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“Imagine there’s no countries”; here’s a plan to do that.… /

To solve the world’s major problems requires a level of international cooperation that we seem incapable of achieving. Peter Schurman has a better plan: A global democracy where everyone has a vote.

why are we so hung up on voting.. for things we don’t really care about.. need..

Einstein said that the system of separate countries “could only lead to barbarism, war, and inhumanity.” In the U.S., more than half of state legislatures passed resolutions calling for a form of world federation.


“With Trump about to be inaugurated, the scales have really fallen from people’s eyes, and people are seeing that American democracy failed,” says Peter Schurman, who was the founding executive director at and who now advocates for a global democracy through a project called One Global Democracy.

*”We really have to come up with a better design.”

or like Matt Taibbi said.. that it is working.. trump.. not a regular politician.. able to get to the top..which to me means.. we question what we’re calling democracy/voting. . et al..

*agreed.. but beyond democracy/voting ness..

we need to redefine decision making.. because.. public consensus always oppresses someone(s)

“What we need is a global layer to handle the global issues that affect everyone,” Schurman says. “But at the same time, you want to make every decision at the most local level that’s capable of handling it. Zoning is always going to be a local matter, for example.

*You just need to have the decisions made at the most logical level.”

*agreed.. that would be.. the 7 bn plus people.. everyday..

hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data … as the day.. [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…].. otherwise the data isn’t legit us

Global citizens would *vote digitally using secure blockchain technology, as pioneered by startups like Democracy Earth. Rather than a traditional system of representatives, the system might use the “liquid democracy” model, in which people can vote on a particular issue directly themselves, or choose a trusted friend or colleague to vote on their behalf.

*how about just be curious digitally using blockchain.. the whole idea of voting gets you thinking about supposed to’s and other people’s agendas.. why do we need that..?

*“You could give everyone the opportunity to participate to the extent that they’re interested in participating, while also delegating their proxy to people they trust,” he says. “Because the proxies are instantly revocable, if the person who’ve trusted with your vote for environmental matters goes off the reservation, you can yank that proxy back and give it to someone else and correct the course right away.”

*everyone will participate 100% if we let go of voting.. if we’re not judging what participating means.. if we’re all just living/being.. ie: revolution of everyday life.. a nother way

*”The common point of failure they all have is that they’re all based on the country as the fundamental unit of power,” he says.

*deeper – failure via any control other than self – why we haven’t yet.. gotten to global equity.. when it’s totally doable.. we have the means..

*“It’s all about building the conversation,” he says. “Fundamentally, the idea of working together as a global community to solve the common problems we all face makes so much sense that once people start to really consider it, it’s just it’s kind of a no-brainer.”

actually pretty huge.. that it’s about 2 conversations..

a nother way


2015 – Don’t Be Awful: Peter Schurman and David Holmes

1 min – peter d talking about going bold.. moonshots..

larry page – are you working on something that could truly change the world..

a nother way

2 min – my background is in making political changes

3 min – my idea.. very few give it serious thought.. a borderless world..

world beyond borders

nationality: human


discrimination as equity

oceans borders

siddiqi border law

every border implies

8 min – waste of human lives.. refugees et al

refugees.. upcycle human spirit..


dustin – if eliminate borders would increase world’s dgp by 50%

imagine we didn’t measure by money.. imagine money irrelevant..


9 min – war


10 min – disease

cancer et al

12 min – separate countries are failing us in a lot of ways.. global democracy.. would need tech.. 1\ make sure every vote gets counted right 2\ overall vote tally secure 3\ make sure secret ballots  4\ unique voting accounts  5\ close digital divide so everyone has access…

good news for this .. blockchain

blockchain… ethereum..

why use for voting.. or for measuring any transactions.. et al..?

13 min – why now..  1\ tech making huge impact already  2\ *war declining  3\ urbanization 4\ trade – impact on allocating resources.. rather than via war .. so need trade agreements.. 5\ chinese labor .. cheap no more  6\ immigration  7\ econ insecurity – huge driver of political change 8\ young population – maj under 30  9\ inclusiveness.. growing trend  10\ unification trend


24 min: q&a

q: how do you see tech in this practically  a: blockchain for voting… online discussions.. ie: loomio..


27 min – challenge of civic engagement.. people making an investment decision on how they’re going to use time/energy.. there’s a lot of models.. and we have to talk about what the models are..

a nother way.. to see us getting 100% of our day back.. so.. 100% of people back.. based 2 convos..  as 33 min of the day.. the rest of the day.. gershenfeld sel kicks in..

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from about page:

I am an advocate for world peace through a single, globally inclusive democracy.

I believe we must adopt this as our goal, and that we can achieve it within our lifetimes.  It is simply the best design for human society.

for (blank)’s sake

We Americans need an inspirational goal, a guiding star to work toward that is more enduring than the next election, more just than preserving our privileged status, more positive than preventing the next crisis or correcting the latest injustice, and more ambitious than spending our money wisely.  We need a higher goal that can keep us headed in the right direction, one that will inspire us enough to insist on reaching it.

On this site, I will express why I think a single, globally inclusive democracy is that goal, and make the case for it.

As a practical matter, international borders are standing in the way of humanity responding effectively to the greatest challenges we face, ranging from climate change to human trafficking to financial crimes and economic inequality.  It’s time we eliminated them, and created something dramatically better.

The United States of America is a useful model.  What I propose is, essentially, a United States of the World.  A single, globally inclusive democracy.

I invite your comments and humbly ask for your support in developing and advancing this vision.

I’m Peter Schurman, and I was the founding Executive Director at More recently, I directed a campaign to amend the United States constitution to restore American democracy to the people, by overturning the Supreme Court’s decisions in Citizens United v. FEC and Buckley v. Valeo. I have more than 20 years of experience building organizations that make the world a better place, as well as an MBA from Yale and an BA in History from the University of Pennsylvania. I was born in Boston, grew up in Portland, Maine, and now live in California. I have always believed that the time has come for world peace through a single, globally inclusive democracy. Over time, I’ve watched as we’ve missed one opportunity after another to advance this goal. And I’ve rarely seen anyone make a serious case for it. I’ve concluded that this idea needs an advocate. There’s nothing I believe in more deeply, so I’m taking it on.

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I believe world peace is possible, within our lifetimes, and we should make it our goal.

I was previously the founding E.D. at MoveOn.