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2014(?) – Infrastructure and systems for a nine billion world

thinking… most efficient physical living space (hexayurt ness) + most efficient virtual living space (chip ness) – within short ness…

how do we turn what we have into what we need

have/need needs

gets obscured by methods, ie: markets, socialism, environmentalism…

5 min – what you need to stay alive – matrix of services: individual, group (communication/transport/workspace), org (groups w/special missions), state (legal jurisdiction – how you make decisions)

making decisions ness..

we can have a complex complicated society w/o having complex stuff…

mech simple enough

8 min – tech needed

stacktivism and national security state… stopped worrying about nuclear weapon in 1990… cryptography..

protecting threats.. via gershenfeld ness… ps in the open ness

security in a new way… secure communications infrastructure..

irrelevant s – io dance ness –

keep half human race out of same rat trap we are in


One Network One World – Observe Hack Make – OHM2013







part we don’t normally talk aobut… because everything to do w/centralization/industrialization is now a key political issue w/entire snowden mess

all the people, 2 bill urban rich (us, eu); 1 bill urban poor (slums); .5 bill rural rich (small towns); 3.5 bill rural poor (1 acre farm)

lack of creative chaos… slums place w/very weak state.. so econ slope…

us 8x consumption, eu 4x consumption… going to require us to cut our resource use..

we’re not in the world we think we’re in… ie: sustainable..

sitting in a house which is on fire… discussing what furniture we’re going to buy next year

what makes hexayurt possible… access to high tech tools… the raw industrial form of shelter… absolute min to turn high tech infrastructure into shelter

8 min – could we do one house.. as a basic human right… i don’t know another way we could provide housing for the entire world..

have to solve problem of own resource consumption.. otherwise dependent on empire..

12 min – we live in a system that requires someone to be oppressed for us to have our standard of living…. much easier to end the system of oppression completely than to change who is oppressed in the system…

13 min – now have a new control structure… even w/extremely powerful manufacture tech… don’t necessarily get to freedom.. just to diff set of restrictions… other path.. low resource mech… needs met w/o colonials/imperialist/capitalist structure to hold disparities in space

15 min – on mortgages going up….. money pulled out of other parts of society… value is in speculation… as everything else got cheaper.. housing stayed expensive… everything else starved for capital… so possibility to disrupt the housing market

not suggesting starting in cities.. cities are difficult… 50% live in rural.. rural is possible

20 min – scim map – ways people die

22 min – real message – london no cars for a year..  – but.. not about sending a message.. it’s about finding a way of life that doesn’t require nsa to protect the state to protect us from the people we’re ripping off to make a living…

chinese people don’t get to vote, et al..  we’re fighting for free software.. running on hardware.. produced by slaves (chinese) … we’re in exactly same position jefferson was in…this goes right to the heart of our problem… hardware produced by oppressed… so no matter how good software…

26 min – on distinction of coercion.. self driven or other/violence driven

27 min – on copper – 1kg per human – this explains why people are stealing copper out of the ground… ie: telecom now worth more as copper storage than telecom provider

30 min – what’s the alternative.. of misallocating capital.. toward: boom, bust, protectionism, war… can’t solve these problems one at a time

it’s one problem… the way you get to the bottom.. is by analyzing where your stuff comes from..

32 min – at the edge it gets to slavery or communism… start to understand where systems of oppression are operating… and how you are supporting them (stacktivism – springet) stack of essential services… analysis..

tinkering w/layers of stack individually is massively harder than doing it over... build a new one…

we’ve done this is some areas already, ie: wikipedia

leap frog to global do over –for (blank)’s sake

35 min – in world of bits.. is doing well of getting rid of authoritarianism… world of bits is actually just world of atoms taught to play tricks w/electrons…

wikipedia/linux… pirate kings … supported by social capital.. is that progress

38 min – read – the long telegram – for history

social production artifacts that are impossible to produce w/money… completely new ballgame…

this is close to my core motivations.. a lifestyle.. where a single family could live.. 

41 min – 5 bill new people to get internet access w/in next 5-10 yrs.. about to get 5 times as many people involved w/our process.. involved in conversation.. people that can solve problems is about to go through roof… but.. also.. political education.. asking.. why does my life suck..

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

bullshit ness.. indeed..

46 min – imagine we build an on ramp… now…. seriously change the entire structure of the world.. w/o pressure.. starting a war…


Plausible utopias | Meaning 2012






7 min – houses: accommodation; keep your stuff; speculation investment….

10 min – new economists: coase (nature of firm), nash (a beautiful mind – talked about way you get locked in.. because need coordinated change to escape), benkler (currently active.. opensource/free software… good ie of enormous problem solving power.. no compulsive power, calls it: commons based peer production – how to get it to work for you rather than your competitors…)


15 min – mythology around valve… hired .. then walk around looking for project you want to work on… no internal coercive structure… has to be no fear… which comes from hierarchy et al…. boss can’t get staff to make his games… radically new… enormously successful… pyramid no longer successful… throw away pyramid and keep people..

17 min – hexayut team… as an ie… also see it in operating systems

21 min – when you look like you can do it on your own… people gather around you

22 min – 3 likely scenarios  1\ cheap energy/info (the default future.. in 20 yrs)  2\ resource scarcity/war  3\ decentralism – naxalites (arundhati roy)

the reason we can’t think rationally about future.. the fear of the nuclear bomb destroyed our ability to think…

24 min – might work .. if we can keep nanotech and biotech under control.. which is really hard

25 min – future gates: solar power soon enough?; internet +poverty constructive/destructive?; orgs – cope/fail?

26 min – one plane consumption.. no apocalypse tech… very possible.. but we have to work hard.. we need to start cooperating to get the future secured

i (we) did a book – on a wiki – the future we deserve

notes on vinay’s page


agile infrastructure



The future of humanitarian innovation – may 3 2017





4 min – 0 adoption.. not because expensive.. fundamentally no readiness/willingness to adopt at the hard physical level.. doesn’t mean no fix is possible.. just means if talking about fixing this level of situation don’t hold your breath

6 min – one of problems.. 3 spaces simultaneous.. there is a physical space a bureaucratic space and infrastructural space.. very poorly understood.. benjamin bratton et al digging into it.. still very very new..

7 min – don’t do fb’s job – hard it is the hardest thing there is

8 min – the idea that the humanitarian world is going to build its own it platforms and that this will fundamentally change what happens at the scale of bn’s of people is completely unrealistic.. it’s not going to happen.. don’t waste your time trying

on the other hand.. being able to build the bridge (electricity.. wifi..) between where people are right now and this enormous integrated network… access to get hooked onto networks…. and that is a problem that is firmly in the humanitarian space .. that is exactly the kind of thing that is currently solved.. you do water/sanitation/light.. no reason you can’t add internet/wifi to it

9 min – first step is just getting people into contact

10 min – self-org systems: starfish and spider.. peers inc

starfish and spider

15 min – i left humanitarian space after 15 yrs.. because it doesn’t innovate.. i left.. and built new tools.. ie: ethereum

now running humanitarian vc to finance humanitarian r&d that we’ve been trying to get done thru institutions for years

you must innovate


20 tweet thread from vinay may 2020:

Nobody really wants to hear all this.

I first worked on pandemics well over 10 years ago and, really, nobody gave a shit then either.

I never published my old piece on the break up of America either: drugs, guns, abortion, gay marriage: permanent wedges.

Anybody that reads this, and does not understand it, feel free to ask me for clarifications.

To the rest of you: get moving. If you are asleep at the wheel and this summer goes badly, when winter hits, America is going to turn into a genuinely awful place filed with suffering.

I have a serious set of eyes to see this shit and put the pieces together.

I’ve been on x-risk *forever*. Again, it’s the tool for becoming resilience in the face of all of this. It’s been open source since like 2010.

You have to listen, and plan, now.

need to listen deeper.. undo our hierarchical listening ie: 2 convers as infra
We are just no longer in the “business as usual” flight envelope. America’s recovery from 2008 has now failed, it cannot be salvaged, and that means things like the death of the dollar or the Constitution, or a year without an election, or similar kinds of profound drama.