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make sure..? demo true/justified..

so many issues with this.. with proof ness.. evidence ness..

[verifiability law]



adding page because of this:

blockchain doesn’t engender trust.. it perpetuates mistrust baked into system run by cap – @rushkoff#PDF16

quote i tweeted from pdf16


@monk51295 Isn’t the point of blockchain to allow verifiability without having to trust a central authority……

@jasongreen i’m thinking verifiability is pretty much impossible. and pretty much inhumane.

so yeah.. i think we’re missing a potential of blockchain ness (in thinking it’s to verify)

so rather ..potential for block chain to connect people/ideas rather than measure/validate/verify transactions/people.. .. ie: io dance ness.. hosting life bits..


from bend your ear ness page:

if what we are doing worked.. it would have gone global by now… craziest question/attitude… seeking proof that it/whatever works ( toward system change our souls beg) because.. if you have proof it works… it doesn’t work.. because web we have today.. would turn a truly working system on it’s head.. regenerate itself exponentially.. w/in a year.. to the entire world.. if we kept it..whole/true/free..but we keep doing partials.. and so never sync/ing and/or serendip/ing up.. spinning our wheels with business .. when today.. we don’t have to