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The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher. In this video, members explain why CFR is a trusted and indispensable resource.

when i look at the trajectory of the 21st cent.. we don’t have the luxury of nuclear proliferation or climate or terrorism or anything else that going to be the next existential threat.. it’s going to be a crowded agenda.. – Richard Haass (President, Council on Foreign Relations)

begs we leap..for (blank)’s sake

ie: no agenda .. deep enough for all (or all the agendas.. if so.. has to be all – ie: ginorm small ness)

what we want to do is *start a convo .. about the need to be better **prepared for the world they’re about to enter – Richard Haass

*convo is good.. let’s start with 2 convos

**no prep/no train.. rather.. embrace uncertainty/taleb antifragile law

cfr makes foreign policy very accessible – Angelina Jolie @angeelinajoiie

not quite accessible to 7bn.. let’s do that.. let’s go simpler (ie: change policy ness)

to get to truth.. want to hear from people who are marinating in that environment.. everyday.. Richard Plepler

spot on.. hlb.. let’s do that.. let’s go deeper (ie: all the voices ness)

at the council you essentially have every type of foreign policy expertise imaginable.. all in one place – Jared Cohen @JaredCohen

every..? .. any who are experts at disengaging from policy..?

read headlines.. newspapers.. but then want to go deeper.. one of my go to resources of course is cfr  – Fareed Zakaria

go deeper.. inside 7 bn people..  ie: self-talk as data.. as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake]

*pertinent to what we cover on a daily basis.. i don’t think you can get better **quality of conversations and expertise as you do here at cfr – Bianna Golodryga

depends on what your basis for *pertinence is.. if money ness then yeah maybe .. if **deeper.. then not so much .. go/tap deeper.. into all the people/energy

keep saying best place.. like ie: silicon valley often does.. school often does.. whatever..

the connectors that come into that council  .. and then take *that info out and disseminate it.. that’s a breathtaking thing – Richard Plepler

connectedness if breath taking..  let’s make sure *the info we’re connecting matters.. to everyone.. ie:  self-talk as data via hlb that io dance

the council works is so grounded in works that are happening in the world.. *w/o an agenda.. – Juliette Kayyem

*? thinking agenda is very tied to money ness.. measuring ness.. so .. fake us.. fake money.. et al.. let’s go deeper.. to truly no agenda beyond ie: maté basic needs ness

we don’t take *institutional positions here.. we don’t **take money from govts.. we want our ideas.. what it is we say/write.. to simply be judged on their merits  – Richard Haass

isn’t the process of **taking money.. ie: depending on it.. assuming it..  *institutional..?

this policy relevant space.. that’s both intellectually solid but still applied/connected to reality..that’s the sweet spot we try to operate in– Richard Haass

deeper than work for pay.. than training..

a nother way


adding page because of this:


40% US jobs at risk from automation; time to stop blaming trade, immigration & get serious re life-long ed/training…

link is to uk econ outlook (mar 2017) –

Special features on: • Consumer spending prospects after Brexit • Will robots steal our jobs? The potential impact of automation on the UK and other major economies


Good sentiment. I’m all for lifelong learning. But decades of programs and research make it clear. Training/ed does not solve issue at all.

Solid finding: adult ed/training does not result in better wages or jobs at scale. Issue is lack of jobs to feasibly train for as an adult.

Here’s a book summarizing decades of research up till 2000s. Solid finding since, too. Training is not a solution.…

no train

but also no .. earn a living ness

By all means, let’s encourage lifelong learning. Many benefits. For few, it may lead to better jobs. It just doesn’t work for jobs at scale.


because Angelina was in video above..also prompted adding page..

others in film: Jared and Richard (original tweet above)




human\e   constitution ness



too much

us foreign policy (doc)