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they say i’m the poorest president.. but i believe those that are poorest are those that always want more..

As a man who truly cares about his people, he doesn’t take an obscene amount of money to just act as a politician. He donates about 90% of his $12,000 monthly salary to charities that benefit poor people and small entrepreneurs.


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To live in accordance with how one thinks. Be yourself and don’t try to impose your criteria on the rest. I don’t expect others to live like me. I want to respect people’s freedom, but I defend my freedom. And that comes with the courage to say what you think, even if sometimes others don’t share those views.

eu\daimon\ia ness


Johann writes of José in chasing the scream:

organized into different “pillars,” all operating separately— so that if one pillar was captured , the movement would live on. José and his wife Lucia belonged to pillar number 10. They lived underground and spent their time being bundled from one safe house to the next , planning operations— until one day, as Mujica was waiting to meet a contact in a bar, suddenly, something hit him in the chest. The police shot him six times, 7 but they didn’t let him die. They needed him as a hostage, to discipline his comrades. Mujica does not talk about the torture he endured while in prison, but some of the other survivors from that time told me about what happened to them.

Hari, Johann (2015-01-20). Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs (Kindle Locations 5047-5053). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

and ah. José ..

Mujica had just been elected president of Uruguay. He announced that he would not be moving into the Presidential Palace. He would be staying right here, in his shack, for his full five-year term. He would be giving 90 percent 11 of his income to the poor and living on $ 775 a month. And as for the presidential limousine—no, thanks. He would take the bus.

Hari, Johann (2015-01-20). Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs (Kindle Locations 5068-5071). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

States, several states were poised to vote to fully legalize marijuana— to allow it to be grown and sold to adults, as we’ll see later. And he resolved to persuade his people to do likewise. In solitary confinement, he tells me, he had learned “that life is a fine thing—[ so] above and beyond everything , we have to defend life . . . We shouldn’t sacrifice a generation in the name of a dream.”

Hari, Johann (2015-01-20). Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs (Kindle Locations 5084-5086). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Maybe, Mujica tells me, this policy will fail— but what we are doing now under prohibition “is a failure every day.” It is hard to see, he says, how the new policy could fail worse.

Hari, Johann (2015-01-20). Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs (Kindle Locations 5360-5361). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Mujica “would be different if he weren’t kept prisoner,”

Lucia tells me, “because he had so much time to think, it became clear to him what was important in life.”


He learned “to live with light baggage in jail. He learned that happiness doesn’t come from what you have, but from what you are.”Later, when I speak to him on the telephone, Mujica tells me: “If I have too much luggage, too much property, too many material goods, that makes me worry I have to defend this stuff— then in that case I will not have time left to take care of the things I really love, and then I lose my freedom.”

Hari, Johann (2015-01-20). Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs (Kindle Locations 5372-5376). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

exactly. more than a drugs issue. the need for us all to have time and space to think. what matters most is figuring out what matters most. everyday. let’s try that model. a philosophical mood. “I am seventy -eight years old,” he says. “I had a dream of changing the history of man— the possibility of creating a humanity where men don’t exploit each other. A utopia that we call socialism. We thought it was much closer in time . . . Many decades have gone by, and without renouncing our dreams, we learned that the impossible takes a bit longer.”

Hari, Johann (2015-01-20). Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs (Kindle Locations 5376-5379). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

unless – it no longer does. . can we not make this happen in José’s time..



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feb 2015 – too good to be true..?

Thanks to his time in prison, he told an Economist interviewer last summer, “I do not hate. Do you know what a luxury it is not to hate?” As president, that has meant giving every member of his team a hearing and making them feel good about their ideas, to hurt nobody with his words. It has meant a refusal to make enemies, and a habit of yielding to outside parties who opposed his attempts at reform. Love for all men turned out to make for an ineffectual management style.


“If he had taken the opportunity to consult more specialists in law, he wouldn’t have failed,” said Garcé, the political scientist. “But Mujica isn’t too worried about the legal aspects of things.”


It’s a pattern: We keep creating saviors whom we expect to single- handedly restore lost values. Then we lash out at them when they inevitably fall short.


For Mujica to have realized anything like his radical vision of a society freed from want, respectful of nature, and liberated from greed and the isolating tedium of “air-conditioned offices,” he would have needed not only to fix the country’s public schools but to transform them into incubators for a new kind of citizenship that dramatically favors the collective over the self. That he came nowhere near that is partly his fault, but also owes to constraints that Batlle never faced when imposing his early- twentieth-century makeover of Uruguay. Today, there’s the global financial system, which demands that presidents attract corporate investmentdriving materialismso their countries remain economically stable. There are obstructionist legislatures. There are moneyed interest groups.


We’re searching for the one figure who can break the binds. We want someone simply different enough to plot a new direction for a world that often feels full of deadly momentum toward existential decay and harder to steer than the hurtling Titanic.

Because actual experience tends to reveal the limits of candidates’ power, we’re also drawn to heroes with less and less experience, blank slates onto which we can project our fantasies for change. When Mujica was elected president, he wasn’t very tested as a politician. He’d gained fame as a parliamentarian partly for riding to the chambers on a workingman’s scooter. His lack of experience was exactly his appealas it was for Obama and de Blasio, as it is for Elizabeth Warren. But the instant the election is over, these same leaders are judged according to different standards.


The Uruguayans I spoke to admired Vazquez’s efficacyhence the second term they just extended him. But they are not entirely satisfied. His biographer called him “distant and silent.” Two people who’ve worked with Vazquez used the same word when I asked them about him: “Asshole.” He gets things done, but he does not stir the soul.


The policymakers and opinion-setters I’d spoken to had been so spittingly certain that Mujica’s presidency had failed Uruguay’s poor. The poor (and four teachers I spoke with who work with them directly) believe the opposite. I spent a couple of days touring lower-income schools and neighborhoods, and the view of Mujica I encountered was as different as the view of a city from street level versus looking down from atop a skyscraper: Everyone, without exception, believed Mujica had improved their lives. Seeing a man who looked like them and lived like themwho even invited them to barbecues at his communeoccupying the land’s highest office had made them feel human again. By noticing them, by speaking to them rather than about them, Mujica had reincarnated them.


One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Jose Mujica, President of Uruguay:

“The secret of happiness is…

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sept 2015 –

taking in 100 refugee orphans

The World’s Most Humble President Just Opened His House to 100 Syrian Refugee Children

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from human 2015

2 min – spent almost 10 yrs in hole in solitary.. time to think.. what i found.. either you’re happy with very little.. free of all that extra luggage because you have happiness inside, or you don’t get anywhere

i am not advocating poverty – i am advocating sobriety

since we have invented a consumer society.. the econ must constantly grow… we have invented a mountain of superfluous needs

when we buy something.. we are not paying money for it.. you’re paying with the hours of your life you had to spend earning that money… the difference is that life is one thing money can’t buy.. life only gets shorter.. and it’s pitiful to waste one’s life and freedom that way..

what i suggest is that we quit wasting resources on useless things

6 min – it’s not a lack of resources.. it’s a lack of govt.. govt’s are preoccupied with winning the next election, with who’s going to be boss.. we fight for power and we forget people and the world issues… the crisis is not environmental.. it’s political

7 min – you can always pick yourself up again.. it’s always important to start from zero again.. once.. or a thousand times.. as long as you are still alive. that’s the biggest lesson in life..

we need a do-over.. for (blank)’s sake.. to get us to a nother way to live.. that focuses on 7 bill daily.. do-overs… equity.. everyone getting a go (a fresh/new go) everyday..


doc on noam and pepe:


el pepe – a supreme life (doc) – 1 hr – 2018

9 min – i wouldn’t be who i am today.. i would be more futile/frivolous/superficial.. more result oriented, more short term.. more triumphant.. more blinded by success.. w more of a statue like pose.. yet all of these things.. of which i am not could be said about me had i not lived those 10 something years of deep solitude

pascal quiet law

11 min – at this point in my life i don’t need money.. not at all.. i don’t need more than what i’ve got

24 min – to make money w the money of others and not work.. it’s the essence.. the distillation of capitalism

43 min – in politics try to find people w big heart and small wallet

56 min – it’s the same argument: in favor of life.. against life

58 min – true change is inside one’s head.. cultural not material

there are others like me who try to manage what we can w/in capitalism.. but the solution is not capitalism.. we have to find other things/paths.. and embrace that search

let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

ie: ubi as temp placebo..

a nother way

in latin america there are no solutions.. there is a search

1:04 – wherever i am.. i’ll be with you.. because that is a superior way to be

1:08 – talk to me plainly about that absent love (sang in prison)


via fb share – link to 2021 post on his 2017 speech – life w/o love is meaningless – []:

The world is not just about business and the economy. You should have room to develop love… You don’t have to live in a hurry. You don’t have to rush. Please enjoy the joy of life little-by-little every day. Don’t drown in greed… Turn that passion into love. For friends, children and loved ones. Because life without love is meaningless.

humans are social animals that live in groups. We can’t live alone. That is why humans have built civilizations. Civilization is the greatest legacy left by our predecessors.

argh – thinking c is a perpetuation of our current love less ness.. ie: jensen civilization law et al

Education gives us hints. It is a hint to receive the civilization built by the ancestors and the seeds that have been sown. Now it’s our turn to mature through education and leave some seeds behind. For the future of the earth and future generations..

double argh – we need to let go of any form of m\a\p.. supposed to’s of school/work et al.. are killing us

Living is also a struggle for freedom. It’s not as explosive as the French Revolution, we need a more instinctive and modest freedom. In other words, you are free to spend a certain amount of time in your life, as you like.

but none of us are free if one of us is chained.. this is why as if already free ness hasn’t yet worked.. humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity .. simultaneous fittingness.. everyone in sync..

robots don’t have the emotions of humans. That is why you should spend your school life and your time meaningfully. The important thing is to learn how to learn. As we get older, we learn a lot.

if we spend time in school life..we do become robots.. aka: whales.. we don’t need to learn how to learn.. ie: not yet scrambled ness.. we need to quit stifling that.. and in order to do that in our current whalespeak state.. we need a means to und our hierarchical listening first..

So, everyone, please study hard and use that knowledge for humankind. Not just for yourself, but for everyone

i’d say.. (he’s talking to hs students).. listen hard..  to all the people