weed the people


21 min – ethan nadelmann: reason it was criminalized was racism and xenophobia

Ethan Nadelmann

22 min – donald abrams: is it a medicine? it’s been a med for 3000 yrs .. it only hasn’t been a med in this country for 70 yrs.. i think it’s a med

ron watson: it’s 70 yrs of propaganda that you’re trying to fight against.. unfortunately the parents know a lot more about this than the drs do because when you become so desperate that you’re willing to try anything.. you learn

35 min – 94% research on harm.. 6% on help

37 min – govt taking studies off site – from 450 to 30

jerusalem – raphael mechoulm – been free to dispense/research since 74.. in science.. israel is a very liberal country

38 min – dedi is the epitome of science.. the go by the book.. study for 8 phds and work on curing cancer type of guy working w cannabis.. which is unheard of today

david ‘dedi’ meiri: apoptosis – cells commit suicide.. every cell in our body have like a checkpoint.. checking if there is a problem.. and if there is a problem.. they will kill themselves.. so what we see is that cannabis is giving the cancer cell back this ability that they lost

earlier: on getting cannabis treatment for 3000 – and finding out it’s mostly rubbing alcohol

47 min – (lady – angela – i’d want to be working with): the body cannot overdose on cannabis

50 min – (mother): i just can’t believe w all the money in cancer research today.. that all you can get is from somebody’s kitchen (talking about that couple)

57 min – ethan: amazing all the research showing cannabis reducing problems/harms of pharma meds – opioids et al

59 min – at our highest (cause couldn’t use insurance) 3000 a month.. then got down to 1500 a month

1:00 – it’s heartbreaking to see that there’s something that can help your child and you can’t get it

1:01 Рi created a group called cannakids  -full of parents and drs and scientists

1:05 – 4 months.. 20 tumors gone..

1:06 – dr goldstein

1:26 – chico: (after clip of first day back to school listening to dress code.. ie: shirt w marijuana leaf on it).. i’m writing a letter to the president to legalize.. it makes me sad and kind of confused.. because i don’t get why they can’t have it if it really helps them

dr gupta: govt has patent on marijuana for brain treatment on one hand and on other hand says no medical application.. this is hypocrisy

looking to benefit.. but keeping it from people.. we’ll look back and think how cruel we’ve been


forbidden cures


healing (roots of)