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intro’d to John while listening in on Thomas & Bennett‘s conversation.

intrigued by the inner space, and on the focus of immune systems, and of interdependency..

[ie: c (see) app, Gary Slutnik, declaration of interdependence, ..ness…]

John a technology foresight consultant, scholar, speaker, educator, and systems theorist in global processes of evolution, development, and accelerating change. He directs the Acceleration Studies Foundation(Mountain View, CA) a nonprofit seeking to help improve our understanding and management of accelerating technological change. He is also founder of FERN, the Foresight Education and Research Network, a professional association improving global foresight education, training, and careers.

As an educator, he is a a lecturer on leadership and technological change at the Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, CA), and an advisor in foresight and forecasting at Singularity University (Mountain View, CA).

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..he claims universal and human-historical accelerating change not appear to be simply a product of evolution but of some universal developmental process, one apparently protected, in a general statistical sense, by poorly understood immune systems in complex systems. In his public presentations he calls for better characterization and use of existing processes of intelligence, immunity, and interdependence development in biological, cultural, and technological systems. 


John is president/director of acceleration studies foundation:


whose associates include:

Jerry M, Venessa, Monica, Marc, Jerry P, Dale, Heather, Peter, Ray, …


ah… via Jason Silva:

The Transcension Hypothesis – What comes after the singularity?

eventually – stops going to outer space and starts going to inner space…