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Jimmy Wales Foundation is a UK based non-profit organization for the public benefit that aims to fight against human rights violations in the field of freedom of expression, particularly online.

JWF raises the general public’s awareness to the continuous restriction of freedom of expression by oppressive governments all over the world.

JWF promotes the cause
of allowing every single person
in the world to be able
to have a voice

not voice less

JWF supports and encourages activists worldwide to fight for the inherent fundamental freedom of every person to be able to hold opinions and freely express their thoughts, beliefs and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers, without any interference and fear.

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Fighting for freedom of expression online


interview – wired – 2013

internet’s own boy





“The impact of the knowledge we bring is important, but what is much more deeply political is the concept of Wikipedia, that ordinary people should be able to participate in the grand human dialogue.

“It’s a very subversive idea in a society that is top-down and ‘do as your masters tell you,'” he says.

The online encyclopaedia is now 12 years old, launched in the same month as iTunes and when Greece adopted the euro. It has grown to 26 million articles and has more than 500 million individual users a month.

Wikipedia’s next development will be to make it easier for a wider variety of people to write and edit articles, with an editing tool that is more user-friendly.


our take a couple years back:


dear Jimmy – imagine a c-app and free space (ie: not engulfed with propaganda/sports/politics/compulsion) that perpetuates ongoing desire to code better, ongoingly.. all generating a wikipedia-style trail.. useful/open to any/all who need/want it..


q&a with Jimmy and David Puttnam via Graham Brown-Martin 2011:

4 min – invest in ed will improve health.. investing only in health won’t sustain/improve health – triage ness – education is the whole ball of wax… what’s Jimmy is doing in that vain is phenomenal..

Jimmy’s idea for school change – focus on – crap detection


.@Wikipedia & @jimmy_wales Beyond the Encyclopedia at #SXSW Interactive 2016 [great video]https://t.co/3vVPoWGOW6 https://t.co/ejKn5cr9Av

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/GuyKawasaki/status/714253928112652291

Wikipedia: Beyond the Encyclopedia | SXSW Interactive 2016

2 min – realized programmers could come together and collab easier.. because rest of us didn’t have tools… what else could we do other than build software..? .. encyclopedia..

5 min – w wiki model – got more done in 2 wks than had in 2 yrs (had started w newpedia)

10 min – guy: can’t wrap my mind around (teachers) allowing siting fox news but not wikipedia

19 min – guy: could ai compile wikipedia in real time….. jimmy: writing wikipedia article is one of highest human capacities.. writing for other humans to consume.. doesn’t mean there won’t be assistance/help…. but once we get to a place where computers can write wikipedia.. we’ll be in another world.. where we’ll focus on other things that writing wikipedia…

22 min – my worry – is taking care of the (wikipedia) community… keeping it always young/fresh..

24 min – on nsa

27 min – imprisonment of person in syria – bassel – he was arrested… but not he’s disappeared..


i’ve gotten more involved in human rights…  shedding light on journalism abuses…

30 min – gender imbalance w wikipedia editing…  we need more diversity.. not just for pc reasons.. but because we need that diversity…  so.. making sure that the software isn’t a barrier.. and making sure that we.. the social.. isn’t a barrier…

36 min – just joined guardian… and working on tpo (phone co that goes toward charity)… living in london…. and wikia – 16th most popular website – as news source


43 min – wikipedia blocked in china – (from going ssl https – from snowden – so that now you have to block it all or filter none of it)



Wikipedia’s Co-Founder @jimmywales Explains Why We Need a Free Internet vice.com/read/wikipedia… @VICE #Wikipedia #Censorship #Privacy

I think it’s a huge mistake for any country to systematically monitor its population and control information. It fuels people’s discontent. It’s also becoming less feasible. There are new ways to circumvent surveillance and access content.




I am making something new. I hope you like it.wikitribune.com#wikitribune