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one of nika dubrovsky‘s many threads during ukraine:

This war did not begin yesterday, and it has unfolded an inhumane world system. This is the real “hybrid warfare.” It is not against countries and their governments, it is against humanity

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war ness and nationality: human ness

The interests of those who started this war are purely economic; if that were not the case, Swift would be shut down for all of the Russian economy, not just certain parts of it that are not harmful to the Western interests. 8/

need to let go of any form of m\a\p

literacy and numeracy both elements of colonialism/control/enclosure.. we need to calculate differently and stop measuring things

Wars are the must-have in capitalist economies to bring wealthy industrialized nations out of cyclical crises, and perhaps this crisis is not cyclical, but final. 10/

must have any form of structural violence for any form of sea world

How can humanity get out of the bloody world show? Maybe we should first learn collective, large-scale behavior that defies the logic of the system. Stop reacting to the stimulus and emotion that is being injected into us from above and that makes us so predictable. 12/

need: means to undo our hierarchical listening

so we can let go of all the chains of ie: predict\able ness.. graeber unpredictability/surprise law et al

tweets that esp resonated.. out of 14 of them


david on war – video via m of care email share

nika reflecting on it

Thinking about what is War

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In such a war there are no rules. It is not really possible to negotiate because the opponents are not equal. . David also talked about another type of war, a war between sovereigns, where there are rules and a clear objective to sign a peace agreement. . It is the peace treaty on the terms of the winner that is the victory for one and the defeat for the other. 

I really hope I’m wrong about the West’s plans, because the best thing to do during a war is to end it, and for that you have to talk.. If there are no sides willing to talk to each other in this war, then we will all be involved in an endless war..t

perhaps (at this point) ‘talking’ ness is a distraction to david’s ‘how could we have a society where social peace isn’t a truce in permanent war but rather actual peace’

i agree convo is huge.. but our convo today is all like whalespeak.. so (to me) talking ness is a distraction.. again.. we need a means to get to what david raises in video: ‘what would peace actually be could we have a society where social peace isn’t a truce in a permanent war but rather actual peace

this is huge.. and today we have the means to leap/detox us to that.. ie: a means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature.. so that we can org around legit needs.. rather.. live in legit/deep peace

then via nika fb post:

It’s scary to think that in a week, a huge number of my friends were either bombarded, refugees, or locked up in a prison called “Russia”.

No clear ideas how this could end, I have no idea. Maybe someone knows something?

am thinking.. esp w friends ness.. she is wanting ideas to end what is happening to her friends (everyone) right now.. but (to me) this is a huge part of our problem (why people – who want peace – can’t seem to get to it).. we keep getting distracted by distractions/part\ial ness (ie: david on war – this is deeper.. and what would peace be like.. not just truce)

we do have a means today (i think) to end this permanent/perpetual war.. and contrary to belief.. it would actually be faster than anything we could do right now for the specific situation right now.. not to mention.. deeper.. as in global peace vs global/specific truce..

ie: a nother way


from email on meeting early (to talk about war ness) for m of care – mar 10.. she writes:

It seems relevant to try to avoid, as much as possible, a conversation about the War that is going on right now; instead, we can try to expand and enrich the discourse.

huge.. need deeper.. otherwise just a bandaid.. this is why we’re still stuck..

I would like to quote David’s text from his Malinowski lecture “On the relation of power, ignorance and stupidity,” where he talks about structural violence and communication, especially gender relationships.  

violence may well be the only form of human action by which it is possible to have relatively predictable effects on the actions of a person about whom you understand nothing.

graeber violence in care law.. graeber violence/quantification law.. graeber man with stick law..

There are many other ideas in the same text, including colonial relations and the link between structural violence and the simplification of the social sciences.

structural violence et al.. david on hate

To me, it is correlated to the film I watched yesterday, “IMAGES OF THE WORLD AND INSCRIPTION OF WAR, BRD 1988”.. explores the problem of interpretive work and understanding the Other in the relationships to power as alienation and violence.. I would be very grateful if someone could help me make sense of the words “enlightenment” linked to violence that is clearly present in this film. 

literacy and numeracy both elements of colonialism/control/enclosure.. we need to calculate differently and stop measuring things

interpretive labor et al

to reading today from murray bookchin‘s toward an eco society:


science had not merely become a means for describing society but had become its fate.. t

naming the colour ness as the death of us ness.. graeber unpredictability/surprise law et al

domination literally ‘orders’ the project and gives it intelligibility.. far more important than marx’s concept of social development as ‘the history of class struggle’ is his drama of the extrication of humanity form animality into society, the ‘disembeddedness’ of humanity form the cyclic ‘eternality’ of nature into the linear temporality of history

this is our scrambling ness.. this is the david on war ness and the jensen civilization law ness.. and how we perpetuate it with history ness et al


when marx declares that /men may be distinguished form animals by consciousness, by religion or anything else you like (but they) begin to distinguish themselves from animals as soon as they begin to produce their means of subsistence.. he essentially deals w humanity as a ‘force’ in the productive process that differs from other material ‘forces’ only to the degree that ‘man’ can conceptualize productive operations that animals perform instinctively..

intellect ness as cancer that scrambles us.. aka: takes us away from.. compromises our instincts/spontaneity/intrinsicness.. that makes the dance the dance..

in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

huge.. p1 of what kinship is.. reading for m of care – mar 10


the working class that has ‘bought into capitalism’ that seeks its share in the affluence provided by the system.. thus where reaction is the real basis of action and needs is the basis of motivation, the bourgeois spirit becomes the ‘world spirit’ of marxism


thinking david on creative refusal as reaction et al.. and how we keeping org-ing around whale needs.. around compensatory consumerism et al

just as necessity becomes the basis of freedom, authority becomes the basis of rational coordination..t class society or classless.. the realm of necessity is also a realm of command and obedience.. of ruler/and ruled..

again.. once w distrust us (the dance).. we have to manage us (any form of m\a\p)

once we don’t grok enough ness.. once we think whale needs are our essential/legit needs.. we assume all/any form of m\a\p.. which perpetuates the insatiation ness of org ing around non legit needs.. et al


marx: ‘the pure light of science seems unable to shine but on a dark background if ignorance’

not science/experimentation like a 5 yr old.. rather.. focus/light is intellect ness as enclosure et al


there can be no marxian theory of the fam, of feminism or of ecology because marx negates the issues they raise or worse, transmutes them into econ ones.. hence, attempts to formulate a marxian fem tend to degen into ‘wages for housewives’ a marxian psychology into a marusan reading of freud, and a marxian ecology into ‘pollution is profitable’..

our part\ial ness fixes.. rather .. our perpetuation of the cancer/war.. because we keep trying to fix by using cliches of freedom which negate/compromise/destroy freedom


nika on friendship


notes from anthropology for kids book: what is war (from patreon site) []

Nations are abstractions invented by humans, not real entities..t

nationality: human

All of these actions are unnatural to humans. They may be justified in various ways: from the need to defend oneself, to questions of honor, but in the end any war is madness. t

siddiqi border law et al

Thus, it should be clear that there are no Russians, Jews, or Ukrainians. In fact, people are all different and each life is infinitely valuable. People have the right to choose their nationality as well as any other identity or to change them if necessary or desired.. t

marsh label law.. find the bravery to change your mind

If people refuse to fight, kill, or variously poison any people, this is a very human and honorable thing to do.