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[ f r e e s p a c e ] is a cultural center in the heart of San Francisco where people have the opportunity to reimagine the urban experience. As a civic hack experiment, we are proving the power that community holds to transform a neighborhood by activating empty space.

Bringing together people from across the spectrum, from tech to community organizers, we are creating a space where digital and analog exist side by side. San Francisco, with its fiercely collective spirit and rich history of unending innovation, has been at the forefront of forward-thinking and empathy-filled ideas. We have been hacking the city long before there was a word for it.

Despite rising commercial rents in San Francisco, we were able to obtain a lease for a 14,000 sq ft building for $1 for the month of June – to show the possibility of civic improvement and community-building when people have a space to come together in and share, collaborate, and create. Inspired by the collective spirit and creativity, we launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to pay for our market rate rent for the month of July. Come say hi.

first heard about freespace via post about a work + play = freespace – summer vision for a warehouse via Mike Zuckerman. so glad it is still going. strong. can’t wait till it takes over the world. bravo people.
see how they share…
you come/do/be too..

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