tribe of mentors

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by Tim Ferriss

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Wow! I’m in the new Tim Ferriss @tferriss book!

I was pleasantly surprised to find a few pages of my own advice inside, around p.376 #tribeofmentors

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the older i get the more time i spend – as a percentage of each day  – on crafting better questions.. t

falling in love w the questions

john dewey: a problem well put is half solved..


milan kundera (the unbearable lightness of being) has said that ‘the stupidity of people comes form having an answer for everything. the wisdom of the novel comes from having a question for everything’  substitute ‘master learner’ for ‘novel’ and  you have my philosophy of life..  often, all that stands between you and what you want is a better set of questions..


steven pressfield

sometimes i’ll fly across the country just to go to one of these spots (usually mundane, ridiculously.. a gas station,.. a bench).. i might not ever tell them.. or i might.. sometimes i’ll take somebody along, though it usually doesn’t work (how could it?)

don’t worry about your friends ‘beating’ you or ‘getting somewhere’ ahead of you. get out into the real dirt world and start failing .. because the goal is to connect w our own self, your own soul..t

adversity.. everybody spends their life trying to avoid it.. me too. but the best things that ever happened to me came during the times when the shit hit the fan and i had nothing/nobody to help me.. what do you really want..?

i would not have a billboard and i would take down every billboard that everybody else has put up

the disease of our time is that we live on the surface..  go deep into something..t


susan cain

i had no expectation of ever making  living thru writing.. but it was crystal clear to me that from then on, writing would be my center..

(best investment) 7 years of time to write quiet .. i didn’t care how long it took and though i wanted the book to succeed, i felt good about the investment of time regardless of the outcome – because i felt so certain that writing in general and writing that book in particular was the right thing to do

i love sad/minor key music.. i find it elevating and transcendent, and not really sad at all. i think that’s because this kind of music is really about the fragility , and therefore the preciousness of life and love..

my fav word in any language is saudade.. a sweet longing for a believed thing/person that will likely never return..


i wanted writing to be a permanent source of pleasure, and never to be associated w financial stress or, more generally, the pressure to achieve..t


cain achieve law


naval ravikant @naval

modern-day philosopher of sorts, Naval’s clear thinking and sharp critical reasoning combined with his holistic approach to education and the boundless body of knowledge amassed over the years make him a truly wonderful mind to explore and ponder upon. His thoughts on life, society, happiness, decision making, and honesty are motivational and eye-opening. What makes Naval a truly inspirational character is that he wasn’t born a wunderkind, but rather, his acquired wisdom is the result of ceaseless curiosity and thirst for knowledge; his success is merely the consequence of his never-ending hustle.

total freedom by krishnamurti. a rationalist’s guide to the perils of the human mind. the ‘spiritual’ book that i keep returning to


gary v

i pretend that my fam has died in a horrific accident. honestly, that’s what i do..i go to a very dark place, really feel it, feel that pain in my heart, and then realize no matter what i’m dealing w right now, that it’s not even in the same universe of something like that. then i become grateful for losing that client, missing that opp, getting made fun of.. etc.


kevin kelly

the fountainhead by ayn rand: i got sucked into reading this over the top manifesto of self reliance during finals of my first yr of college. by the end of the book, i decided to drop out of school.  i never returned. it was the best decision of my life..


gabor maté

(on billboard): a h almaas: ultimately, our gift to the world is being who you are. it is both your gift and your fulfillment..t


(advice to driven student): if you’re really smart, you’ll drop the drivenness.. it doesn’t matter what’s driving you; when you’re driven, you are like a leaf, driven by the wind. you have no real autonomy.. you are bound to be blown off course even if you reach what you believe is your goal.. and don’t confuse being driven w being authentically animated by an inner calling. one state leaves you depleted and unfulfilled; the other fuels your soul and makes your heart sing..

(bad recommendations): just say no (to people w/addictions).. if they could say no they would.. the whole point of addiction is that people are compelled to it by suffering, trauma, unease, and emotional pain.. if you want to help people ask why they are in so much pain that they are driven (there’s that word again) to escape from it thru ultimately self harming habits or substances..  then support them in healing the trauma at the core of their addition, a process that always starts w nonjudgmental curiosity and compassion..

simply being w/o constantly having to do something..t

is what i’m doing right now aligned w my life’s calling? my calling – what light me up and inspires me the most – is freedom for everyone, ..t.. including myself: politically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

equity – everyone getting a go everyday

if i’m being compelled to distract myself from emotional unease, i am not free. then again, if i’m harshly judging my distractibility i’m not free either.. the freedom always comes from the renewed awareness of choice: my choice, in every moment..t


chris anderson

the best way to get things done is to let go..t

why we haven’t yet gotten to global equity

(worst advice to driven college student): pursue your passion.. in your *20s may not rally know what your best skills/opps are.. it’s **much better to pursue learning, personal discipline and growth. and to seek out connections to people across the planet.. for a while, it’s just fine to follow and support someone else’s dream. in so doing you will be building valuable relationships/knowledge.. and at some point your passion will ****come and whisper in your ear ‘i’m ready’

whoa.. that doesn’t sound like letting go.. ie: *20s..? seems we’re missing a great deal of human energy et al.. if a 20 yr old doesn’t have a clue what turns them on.. **i’d say better to listen to curiosity.. but from age 5 when it’s still undisturbed.. seems a ***cop out (and again ..waste of energy) to say (with the tech/means we have today): follow someone else’s dream for a while.. ****curiosity frees us to change our mind everyday.. no one time ultimate passion that is whispered in your ear.. that we have to be ready/trained/prepped for..

let’s let go.. and get back to our undisturbed ecosystem.. where we can trust that the daily listenings (self-talk as data) are enough.. at 5, 25, 55, 75, whatever


peter attia

(on bad advice to student): you’ve spent x years learning y, you can’t just up and leave an d now do z.. i think this is flawed because it weighs too heavily the time behind you, which can’t be changed, and largely discounts the time in front of you, which is completely malleable..t

bravery to change mind

the it is me

(on better at saying no to): saying not to always having to be right.. feeling the need to argue every point, and responding to every criticism..


it all begins w the voice that no one else hears..t

self-talk as data