eric schmidt & jared cohen

5 billion new people will connect to the internet in the next decade…

personal takes:

1:00 – i don’t think we’ll be talking power – privacy – terrorism – et al

2:00 – not so much exponential growth – as change.. no?

4:00 – what if the change brings no policies…

5:00 – what if it’s less about companies/competitors – because we leave obsessions with consumerism behind

6:45 – what if our conversations are no longer about – getting ahead…

7:30 – what if rather than an avalanche of laws – we no longer pay attention/create/obsess over them

surprised how crazy negative this is… why would you spend so much time speculating negativity.. google guy and jared cohen – innovation guy – dang..

12 min – ? i guess i thought the book would take a 180 turn here – on april 23 et al.

maybe i’m not far enough in yet – hoping.


formatting a world with no secrets

The collaboration between Mr. Schmidt, the executive chairman (and former chief executive) of Google, and Mr. Cohen, a foreign-relations expert and director of Google Ideas, is meant to explore the ways in which technology and diplomacy will intersect. “There is a canyon dividing people who understand technology and people charged with addressing the world’s toughest geopolitical issues, and no one has built a bridge,” they write.


Eric at the Aspen Institute

Published on Jul 24, 2013

This event features Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google, and author of The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business (Deckle Edge; 2013) in conversation with Walter Isaacson, president and CEO, the Aspen Institute.

9 min – learning is not linear – and too bad we are seeing school math as success (at places like aspen institute)

21 min – privacy vs police state

25 min – next – speech based

26 min – over the line – ness

41 – right thing to do with patents is to open source them – but that’s illegal – off the patent idea

43 – china

45 – our government – acting as supposed to – even if you don’t like it

47 – was advisor to obama campaign

49 – who gets to decide what gets deleted

partial solutions – google solved problem for youtube – content id – follow the money rules

51:40 – huge – Eric says – i’m not arguing about this – i’m just saying – we have to think about this – for things that don’t seem fair – we should have a conversation about it

1: 02 – on engagement with life

1:06 – what are you curious about, everyone is curious, get started that way

the new digital age


as i’m reading…

must say – and most likely exposing my ignorance – but i’m finding it amazing/odd that these guys are writing about a future – but within similar political frameworks…

i’m thinking the web will blow that all away. if we take advantage of what we have – more than a search engine et al – i don’t think we’ll be doing these same things – only more amped up. i think we’ll be doing/being completely different things with our days..

perhaps premature to pen this – the speculations seem to have been done – outside of a google 20% mentality..

ie – p. 148: does it really matter how much experience  and deep knowledge someone like kissinger has – if what we are capable of in the future is something we’ve not yet experienced? what if the idea of a revolution is revolutionized?

p. 156 – dang. disappointing that these guys are painting such a bleak picture.

holy crap – have you not read/seen dirty wars?  – what am i missing – i can’t believe i’m reading this… from google guy and innovation guy.

p.171 – this whole speculation-ness is just ringing – too big to know – in my ears/heart. won’t that ness – take us from the bad ness. it’s so much work. besides the fact that if we use tech for what it wants – connected people will be more fulfilled.. more understood..


one thing i’d add – i think most of the book (rather than just one chapter) was on the future of terrorism..

stumping me just now..


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original goal was to work at a large company close to my house

8 min – addressing bias – ie: making stem projects fun.. a pipeline is finally getting fixed


12 min – on targeting ads working

13 min – on backlash..  we expected that

14 min – from my perspective the objective is.. are we solving people’s problems and the answer is ..we are.. we are absolutely affecting markets in the sense that our products are cheaper/better/faster and that causes competitive issues


not the people’s problems..  listen deeper

mufleh humanity law

16 min – simple rule w ai machine learning.. more data equals better answers..

unless it’s the wrong data/questions – try self-talk as data

37 min – founder sees world differently combined w someone older.. proper..

39 min – optimistic about rate we can use ai to solve problems that are really hard.. to point computer will get noble prize

ugh – noble ness

worried .. that industries are outpacing governance of world.. i worry that we’ll screw that up.. ie: innovation will get slowed down.. governance by defn is non innovative.. it’s supposed to rep everyone.. innovation is always a subset of people

as it could be..