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Technology and the Internet are changing democracy in America. This site is one hub for the conversation already underway between political practitioners and technologists, as well as anyone invigorated by the potential of all this to open up the process and engage more people in all the things that we can and must do together as citizens. We value your input and ideas.



Democracy is changing.

A new force, rooted in new tools and practices built on and around the Internet, is rising alongside the old system of money intensive broadcast politics.

Today, for almost no money, anyone can be a reporter, a community organizer, an ad-maker, a publisher, a money-raiser, or a leader.

If what they have to say is compelling, it will spread.

The cost of finding like-minded souls, banding together, and speaking to the powerful has dropped to almost zero.

Networked voices are reviving the civic conversation.

More people, everyday, are discovering this new power. After years of being treated like passive subjects of marketing and manipulation, citizens want to be heard.

Members expect a say in the decision-making process of the networked organizations they join. Readers want to talk back to the news-makers. Citizens are insisting on more openness and transparency from government and from corporations too.

All the old institutions and players – big money, top-down parties, big-foot journalism, cloistered organizations – must adapt fast or face losing status and power, and some of them are. That evolution is happening as some governments, political organizations, businesses and nonprofits begin to embrace participation and transparency.

The realization of “Personal Democracy,” where everyone is a full participant, is coming.

Since 2004, Personal Democracy Media has helped nurture a world-wide conversation about technology’s impact on government and politics, and society – providing a place to meet the people who are making that change happen, discover the tools powering the new civic conversation, spot the early trends, and to share in understanding and embracing this dynamic new force. Many of those who are challenging the status quo, learned what they know, or found people to collaborate with, by being a part of Personal Democracy Media.

Now as Personal Democracy Media, that effort will grow as we work to contribute authoritative news, tools and resources focused on adapting to and thriving in a world where together we are building and fulfilling the promise of a 21st century democracy. (Updated January, 2011)


co-founder: Micah Sifry


intro’d to personal democracy via #pdf14


snowden, seeclickfix, greenfield, tumml, handup, …. check out pd14 archive (hope there is one)







messy notes from pdf14
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The #pdf14 reading list. Collect them all. Tweet:
MT If you missed @RonakGopaldas  article ‘Why delivering soft infrastructure matters in Africa’ I highly recommend it Tweet:
RT @hubmum: Final slide by @MTBracken digital dir for UK #pdf14 Tweet:
Interesting @BradSmi Q&A  RT @johnpaulfarmer: Civic Innovation at Microsoft is now “a priority from the top of the company,” #PDF14Original Tweet:
People need to believe that their personal actions will change public outcomes. @antheaws #PDF14 Tweet:

.@antheaws calls on designers to stop designing for the “user they wish existed.” #pdf14Original Tweet:

like Ed
PB + D > C… Tech is best at reducing C, but how can we ^ P & make D sexy/fun thru better storytelling? #pdf14 @antheaws #nerdsruleOriginal Tweet:

Need to remember that “there’s a big difference between politics and civic” says @marcidale at #PDF14Original Tweet:

uch more money 3.5 bio is going into getting people into office than helping Congress make good decisions 850 mio

“The greater our ability to see what’s going on in Congress, the greater the dissatisfaction with Congress” #pdf14Original Tweet:

@marcidale World has never had a transparent, participatory, inclusive, responsive democracy, so no models #PDF14
@marcidale links new govt transparency to govt paralysis. Now that the sausage making is visible, govt “has stopped making sausage.” #PDF14
It is expensive to be truly informed about what’s going on in Congress. @marcidale #PDF14
so maybe we change that – make it less about knowing what’s going on in congress and more about whats going on w/7 billion people
How did I not know about this? It’s great! @marcidale #PDF14
Now on stage: @StacyDon @OmidyarNetwork speaking about next steps for personal democracy & technology #PDF14Original Tweet:
Adam Greenfield @agpublic

.@alexgoldmark The “smart city” is entirely, profoundly and purposively antithetical to participatory democracy. #PDF14



Alex Goldmark @alexgoldmark

.@agpublic That’s hyperbole. Smart #cities can clearly lead to more democracy. Sensors & measurement can lead to more transparency.



.@alexgoldmark Transparency for whom? For what purposes, instrumentalized and operationalized in what specific ways?



Class dynamics now at the fore at #PDF14 and it is awkward

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yep @karmel80: I understand @handup showing the individual gets people to care and help bc it’s concrete. But still makes me cringe. #pdf14

Original Tweet:



Same. A “linked-in” for blue-collar workers is fine but the REAL problem they face is not on supply side. It’s demand for their work. #pdf14

Original Tweet:


Sorry, #pdf14. Research is clear: Job training, networking, etc. are rounding error on what US impedes US workers: lack of good jobs. #pdf14

Original Tweet:


nstead, I’d love to see a #pdf14 talk on how tech can help workers can organize, unionize &  reverse policies that destroy good jobs.

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The poor don’t need rich people donating. They need economic justice. There’s not an app for that.  #pdf14

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@drgoddess African Amer are 13% of Amer but 26% of Twitter. #PDF14

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what we need are spaces that are open accessible.. – drgoddess
Listening to @drgoddess talk about #BlackTwitter at #PDF14: Would love to see a @nodexl of this network, @Marc_Smith.Original Tweet:
Participatory democracy, says @drgoddess, creates an opportunity for anyone to become an activists. #pdf14Original Tweet:
That homeless woman on the street is there because of a collective failure of society. She’s not a means to make a profit. #PDF14Original Tweet:
@Rasiej calls @BradSmi’s speech at #pdf14 one of most impassioned defenses for democracy ever heard in 11 years of PDF.Original Tweet:
A little holy-fuck moment w/ @granicus & CM @BenKallos at #PDF14. Granicus is willing to work w/ the @NYCCouncil to publish an API, RSS, etcOriginal Tweet:
At #civiclabs sesh, @Sharon_Paley of @HackBmore employs broader definition of civic hacking, not strictly limited to tech solutions #PDF14Original Tweet:
Immigration reform. “Mark Zuckerberg is our biggest funder. Unrelated, we use Facebook ads to generate most of our activity.” #pdf14Original Tweet:
“This economy isn’t just about removing middlemen” says AirBnB co-founder. Okay. But they are the new middlemen. #pdf14Original Tweet:
@craigperko They do. But it’s still being a middlemen and taking a sizable cut. #pdf14Original Tweet:
Here’s @JakeBrewer’s article on the “Tragedy of Advocacy” that @Mlsif mentioned #PDF14Original Tweet:
This is not at all about the sharing economy. This is about the scraping-by economy. #airbnb #PDF14Original Tweet:
“2004: Online replicates offline, digital vs trad struggle.2014: “Offline” transformed by tech+data, blurring lines.” @PatrickRuffini #pdf14Original Tweet:
RT @zeynep: Most interesting point here is the scare quotes around “offline.” There is no offline anymore.  #pdf14 Tweet:
#pdf14 @SlaughterAM is talking about the service economy I first read about in Natural Capitalism back in 1999.Read this book.Original Tweet:
Here I disagree. Let’s make votes more impt.”Future currency of democracy is money. Make everyone a political donor.” @SlaughterAM #pdf14Original Tweet:
“Building long term capacity… Residue of human trust… Building an institution” +++combined with fast @cshirky #pdf14Original Tweet:
A big hand to @Mlsif and @Rasiej and the whole team to yet another awesome, thought-provoking #pdf14. Did I say awesome?Original Tweet:

Focus on acts that leave a social residue of trust @cshirky closing words at #pdf14

“Building long term capacity… Residue of human trust… Building an institution” +++combined with fast @cshirky #pdf14

ask what you might do differently if you know you’ll be having to repeat it over and over. leaving residues of trust – @cshirky #PDF14

not so much – what time signature should we operate at – but what are we capable of doing – @cshirky #PDF14

what we learned in america in 21st cent is that taking care of people is more radical than holding up a sign – @cshirky #PDF14

changing how we measure ed – @SlaughterAM #PDF14 – or perhaps stop measuring it.. because now we can

technical skill is no longer enough. we have to solve the very real problem of how to have people step up. – @PatrickRuffini #PDF14

“2004: Online replicates offline, digital vs trad struggle.2014: “Offline” transformed by tech+data, blurring lines.” @PatrickRuffini #pdf14

“Potholes are the gateway drug to civic engagement” #PDF14

again – connections/relationships happening – not just about moving middle men, sharing rooms.. – @bchesky @Airbnb #PDF14

with record unemployment – we have this goldmine under our feet. a new way to participate. – @bchesky @Airbnb #PDF14

we’re often afraid of things we don’t understand. before we regulate things away perhpas we listen in a bit more – @bchesky @Airbnb #PDF14

silicon valley starts w/question of why not. dc starts w/why. @joekgreen #PDF14

Participatory democracy, says @drgoddess, creates an opportunity for anyone to become an activists. #pdf14

Need to remember that “there’s a big difference between politics and civic” says @marcidale at #PDF14

.@antheaws calls on academics to research what motivates people to act. What we do know: people act when needs meet results. #pdf14

.@antheaws calls on designers to stop designing for the “user they wish existed.” #pdf14

gov stack: civic infrastructure, beauty, usefulness, software..govt is network @MTBracken #PDF14 Is a tool to map public data on properties. Transparency. #PDF14 @WELLO

Gabriela @stereogab

#PDF14 is streaming live at

.@zeynep “avoid ‘asphalt fetishism,’ but what capacity is on-line activism actually signaling? Even SOPA/PIPA might not work again. #pdf14

#pdf14 This, you guys. And it’s not just music. Whatever art is, however you define it, it has an…

jp to ed – you’re not pretending to be asleep #PDF14

Snowden talks like an Aaron Sorkin West Wing script. Dude speaks in final draft. Amazing. #pdf14

Re: #security v. #privacy and life in general: ‘My motto has always been safety third.” – John Perry Barlow #PDF14

security is not the only value that americans treasure.. – Ed Snowden #PDF14

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notes (in reverse order of conf) from pdf15 – imagine all the people:

if you want to live in your dream society.. it demands you create it. so simple matters. – @birgittaj #PDF15 – deep/simple/open enough

the discussion starts w/you. what kind of society do you want. – @birgittaj #PDF15 – rev of everyday life ness. imagine all the people.

on the need to offer fundamental systematic change. crisis is a great vehicle. – @birgittaj #PDF15

if you don’t become the power.. the power can’t control you. – @birgittaj #PDF15

on the sense that you can change the world through connectivity.. – leader of pirate party in iceland – @birgittaj #PDF15


on not taking the compromise on the compromise on the compromise. – @notaaroncraig #PDF15 – imagine all the people


transforming entire economy is huge. civil disobedience. our responsibility. @astradisastra #PDF15

the debts we erase are illegitimate/immoral to begin with. no one should incur debt for basic living. – @astradisastra #PDF15

the medium is not the message. and it’s the message that matters. potential is beyond medium. open ness. – @rufuspollock #PDF15

the internet is not enough. openness is what i believe in. gutenberg enabled tech but not change. tyndale opens it. – @rufuspollock #PDF15

on the mission of open data – the best thing to do with your data will be thought of by someone else – @rufuspollock #PDF15

on our responsibility to listen to & amplify marginalized voices – @emjacobi #PDF15

on curators/rt-ers – seeing themselves as journalists – others seeing them as angels – @andresmh #PDF15 cc @deray

on noticing people losing sensitivity to the violence.. – @andresmh #PDF15

on narco language – emergence of language describing violence – @andresmh #PDF15

on how people use sm to understand whats going on – & how violence can blind/weaken that – @andresmh #PDF15

on hashtag changed from weareone to weareone_dering – changing the focus/impact – @NiNanjira #PDF15


be really good at finding/noticing other people’s good ideas – beg/borrow/steal the good.. – @TarenSK #PDF15

a big problem: keeping our head above water. ie: whatsapp has 800 mill monthly users. are we (dig organizers) there? – @TarenSK #PDF15

we have choices when we wake up everyday. let’s just make the right ones. – @danxoneil #PDF15 – on rev of everyday life ness.. imagine

i like doing things that don’t generate revenue. – @danxoneil #PDF15 – imagine all the people

there are real problems to be solved – @haleyvandyck #PDF15 – indeed. so let’s make B irrelevant.. imagine all the people.

on improving the paper laden immigration process by putting it online – @haleyvandyck #PDF15 – perhaps better – making it irrelevant.. no?

on an i of t that do as they’re told. rather than optimism or pessimism.. hope. – @doctorow #PDF15

the thing that keeps me up at night: what we do when we’re in power. do we aggregate or distribute it.-Danny O’Brien #PDF15 -all the people

on internet dot org as walled garden in india – ie: competition, diversity – @sunil_abraham #PDF15

what stops curiosity is fear. if we do not feel safe we’re not able to explore. – Lila Tretikov #PDF15 neocortex ness

the systems we build (have built) really do not like divergence. – Lila Tretikov #PDF15

on the need to diverge from a common path. the urge to learn. curiosity. – Lila Tretikov #PDF15

on neotony – retaining childhood characteristics for entire life.. what makes us human. – Lila Tretikov #PDF15

data from policing/evals/et al .. cloaked behind mathematical obscurity.. unjust/control – @mathbabedotorg #PDF15

big data isn’t new. what is: big behavioral data about people. – @cld276 #PDF15 – good to notice then: our environ is rat park deficient

find your thing. share w/world. help others do same. takes huge courage. – @jgilliam #PDF15 -imagine all the people.

we have to change the way we value success. we need an organic-type thing for tech. – @tristanharris #PDF15 – deep/simple/open enough.

on a diff kind of convo. – @tristanharris #PDF15 – much of our research on attention is based on science of people in unnatural ness.. no?

phone as slot machine. what am i going to get. ubiquitous scroll wheel as seducing attention. – @tristanharris #PDF15

how much of your day is spent on what you care about – @tristanharris #PDF15 – imagine all the people grokking what matterswe live in this attention economy that has bias of what will/won’t work – @tristanharris #PDF15

on embracing the messiness of humanity. we try to la la la it away. rather – imagine all the people ness. @deanna #PDF15

on being obsessed w/advertising the most pure version of ourselves is alienating us @deanna #PDF15 – 2 needs: authenticity & attachment


@davetroy what if – what do we get in return – is keeping us from us – ie: leading us to internal convos like @deanna is sharing. #PDF15

on people mapping – using tech to get a sense of us (ie: who are on twitter) – @davetroy #PDF15 ..imagine (sensing) all the people

on major shifts in nature of work – #PDF15 imagine future of work w/no (paid) work. but rather art. imagine all the people.

society could use the enormous energy now idle – the skills/talents now unused. – H Zinn imagine all the people.. #PDF15


on the story of now- @ericpliu fitting w/ @merelyanode ‘s hack of temp ness @ #PDF15 – aka: rev of everyday life; groundhog day ness

on equity. an evolutionary leap forward. beyond content neutral. – @ericpliu #PDF15

hack of all hacks: take away all the rules w/temp status. allows (city) people to find fit in current B box @merelyanode #PDF15

first civic imagination fellow at ->

– – –

How the civic movement can better engage and include all citizens:




12 den time – turkle, grossman, boyd…


we need to engage more participants..

You have my attention: @StacyDon begins talk with “Civic tech is not scaling fast enough”

civic tech, purpose, et al.. only partial. do this first: free art ists (all people) #PDF16

engage more partic’s..shared id.. #civictech can scale- @StacyDon@OmidyarNetwork@Purpose#PDF16 – perhaps set people free 1st id:human

collective problems can’t be solved by one sector alone – @elizinmotion to the #PDF16 – deep enough

tech for public good  –


ED @elizinmotion: We have an opportunity and a responsibility to foster collaboration in the #civictech community @CivicHall#PDF16 & beyond

fellow: Greg Bloom –

on grandmother being nervous system of community – ‘back in day i was the google’ -sense of loss for all of us @greggish#PDF16

used to trusting whatever i find.. finding whatever i want. but when comes to connecting.. google like a ghost town- @greggish#PDF16

Welcome to Open Referral

We develop data standards and open platforms that make it easy to share and find information about community resources.

on sim city teaching us about govt/city –

we love to talk about how bad big govt is – i tend to be skeptical because i believe in accountability.. @KSoltisAnderson

what helps a private sector get better 1\ exit – can you leave something 2\ voice – can you rate/review .. so why not expect this from govt.. [ Hirschman’s Exit, Voice, & Loyalty]

cave underground with paper – vets paperwork – sinkhole of b – no exit, no voice..

if no exit, no voice, .. how data .. put in hands of people.. by govt.. can be helpful

on unleashing the power of many –  when we end up in capital city – @zackexley #PDF16 – hunger games ref

a nother way ie: hosting life bits

no way to get out of loop unless we take the opportunity – @zackexley #PDF16 –

feedback loop brokenleap – a nother way

i don’t believe in concept of diversity – i’m for equity.. diversity has nothing to do with leadership.. equity is about changing power structure.. transforming org policies/practices/cultures.. @mruizfirmat – equity is about valuing perspective itself as a strategic insight – beyond inclusion  – dailykos and moveon participating in kairos fellowship… the biggest online movement happened w/o the biggest online orgs..

everyone getting a go everyday – equity

 – when women run – fill the room..@erinvilardi

? or perhaps.. disengage from the room/irrelevant s.. ie: make the room irrelevant..

@samdorman – tech figured out – we’ve come to think this is normal, ie: our systems didn’t speak to each other – we have to demand better

we are the empathy app – @STurkle#PDF16

host life bits via self-talk as data. 2 convos (self & others). as the day.


That empathy decline precedes the internet, let alone social media. All causal explanations are speculative.

@yvettethijm – ED of WITNESS: on a mission to power-up billions of ordinary citizens with mobiles to democratize human rights, truth-worshipper;

how do we make sure when came be safe when witnessing.. and make sure videos they risk life to make can make a livestreaming.. 50% of activists have quit.. to dangerous.. easy to link back to them…. camera v – all metadata.. location et al.. that we’re scared of.. but that helps the video be authentic.. imagine every phone with a proof mode….leverage.. i’m watching you.. but 5000 people are watching you too… ie: periscope…. mobilize us – the power of distant witnessess …. let’s make the promise of civic witnessing a reality..

@msurman – preserving free/open internet – we need to make the health of the internet.. same level as environment.. internet is much more than tech ....tour of environ movement.. hope/direction where we should go.. ie: national park system.. w/o citizen activism wouldn’t exist… had a peak pre war.. but industrial travesty continues.. it takes a few minds to step forward and say this..  the challenge.. how to take what we care about and get it to that point (that environmentalists have)…. jp barlow’s do whatever we want.. really doesn’t turn out that way

perhaps we keep doing/perpetuating partials

back in spot where 2-3 companies do have that much power… the point where imaginable are shut down by major companies.. where we only imagine them as the possible – let us all engage in making health of internet mainstream issue… – let’s get ambitious together.. msurman

deep/simple/open enough.. we can

film about @h0d3r seeing how the internet had changed in 6 yrs – via treatment of hyperlinks & the stream (algos) – ie: young celebreties dominating culture.. soc networks trying to keep us inside…..

on soc networks trying to keep us inside – strips hyperlink of diversifying and decentralizing power – on tyranny of the popular… we have become extremely predictable.. and predictability means control.. human race has never been so naked/powerless

making we browsers irrelevent..  – not internet as we know it.. it is tv – @h0d3r

if we care about peace and know potential internet had.. we need to fight to keep it alive  – @h0d3r

@nickgrossman – way platforms are reinventing reg – move from permission based to accountability based.. a new way for ensuring for trust/safety..  wonderful: bar to entry low.. carlotta perez – socio econ phases.. each one lasting 50 yrs.. this one.. telecommunications.. each brought new paradigm.. spurred by tech .. but went everywhere.. opp/challenge.. there are answers in the data

challenge – we don’t know how to share.. we don’t trust each other.. one of great challenges of next 100 yrs  – nick grossman

challenge: we don’t know how to share. we don’t trust each other. – ng

so focus on 2 needs. a&a. deep enough

we want to encourage experimentation – and learn from data to make lives better – ng

design for rev of everyday life. facil whimsy

imagine a world where able to query on data w/o revealing underlying

gershenfeld something else law

what’s tech we need we can build to solve problem that we don’t know how to share – ng

mech to host life bits

danah – we are simultaneously building bridges/sewer systems/skyscrapers.. most folks only built tree houses…  not thinking about all mechs of accountability…

90 petabytes of notifications per year on google servers.. is this really a good use of things we’re building..

we think about efficiency/cost.. but we don’t think in terms of environment.. what does it mean to think about notifications in that way –

what does it mean that we’re putting out tons of open data.. in hopes someone might use it.. what about cost of climate change for data that no one uses – this really is about mining..

who is deciding what is appropriate for use in criminal justice space.. 96% of cases in us are plea ed out.. over 10% of people who plea out are actually innocent…on accuracy in algo’s that impact freedom

if you don’t actively act to (guard against) prejudice.. you are building prejudice systems.. we need to wake up.. be aware of consequences of code.. – danah

what are soc and environ costs of what we’re doing.. not just econ costs  – db

june 10

Now up at #PDF16: @katecrawford on algorithms, power, data & tech. Livestream:…

how on earth do you verify these predictions.. bias creep.. unverified systems to produce guilt/innocence – kate – testing them on most vulnerable.. ones least able to object

better to work on this than on singularity.. – kate

suggest privacy isn’t right framework –  i don’t even need to collect your data anymore.. i can infer it..  predictive privacy harms.. live outside of current privacy law.. but so intimate.. people are starting to turn to ethics.. but need to do a lot of work to get this right… history of concern about ethics..

if really want to create an ethics code… it takes a crisis..

gershenfeld something else law

who is going to design the ai feature.. it matters who vision of the world is getting created..  – kc

begs we create for rev of everyday life. all of us. a nother way – on how search engines drive our perceptions/oppressions

when engaging w search engines.. engaging with advertising algos – sn

manufacturing consent ness

what happened when dylan roof talked about searches he did.. – sn – fbi disclosed his diary.. something that jumped out.. his awakening of racial id formation.. ie: looking through wikipedia.. i typed in black on white crime.. and i’ve never been same since that day… he’s making sense of a phrase that’s not sensible..

saying don’t need librarians if have google..  no way to parse through and create new realities.. – sn..

big data and social control – josh kline – side effect of big data – social control

unless we are smart about – what data – ie: self-talk plus gersh’s law

social software and way to control/monetize data – jk

? – where we lose it.. no?

only 14% of people understand that their web searches are being tracked – jk

how do you know 14%..?

only about 1/3 of planet online now… rest in next 5 yrs.. our ability to change norms/dialogue is in next 5 yrs.. so we should get on it.. – jk

some of us have spent billions of dollars going nowhere – @mogusmoves – jason mogus

begs we go deep/simple/open enough

people power at core of all groups.. groups get what want through scale and fear – mogus moves

4 principles that successful campaigns had  1st two about horizontal structures 2nd two about framing management.. on Esra’a al-Shafei’s talk re: role of tech in social/political change in the middle east drives home why we are here. @icitizen#PDF16

on being experts at bullshitting.. legally.. often because of sponsorship/training from west.. @ealshafei

so we got into music.. better way to amplify voice through music.. people fighting for cultural id… people who’s only method of communication was through music… 40% are women

mideast tunes – music as powerful tool to amplify voice

what we needed was a way to communicate w each other.. created ahwaa – ealshafei

host life bits that io dance: app chip updates

foundations go from one hype to the other..  they give it a name.. they call it liberation tech – ealshafei

love her.. speaks from heart.. no fluffing

my team and i working together 10 years.. only met face to face last year.. queerer you are .. better developer you are.. ealshafei

wael: 28 yr old changed my life forever.. first saw picture of his body tortured/dead.. by police.. i saw myself in his photo.. so i decided to act..didn’t realize power of page until this moment..  1000s in street.. saying to govt.. we are angry and we want something done..

i said no one can stop us when we are us.. breaking the barrier of fear – wael – –

stopped sm for 2 years.. just consuming and trying to understand what happened.. a lot from how we develop..

wisdom of crowd in public.. mobocracy – rule of passion over reason.. we are living in an attention econ.. results in mobocratic algo’s.. if ultimize for engagements.. get lots of likes.. ecochamber… productive discussions doesn’t get distribution it deserves.. doesn’t drive money..

forming a view about world that’s probably delusional

we should all come together rather than polarize..

i have 44 sec so i could definitely law out a great plan for how to fix this..

solutions: 1\ awareness of users.. 2\ awareness of size of problem .. very complex.. sm responsibility  3\ problem is solvable – build systems that get best out of people – wael – blm movement – democracy has continuously excluded black people…. democracy 1\requires political system for selecting/replacing  2\active participation of all people in that place.. 3\requires protection of human rights of all citizens  4\laws/procedures apply equally to everyone..

on becoming icons for all wrong reasons.. ie: getting killed… living in an era where everything/nothing is about race…

a cauldron bubbling under surface for very long time..  laws designed to help.. controlled by few to be judge/jury.. alicia

work can not be credited to any political party.. all of us.. not just some of us.. – alicia

disengage from consensus

notion that only policy change will get us where we want to go.. resistance that says no we are not happy with the lesser of two evils.. we are in favor of a new system overall..

1\organizing works.. org and protest are not same thing..  work of talking to more people than those that agree with us.. online presence is not totality of who we are.. carefully curated projections aren’t a match for hard core organizing..

we can’t continue to assert that disruption (is bad) .. you can’t be for social change and against disruption.. this struggle.. must be a struggle.. power concedes nothing w/o a demand..

unless.. quiet revolution..

3\ movements not reserved solely for those of us who identify only on left

a new way of organizing is imperative.. up to us.. to move differently


responsible for spaces we create. we should do better. but doesn’t matter if i do better. i still get invited back – @anildash#PDF16

not personally my fault.. but not not my fault

not enough anymore. what does holding responsibility in community mean. who’s choices do we mean

f everyone is patting you on the back while you’re causing harm.. something is really wrong

we haven’t been effective enough – @anildash#PDF16

begs we’re quiet enough to go deep/simple/open enough.. for all of us

if you have side project rocket ship money.. not a huge leap.. have resources – @anildash#PDF16

a nother way. we can.

simple statement of what you care about. we can do better. make it humane – anil


we all mean well – i’m not critical of intentions.. – @rushkoff #PDF16

os beneath the os of tech’s we’re all using is corp capitalism – to externalize costs to other people. our money system is extractive

if capital is only one that gets to talk .. what happens to land.. labor.. we just digitized corp program.. and now we’re saying.. let’s get govt on their too..

what does it mean if all those guys in suits are clapping for you.. a forced pivot is coming

problem w this arrangement.. it forces companies to extract value rather than circulate..

don’t think people really see tech as hero.. people are literally throwing rocks.. because can’t live in towns anymore

we have a tax policy that is optimized for extractive value not the distributive value

we want to retrieve p2p culture… common culture.. w/o human intervention and focus on solidarity.. we let the tools run the world for us.

platforms are optimized for attention.. sensationalism.. filter bubbles.. the externalization of those i don’t want to see.

whole point of democracy is not externalizing anything … but opposite embedded in tools we’re using..

john barlow – declaration of independence of cyber space.. anti govt.. get off our internet.. i understand why he did that.. what happens when you get govt off platform.. we got corporatism.. so we lost the net..

i understand.. we went from open web to kind of closed fb.. and skewed search results.. but do we really want to fight about that… the web was supposed to make the world more open.. now we’re fighting to make web more open..

blockchain doesn’t engender trust.. it perpetuates mistrust baked into system run by cap

solidarity happens in the real world.. the way we get there is how we get there

rev of everyday life

here in real world is only place we humans have home field advantage.. to accommodate to digital

democracy is a verb.. what we do..

we shouldn’t end.. period is going out of style.. the good: this ending is not the period.. unlike tech we humans are alive


from earlier..

blockchain doesn’t engender trust.. it perpetuates mistrust baked into system run by cap – @rushkoff#PDF16

quote i tweeted from pdf16


@monk51295 Isn’t the point of blockchain to allow verifiability without having to trust a central authority……

@jasongreen i’m thinking verifiability is pretty much impossible. and pretty much inhumane.

so yeah.. i think we’re missing a potential of blockchain ness (in thinking it’s to verify)

on verifiability ness…

so rather ..potential for block chain to connect people/ideas rather than measure/validate/verify transactions/people.. .. ie: io dance ness.. hosting life bits..