wael ghonim

wael ghonim

intro’d to Wael here – tedglobal geneva – dec 2015:

“Same tool that united us to topple dictators eventually tore us apart.” @Ghonim on his road from #jan25 to @parlio.

Let’s design social media that drives real change

i once said – if you want to liberate a society – all you need is the internet.. i was wrong.. i said in 2011 when fb page i anonym created.. helped spark egyptian revolution… arab spring helped us to see sm greatest potential/shorcomings.. the same tool that united us.. eventually.. tore us apart..

i was apolitical until 2009 – like many others

june 2010 – internet changed my life forever.. browsing.. saw terrifying photo of tortured dead body..  i saw myself in his picture… i created a fb page – we are all Khaled Saeed

sm helped people to know they weren’t alone..

zeynep.. pluralistic ignorance ness

11 days in prison.. 3 days later.. step down.. most inspiring/empowering moment of my life…

all shared belief that we could live together despite diff’s.. unfortunately.. post revolution events like punch in gut.. we failed to build consensus.. political struggle led to intense polarization.. sm amplified that state..spreading rumors/hate speech/echo chambers.. toxic…

7 min – polarization reached its peak.. w/them or against them..

i stayed silent for 2 years.. trying to figure out what happened..

5 challenges: 1\ how to deal w/rumors 2\ we create our own echo chambers 3\ online discussions quickly move to angry mobs 4\ hard to change opinions .. sm forces quick ness and permanent ness 5\ the most critical.. sm experiences designed in a way that favors broadcasting over engagements.. posts over discussions.. shallow comments over deep convos.. talk at rather than with

10 min – we need to work hard on how tech could be part of solution… globally.. how to design sm experiences that promote civility.. ie: today.. the more controversial gets more readers..

on incentives and rewarding…

on making it socially acceptable that we change our minds… reward it…

bravery to change mind… (no incentives – or incentive – freedom)

founded – platform for new convos… convos that matter…

today – if we want to liberate society.. we first need to liberate the internet…


let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way


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Egyptian Activist / Co-founder / Senior Fellow / Founder / Curious / Love challenging status quo!

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Wael Ghonim (Arabic: وائل غنيم‎, other transliterations include: Ghoneim, Ghonaim, born 23 December 1980) is an Internet activist and computer engineer with an interest in social entrepreneurship.

In 2011, he became an international figure and energized pro-democracy demonstrations in Egypt after his emotional interviewfollowing 11 days of secret incarceration by Egyptian police—during which he was interrogated regarding his work as the anonymous administrator of the Facebook page, “We are all Khaled Saeed“, which helped spark the revolution.TIME magazine included him in its “Time 100” list of 100 most influential people of 2011, and the World Economic Forum have selected him as one of the Young Global Leaders in 2012.

Wael is the author of “Revolution 2.0: The power of people is stronger than the people in power”. In 2012, he founded Tahrir Academy, a technology focused NGO that aims at fostering education in Egypt. He is currently a co-founder at Parlio.


rev in reverse et al via app chip – mechanism deep/simple/open enough..

note: self-talk as data to maximize and keep maximizing energy ness. a means to leapfrog to a global do-over.


One of my favorite people — and one of the highest-quality conversation spaces online. https://t.co/YcmbCYYwti

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/hrheingold/status/692806571244527616

inside parlio Wael’s new platform for social change:



parlio – essential from day one to set up culture… ie: intelligent convos

a lot of attention today on the .. how many… we kind of shifted to the impact…

trying to see how many different voices we can get on this platform…. for constructive convos..

part of this whole notion of activism was that i was being anonymous.. people don’t feel this is something to show off.. no one owns/controls it

focus on conversations.. and not just broadcasting..

2 convos.. ness


#personal democracy talk

wael: 28 yr old changed my life forever.. first saw picture of his body tortured/dead.. by police.. i saw myself in his photo.. so i decided to act..didn’t realize power of page until this moment..  1000s in street.. saying to govt.. we are angry and we want something done..

i said no one can stop us when we are us.. breaking the barrier of fear – wael – https://twitter.com/Ghonim –

stopped sm for 2 years.. just consuming and trying to understand what happened.. a lot from how we develop..

wisdom of crowd in public.. mobocracy – rule of passion over reason.. we are living in an attention econ.. results in mobocratic algo’s.. if ultimize for engagements.. get lots of likes.. ecochamber… productive discussions doesn’t get distribution it deserves.. doesn’t drive money..

forming a view about world that’s probably delusional

we should all come together rather than polarize..

i have 44 sec so i could definitely law out a great plan for how to fix this..

solutions: 1\ awareness of users.. 2\ awareness of size of problem .. very complex.. sm responsibility  3\ problem is solvable – build systems that get best out of people – wael