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remarkable misfit. modeling/teaching/sharing with/for the rest of us.

we could rattle on.. but best that you just dive in to misfit-ness.

latest interview (as he’s writing his book of the last 5 yrs):

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7:40 – thomas and bennett – you always have the choice

you have to be angry – something is wrong – Bret Victor – principle ness

16:20 – what if i got a do over..  – what if – what if we could be nomads..

24 – 1% of fear keeps us alive, 99% of fear keeps us asleep


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On August 16, 2011 (my 29th birthday), I decided to start writing a private newsletter for people who were meant to change the world. I called it “The Pursuit of Everything”. This website has grown out of that community.

The Pursuit of Everything (POE) project is a website I launched on August 16, 2012 (my 30th birthday) to publish my writing about living life deliberately, doing work that truly matters, and changing the world. The site also chronicles my epic adventure to travel around the entire world in 1,080 days.:

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a case for traveling slowly


most incredible interview by Jonathan Fields:

aj – did everything i was supposed to on the road to money – and day 2 on the job – it hit me.. this isn’t me

melissa – doing stuff that matters – with each other…

melissa – i would rather live under the booklyn bridge with the real you than the guy you were

aj – the day you realize if you don’t stop what you are doing today – you will never be the person you were meant to be

melissa – the energy comes from wanting to leave the thing you are in… the idea of staying in that is much more terrifying than going to the ne

ha – aj – i still have to expaciate? my sin there

aj – we have daily conversations of where we feel like we are… it’s what you don’t want. most people want to scale. .. people don’t always want to

jonathan – having this person – that can say – remember those things that really matter to us

25 min in – disaggregated funding.. tell the story – let others crowdsource funding

melissa – to me a good life is what we’re doing now – doing what matters – being together

aj – not living the life that everyone else intended for you – being deliberate 

jonathan – a lot of people don’t ask the question – what makes a good life – because they know the answer they’re going to get would require substantial disruption 


AJ Leon (@ajleon)
7/7/12 6:20 AM
New post from @JessieMWhite on the Misfit blog about @jonathanfields ‘ gracious #GoodLifeProjectinterview with us. blog.misfit-inc.com/post/266910960…


via what-is-the-one-thing-you-want-to-do-with-the-rest-of-your-life/

There is no One thing.
It is a myth.
A fallacy.
A thought your mind produces to inhibit you from altering reality right now.
Believe me, I know. I spent a great many years waiting around for the One thing, until I realized this cold pressed truth – all you have is the ideas you possess in your heart at this very moment, and the decision to muster the courage to act on them or not.Start there. Make one thing happen. And when you’re done, take a deep breath and do it again.


via http://aj-leon.com/pursuitofeverything/define-your-moments-or-they-will-define-you/

The underlying concepts of my philosophy are:

  1. Live your life with intention.
  2. Do work that truly matters. (hint: if you’re not proud to talk about it, then it probably doesn’t matter)
  3. Devote some small part of your life to working on projects that directly benefit those less fortunate than you.
  4. Give more than you get.

I have yet to meet the person that embodies these four qualities, and isn’t living a remarkable life and changing the world at the same time.

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