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Jennifer founded code for america in 2009

Coding a better government

Can government be run like the Internet, permissionless and open? Coder and activist Jennifer Pahlka believes it can — and that apps, built quickly and cheaply, are a powerful new way to connect citizens to their governments — and their neighbors.

Jennifer Pahlka is the founder of Code for America, which matches software geniuses with US cities to reboot local services.

government run more like the web itself – open, permissionless, generative…

government – at its core – what we do together that we can’t to alone – Tim O’Reilly



Watch @pahlkadot talk about hacking bureaucracy and bringing user needs front and center… @CATechnologies @CA_APJ


the api is the starting place… using people in community as the capacity..iterate over time.. where the people are..

hosting life bits… on block chain.. as the day..


via Tim

Tim O’Reilly (@timoreilly) tweeted at 6:08 PM on Fri, Feb 17, 2017:
This is an important post. I’m with Jen in Vietnam, experiencing the same wonder at past bad choices and hoping we don’t make them again.

we need to listen to each other – jen

holmgren indigenous law



This is a lovely post from the big-hearted @pahlkadot, who sees and lives human values so truly

everyone has a story..wish they were home with their can i..

connect with me on this Jen: a nother way sans made-up money


On breathing, concentration, and children separated from their parents

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There was no need to concentrate on the breath, it was the only thing I could possibly do.

Those kids and parents separated at the border — I don’t have much to add to the outrage, except this: We are depriving them of everything that matters, starting with the rise and fall of their children’s breath.

a story about people grokking what matters.. as it could be


Sometimes, to reclaim government, we must become part of it. My piece in @voxdotcom today.

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The technology community should pair its attempts to take capabilities away from government with an effort to strengthen its capability elsewhere, in thoughtful ways that align with the values of the creators of that technology..t

tech as it could be..

ie: 2 convers as infra

In order to properly administer a social safety net, a just criminal justice system, and hundreds of other functions that constitute a functioning democracy, we must build government’s technology capabilities. In doing that, we run the risk of also increasing government’s effectiveness to do harm…t

let’s do the least/no harm w gershenfeld something else law

what we need most is the energy of 7bn alive people to get back/to an undisturbed ecosystem

in the city.. as the day..


article from sept 18 by jennifer and anand:

“The problem with outsourcing change to economic winners is that you end up with fake change. Real change happens in the arena of politics and policy, and if you aren’t working to reform our common life… you’re probably not ‘changing the world.'”

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begs rev of everyday life

jennifer: Anand’s vision for fixing the world relies not on the generosity of the rich but on democratic governance. It is a vision that is desperately needed. “Are we ready to hand over our future to the elite, one supposedly world-changing initiative at a time?” he asks. “Or is meaningful democracy, in which we all potentially have a voice, worth fighting for?

there’s a nother way

anand: When these winners engage in change, they lift up nonthreatening projects that suit their tastes. They call them “win-wins.” They favor forms of change that bypass government and rely on the private sector and its charitable spoils. They are warier of collective, democratic fixes, which can mean higher taxes, tighter regulation, and reduced profits

The problem with outsourcing change to these economic winners is that you end up with fake change.

so to is democracy (unless you completely change the defn to something we’ve never seen.. ie: undisturbed ecosystem.. via a quiet revolution

Instead of building that one charter school, *build an organization that lobbies for an end to the funding of public schools according to the value of the homes in the city where the child lives. Instead of scolding women to lean in, scold your government to put in place the family policies that have been **proven in other countries to empower women.

*rather.. let’s go sans school ness

ie: in the city.. as the day.. via gershenfeld something else law

**nobody has this down yet.. because.. it takes all of us.. from the get go.. not binary (man/woman.. us/them.. et al).. which begs we leap – via tech as it could be


22 min video

WATCH: Our founder @pahlkdot spoke about bridging the gap between Silicon Valley and DC with @GarrettJohnson at #Reboot2018

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4 min – on valuing the doing over the planning.. dc is the opp of that


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