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scheinberg no agenda law: frustrated that i had squandered my time talking about my idea instead of getting to know this man.. what a waste to go into a room with an agenda – kim scheinberg

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Had the fortune to meet Kim at bif6.

What an incredible talk…

Kim Scheinberg

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Telling a story I didn’t have yesterday

Like acumen funds, but we don’t choose the 2ndround of investments, we let the entrepreneur choose that –

Guy who blogs at

I’m an editor, I listen, and ask a bunch of stupid questions, then try to write it better

I have an idea, and I want to be an evangelist (what happens when you have an idea)

Alan is in ny – I google him – he comes – then he says – what’s your ask

I’ve never been a team player – for the first time in my life I’m really acting with integriy, something I really cared about

Next meeting  is on wallstreet – people with no integrity

So I go to the top, the best thing about this meeting – nothing’s going to pursuade, so nothing to lose and I can learn a lot about how to talk to people that I can persuade

I liked him, he liked me, the idea didn’t really matter, there was something about team kim

no agenda

Frustrated that I had squandered my time talking about my idea instead of getting to know this man

What a waste to go into a room with an agenda,

Poker – you’re supposed to sympathize but not empathize, exploit what you learn

Collaboratoin, in poker it’s callusion an dit’s illegal

Goes to a poker game, activiely seek out people you would not normally seek out

At poker games – got best ed I could ever get in my life

We traded baseball cards – stock options

One of those is why I can afford to support entrepreneurs

So much raw talent squandered at this game – if we closed doors and gave them med books.. we could cure cancer

A lot of exception goes on at the table that has nothing to do with the cards

The story of her never having a drink

Listen to this video again and again  – wow


Find more of her words/work here:

presumed abundance

and here:

and google her.. for lots more..

grazie Kim.


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