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Art is the work of a human being seeking to connect with another human being usually by doing something that hasn’t been done before. Doing something that might be risky and most of all doing something that’s generous …

And I want to be very clear here that it’s easy to get carried away in the soft stuff that comes with nurturing and humanity and looking your kid in the eye and feeling that wonder of what it is to be 12. I am a huge fan of that.

But I am talking about something different. I am talking about the fact that in addition to the fact that this is the right thing for people to do emotionally – it is also an economic imperative. That all the things we got sold on why we needed to leave [humanity] at home and why we needed to say to our son, grow up don’t cry—those excuses for acting non-human are GONE. They’re bogus now. Ironically we are back to where we started, which is being human.

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from ursula le guin‘s word for world is forest:

The pursuit of art, then, by artist or audience, is the pursuit of liberty. If you accept that, you see at once why truly serious people reject and mistrust the arts, labeling them as “escapism.” ..The definition also helps explain why all healthy children can sing, dance, paint, and play with words; why art is an increasingly important element in psychotherapy; why Winston Churchill painted, why mothers sing cradle-songs, and what is wrong with Plato’s Republic..


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post by david on common\ing and art (Art is that interesting piece inside each one of us. It’s that thing you can’t not do.):

Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens) tweeted at 1:36 PM on Mon, Dec 09, 2019:
Commoning as the Heartbeat of Art & Culture – Resilience

rather.. commoning as the heartbeat of humanity.. (art as being human; as fittingness)

if we were truly commoning .. we’d realize we’re all art\ists.. begs we do this firstfree art-ists.. for (blank)’s sake.. there’s a nother way

art (by day/light) and sleep (by night/dark) as re\set.. to fittingness





art and sleep as reset.. to fittingness


from John Maeda‘s how to speak machine


art is the science of enjoying life.. thus, in order for customers to enjoyably live w products,.. co’s needed to involve artists in how their products were made

art can seem esoteric and irrelevant, and yet it is where i have found a pov that is fully compatible w the world of computation. because the arts are not about what you can just see or sense; they’re about discovering what underlies it all.. about understanding what lies at the essential core of anything and everything..


artists excel at making unlikely connections all the time


does nature speak machine? or can machines speak nature? are we just machines? you’re certainly thinking like an artist if you are asking these questions too, because artists know to look deeper than just surface beauty. they dig for what’s underneath the underneath (geometry et al) and they will not rest until they find it..


comics as unflattening


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