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arthur: we need to build some healthier patterns

eric: the primary thing we’re trying to create w holochain is a uncloseable carrier for doing communication interaction

jean: why do we want a decentralized internet..? because we want agency, autonomy, security.. those 3 things are really important and we’re losing that today

arthur: blockchain.. is also burning the planet.. and repeating all these things they were claiming to fix.. but the claims.. the goals were good

maybe.. i’m thinking not deep enough.. if we want healthy planet.. healthy people.. we need to disengage from measuring transactions..

arthur: holochain.. for solving similar problems.. but w/o bottlenecks.. et al

what if the bottlenecks aren’t the problem.. what if the problem is.. we’re trying to solve the wrong problem..

ie: not about security.. about antifragility..

jean: holo is a bridge to mainstream audience.. so everybody can participate in the new internet

deeper problem.. we don’t want everyone participating in .. we want everybody alive..we need the energy from that

blockchain or holochain or whatever.. but use for (hosting life bits) hlb via 2 convos .. to get at basic needs

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

arthur: you get paid for providing the hosting services


eric: you get these applications that are human centric as opposed to money centric.. which is what i think they are right now

we need to get rid of money.. if we want to get back to us

what you’re proposing sounds like a nicer (than blockchain) nicer (than bitcoin) nicer .. version of the same thing.. ie: people wanting change.. but not going deep enough.. not letting go enough to say.. good bye cycle..

arthur: hold things together.. make sure everyone is following the rules.. to have an immune system *kick out bad actors.. natural systems the way our body does this w **cells.. i think it’s going to be a ***bigger game changer than we can imagine

*we can’t do that.. if we want a human centric system.. has to be for all of us.. no strings.. no judgement.. assume good..

the body kicks out **cancerous ness.. so.. let’s get rid of our bad dna/rna.. not people.. best way to do this..? gershenfeld sel.. and.. your own song ness.. roots of healing.. et al

***imagine deeper..

dang.. you guys are so lovely.. i wish we could talk


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Beyond Democracy: Increasing the Capacity, Context, and Combinatorial Possibilities

We are doing a5 part series on how Holochain can save democracy. This is the finale! ..This final piece moves beyond democracy as it has been and makes the case for a vision of democracy that is only now becoming possible.

just like the gift economy, consensus has only historically worked in small groups. Blockchain made “consensus” scalable for a very specific outcome: a shared ledger tracking coins. (And what they really mean by consensus is a single version of reality, perspectivism. What holochain offers is *aperspectivism.)

*the community becomes able to manipulate a complex object that none of the member can individually grasp..

Democracy is deeply related to a pyramidal form of intelligence. society scales, it becomes more challenging to coordinate activity, so we used pyramidal design —

In democracy, it is about most of the people having a say by having a representative work on their behalf, and up the pyramid by location (city, county, state, nation).

Back in the original collective intelligence of tribal communities, we had holopticism where everyone participates as part of a feedback loop of the whole. Holomidal instead of pyramidal, where, together, we sensed the whole. This isn’t just voting or even decision-making, this is about an embodied integral experience of sensing together. In the original collective intelligence there is co-creation and connectedness, even in a changing environment. We need less democratic debate in this form because holoptical clarity shapes individual actions.

Pyramidal intelligence did help us scale, we were able to interact with many more people in coordinated fashion, but we did so by centralizing authority. And with that, we lost much of the co-sensing and the dimensionality of our experiences (decision making became about information and intellect primarily). We took information rich environments and turned them into yes/no options.

When we shift from platforms with data-centric architecture to an agent-centric architecture, then you can express what you want and it can populate any of the spaces you want to share in. More than that it shifts us closer to an pull-centric architecture, where I draw in the communications I want rather than having them pushed at me by others who control the silo I speak within.

begs we are detoxed as well.. from all the previous pushing/coercing/manufacturing ness

and then begs we start everyday with that internal itch/curiosity.. ie: cure ios city


intro’d to the body in pain here via Jean Russell:

There is a passage in Elaine Scarry’s book, The Body in Pain, that haunts me: a narrative version of capital and workers.
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@NurtureGirl: In this narrative, one person touches an object and becomes profoundly embodied, including wounds. This is the worker. The other touches and becomes immaterial. The capitalist.

@NurtureGirl: This embodiment being magnified versus the evaporation of the body into abstractions is such a crucial insight. And thus the abstraction tract escapes pain, and the privilege that brings is also made invisible to most.

@NurtureGirl: Once you see capitalism as the unequal distribution of pain… well, if you are an empath instead of a sociopath, it haunts… But it also makes it clear why the capitalists that rise to the top of the heap have to be narcissistic sociopaths.


gabor on pain

when body says no

et al


Jean M Russell (@NurtureGirl) tweeted at 3:06 PM on Wed, Apr 15, 2020:
I have come to understand that an unstructured agent centric world is one where sociopaths take over and empaths get crushed. I do not find this appealing. What solutions do you have? #fullauthority #noresponsibility #tyrannyofstructurelessness

org in such a way that everyone is too busy doing what they want (their art) to crush et al.. others

ie: 2 convers as infra; gershenfeld something else law; ..

@NurtureGirl: Too busy doing is, imo, often bulldozing right over others without care or concern, blind to histories and learning, perspectives and co-holding.

yeah.. that would be redefined/rerealized.. to people doing their art.. not the too busy ness we see/experience today

so the org/infra needs a detox embed.. one that hastens detox .. (as it could be) because sync matters.. ie: we keep missing the sync of us.. in our efforts toward betterness.. so we keep calling it tragedy.. rather than digging deeper.. seeing/hearing ginorm/smaller


Jean M Russell (@NurtureGirl) tweeted at 8:25 AM on Sat, May 09, 2020:
Remember, any time money is the reason for why people must suffer or die, the question could instead be why have we agreed to this way of organizing society. Could we do it differently and not have people suffer or die for lack of the right “contract” so to speak.


let’s reorg this way: 2 convers as infra

and to transition..

let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence w/ubi as temp placebo.. needs met w/o money..people forget about measuring


jean on a different game


Jean M Russell (@NurtureGirl) tweeted at 7:11 AM on Wed, Aug 12, 2020:
Are we in a world where there isn’t enough, and we have to fight each other for what we can?
Or are we in a world in which there could be enough but it isn’t organized to enable that to be well distributed?

getting back/to enough ness via 2 convers as infra/org

@NurtureGirl: This is the worldview conflict playing out today. If there isn’t enough, them we must fight it out. If there is enough, what is the just way of sharing it?

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. we might just get to a more antifragile, healthy, thriving world.. the ecosystem/enough-ness we keep longing for..


I keep bouncing between membranes: working on personal and interpersonal transformation AND working on accounting/measures across ecosystems (interorganizational data commoning) for more #thrivable collective steering ability. Hmmm.
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measuring/accounting? across ecosystems as commoning? for steering ability?


@antonjw @johnkellden I am interested in not only imagining a more thrivable future but also in co-creating a bridge from exactly where we are to our more thrivable possibility.
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ie: short bp



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