exponentiate {glossary}

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Within our great concern that people might miss the basics, our minds are trained to translate that most often to math. And the math, often translates to school math, that most people won’t need in their life time.

Unfortunately, with that mindset, and with that urgency and demand, to get the school math, most people end up missing the more useable and vital components of mathematical thinking.

Exponentiation is one such component.

exponential graphBeing able to visualize or conceptualize size or growth. (grab your x-d glasses)

Most people have a hard enough time imagining what one million of something might look like. Then throw in movement, the ongoingness of exponentiation. Especially if the little number in the air keeps growing as well.

So, unknowingly, we often miss out on potential, because we don’t realize the vastness of growth, just around the corner.

Scaling the individual, is an exponentiating phenomenon. We have no idea how incredible that would be. How equitable, and how sustaining.

By exponentiation, we mean, it will not only grow/spread ongoingly faster and faster than we can imagine, because it’s from within each one of us, but it will also sustain/thrive beyond any strategies or shiny programs/innovations we could ever muster up.]


Michael Wesch‘s 2011 rethinking ed:

1 min – Douglas Rushkoff et al- that’s not just – we’re getting another renaissance

4 min – if you’ve got enough links… you don’t need the hierarchy anymore..


That’s what’s meant by a quiet revolution. It can turn on a dime.



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