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intro’d to Gill via her tedxsydney 2016 – I survived a terrorist attack. Here’s what I learned

he taught me.. never presume anything about anyone you don’t know..

danger of a single story..

he gave me an unwarranted/unwanted label..i had become the enemy… to him i was the other.. the them.. as opposed to us.. the label enemy allowed him to dehumanize us..

to listen to myself .. to be guided by my instinct a lone..

imagine not waiting for terror… imagine 7 bill doing this everyday.. as the day.. ie: self -talk as data

an hour to contemplate the whole of my life up until this point.. perhaps i should have done/live/seen more…. my priority/focus was always my work…i lived to work..who i was on my business card mattered to me.. but it didn’t matter down in that tunnel

regret of dying et al.. let’s focus on that.. ie: short

6 min – i understood just who and what humanity really is.. when i first saw the id tag given to me as admitted to hospital: one unknown estimated female..

those four words were my gift.. they told me.. my life was saved purely because i was a human being.. diff of any kind made no diff…

to them it didn’t matter if i was rich/poor/.. et al… who i voted for.. whether i was educated.. faith no faith..

nothing mattered other than that i was a precious human life

imagine living/life centered on just that..  nationality: human

i am proof that unconditional love /respect can not only save but transform lives…

what did i feel.. i felt loved.. what shielded me from hatred/retribution..

what’s given me the courage to say..this ends with me… is love. i was loved.

the potential for widespread positive change is enormous.. i know what we’re capable of.. i know the brilliance of humanity..

this leaves me w big things to ponder

is what unites us far greater than what can ever divide.. does it have to take a tragedy for us to feel deeply connected.. as human beings.. when will we brace the wisdom of our era.. and move to an acceptance for all.. who are only a label until we know them..


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passionate about creating and building a sustainable peace within our global societies. download our new APP via

We are a consultative group made up of leading psychologists, artists, musician’s, writer’s, philosopher’s, technology and communication experts and those, like me, who have a vested interest in contributing to a sustainable peace.  

Our mission is to creatively seek solutions to the greatest
challenges that face our world….no small order, but something
that I trust will provide alternatives for Government’s and influential organisations to draw upon.

We are a ‘Think’ and ‘Do’ tank, able to combine our collective narrative with initiative’s that are designed to be transformational – the core to each project is to gain Awareness Thought and Action from a global population.

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Dr Gillian Claire “Gill” Hicks, AM, MBE, FRSA is the founder of the London-based not-for-profit M.A.D for Peace. She is a motivational speaker, author, curator, and trustee for several cultural organisations. She began her career as a speaker in the wake of the 7 July 2005 London bombings. She was the last living victim rescued. Both her legs were amputated below the knee, and her injuries were so severe that she was initially not expected to live. She was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital without a name, identified only as “One Unknown”.

The Adelaide, South Australia-born Hicks has lived in London since 1992. She is former Publishing Director of the architecture, design and contemporary culture magazine Blueprint. Director of the multi-disciplinary design and publishing group Dangerous Minds, and Head of Curation at the UK’s Design Council.

Her first book, One Unknown, was shortlisted in 2008 for the Mind Book of the Year for 2007. The following year, in 2008, she carried the Olympic torch in Canberra. Hicks was named South Australian of the year in November 2014.

Gillian Hicks was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the 2016 Australia Day Honours list, “for significant service to the promotion of peace in the community through public engagement, education and network building initiatives”