emilie wapnick

emilie wapnick

intro’d to Emilie here tedxbend april 2015:

Why some of us don’t have one true calling

worried that i couldn’t stick to anything.. i was afraid of commitment.. scattered… self-sabotaging…

the it is me ness

where did you learn to assign the meaning of – wrong/abnormal – to doing many things… – culture

simple question to 5 yr olds.. continues on in different forms till it keeps you up at night… keeps you from your potential..

what do you want to be..

whatever you wantbravery to change your mind1 yr to be 5 ness

most kids don’t hear about (eclectic) people like this.. they just learn they’re going to have to choose…

the notion of the narrowly focused life is highly romanticized.. the one true destiny.. figure out what that one true thing is..

what if you’re not wired this way.. there’s no room for someone like you in this framework… so you might think there’s something wrong with you.

is that not all of us..? to some degree

there’s nothing wrong with you – you’re just a multipotentialite – polymath, renaissance.. fitting that as a community can’t agree on single identity

3 multipotentialite skills:

1\ idea synthesis – innovation happens at the intersections.. able to access a lot of these points..

2\ rapid learning – when interested.. dive in. used to being beginners.. so less afraid of trying new things.. many skill transferable.. so rarely starting rom scratch

it is rarely a waste of time to pursue something you’re drawn to even if you end up quitting.. you might use that later

3\ adaptability – any situation… can take on various roles…

3 skills multipotentialites are good at and 3 skills they might lose if pressured to narrow their focus..

we need multipotentialites to tackle complex problems in the world..

energylet’s do this first: free art ists – all of us

good points on specialization..

embrace your inner wiring.. whatever that may be…

follow your curiosities.. explore intersections.. the world needs us


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a nother way – to facilitate that..us.. all of us..