knowledge shared global.. building done local.. issues on how to (account for things).. so we need to figure out *new form of finance and law for this

cosmo local ness

let’s try *2 convers as infra

31 min –

4\ platform cooperatives.. internet models w socially responsible equivalent of airbnb and uber.. for benefit of people who live there.. they need not be market driven (ie: could be mutual aide.. freecycle.. time bank.. et al)

platform coop ness


33 min – at certain point we reach infra innovation.. we need to design physical/legal/admin to make it easier to engage in commoning

wow.. those are all the things keeping us from commoning..

2 convers as infra could get us back to commoning.. mostly because it’s focus is listening deeper to every voice..  (ie: can you hear me now)

34 min – california’s omnicommons.. having admin/financial infra allows people to carry on their work

rather .. allows whales in sea world to carry on work.. nicer sea world.. no doubt.. but not free enough for legit common\ing et al.. we’ll not see the common\ing dance until all people are free

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way

34 min – creative commons licenses are an ie of legal infra.. we need new types of laws to facil commoning

laws don’t facil commoning..

too much.. let go

let’s just facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city

35 min – another form of infra innovation: shareholder trusts.. ie: alaska getting income from public wealth

36 min – final way: commons based finance.. we need to find new ways to finance commons based projects that don’t depend upon debt/equity in traditional ways..

perhaps let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

w/ubi as temp placebo.. needs met w/o money..people forget about measuring

37 min – these are some of the forms of socially benign but still accountable forms of finance.. this is an area we really need a lot more innovation in..t


kind/er.. perhaps.. but still totally cancerous/deadly..

for benign .. need to let go of any form of measuring/accounting

commons public partnerships.. authority of state to help individuals.. rather than corps

38 min – brought up to believe that there is no alt.. tapas – there are plenty.. but we need to find ways to work together to develop these

2 convers as infra

q&a starts

44 min – (q: role of imagination/arts/culture): arts and culture can help us reinterpret/reexpress this alt reality.. commons is about recovering wholeness/relationality.. that’s the strong suit of arts and culture.. we know what we’re feeling.. just not having it expressed very well.. by words alone.. so yeah.. let’s culturally express it

? just express it..?

we’re all artists.. let’s just set us all free

ie: art (by day/light) and sleep (by night/dark) as re\set.. to fittingness/undisturbed ecosystem

47 min – (q: role for global in shift): a lot of people say.. commons is so small.. how do we scale it.. and i think that’s the wrong question.. yes.. we want greater scope of influence.. but i think that comes thru keeping the appropriate scale.. meaning communities that can interact meaningfully.. not just one big mass of centralized structure.. but horizontally connected.. locally responsive

2 convers as infra for the globe – ginorm-small

i hesitate at the word reeducation.. i think it’s more a matter of showing the appeal/beauty/wholesomeness of alts that exist.. those need to be hoisted up

this is huge.. if you/we could hear it.. but we have 2 major stumbling blocks: 1\ we keep writing books and giving talks.. so we’re not trusting that appeal/beauty etc  2\ we haven’t yet modeled legit common\ing et al

so this broken loop.. we keep thinking we need to talk/ed/write more to explain.. because the ie’s aren’t showing the appeal/beauty et al.. they’ve all been partial

and it won’t work if it’s t part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake.. let’s try a nother way

leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity .. everyone in sync..

rob: your book.. f f and alive sits by my bedside

49 min – (q: way to help people remove scale from eyes): i think it’s baked into what we are as humans.. ie: of helping in pandemic.. w/nobody directing it.. spontaneous.. but.. let’s get to institutional models to they can have some endurance

51 min – part of challenge is to bring these models together..

52 min – with momentary disillusion our imagination starts to pop up.. radical events emerge.. that’s sort of what commoning is all about.. opening to a broader array of voices and letting it surface

begs a means to listen to every voice.. everyday.. as it could be.. hierarchy of listening is killing us

53 min – rob: playbook on commoning.. how do you begin it?

i thought he just said it’s already in us?

54 min – can’t grasp commoning from just reading a single book.. so many levels.. from econ/policy to culture/practice.. to diff mindsets/views that commons presents

wow.. missing it man

already in us

think like a commoner.. intro to commons..

think like a commoner  – missing it – not free enough

patterns of commoning.. wealth of commons.. essays that go into greater depth.. help people realize what’s truly possible

yeah.. i’m thinking those perpetuate tragedy of the non common.. because they’re partial et al

andreas’ reality as commons seemed closest to me.. but still not free enough.. still partial

55 min – certain projects you don’t need a scholar to do.. you need people and energy to decide.. i want to manage this

rather.. curiosity over decision making will get to the energy of 8b alive people (which is what we need most)

56 min – commons can arise in very unusual circumstances.. it’s just when a group of people get together and say.. we want to create a commons

yeah.. i think that’s tragedy of the non common


we need to start with 8b individual daily curiosities first.. if we focus on creating a commons.. we won’t get there

we have to trust that common\ing is our natural state

1:00 (q: any one/group trying to bring commoning together in whole): no.. there’s a lot of horizontal .. but i don’t think i’d even want a centralization.. but .. ways for them to have interchange would be valuable.. but there’s just been so few resources for something that’s so out there.. so no.. not that kind of infra..

2 convers as infra

but.. in germany.. commons summer schools


1:02 – just no visible.. just doesn’t have a lot of main stream currency

1:03 – i’d like to see more horizontal connections.. i think many are.. it’s just that this moment makes it more urgent/imperitive to happen

2 convers as infra could happen overnight


The Pandemic as a Catalyst for Institutional Innovation (Part II)

The following essay is adapted from a talk given on May 5 at Radical May, a month-long series of events hosted by a consortium of fifty-plus book publishers, including my own publisher, New Society Publishers. My talk — streamed and later posted on YouTube here — builds on two previous blog posts

As mutual aid achieves what neither markets nor governments can, it’s clear that we need institutional innovations to support commoning. Time to get going on this front before centrist politics and capitalist economics reassert their grip. https://t.co/jP8YAiIZ4H

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/davidbollier/status/1262838102793621506

 cosmo-local production…

Platform cooperatives are another institutional model of commoning

It’s important to build commons-based infrastructure so that any individual commoner doesn’t have to be heroically creative and persistent..t

or loud.. need infra to undo our hierarchical listening

ie: 2 convers as infra

Infrastructure – physical, legal, administrative – provides a structure that makes it easier for individual commoners to cooperate and share more readily..t

rather more naturally.. ie: if it’s your art you’d do anything to give it away et al

let’s infra for 8b art-ists

Finally, we need to explore new types of commons-based finance

we have a lot of work to do in consolidating these ideas into a new vision of the future and in building them out.. t

not if we focus/listen deep (rock) enough first

ie: cure ios city

beyond coops, finance, et al


1\ undisturbed ecosystem (common\ing) can happen

2\ if we create a way to ground the chaos of 8b free people


The Pandemic as a Catalyst for Institutional Innovation | P2P Foundationhttps://t.co/8j0NzpeaqB
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same article as above.. The Pandemic as a Catalyst for Institutional Innovation (Part II) – just posted on p2p site w/o title

adding this quote from beginning of article – didn’t add above:

We need to understand our interdependencies so that we can build appropriate institutions to rebuild and honor our relationships to each other. Our inner lives and external institutions need to be in better alignment.. t

ie: 2 convers as infra to augment our interconnectedness