m of care – feb 12

on david‘s 60th

Freinds from the Museum of Care prepare birthday4David. @davidgraeber had no children of his own, his parents and brother had died, and there was no one left but me. But, he turned out to have thousands of friends who remember him, read him, love him. Let’s be together tonight! https://t.co/DyrnQOUYHE

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By Yash Lad! 
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Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/nikadubrovsky/status/1360224471957843971

i sent this quote:

graeber mechs to hear law: why is it we’re not hearing.. we need to figure out how to create mechanisms to stop doing that.. and once we do.. i think the rest will take care of itself – David Graeber from david is funny

a mech to undo our hierarchical listening ie: tech as it could be

but there are oh so many others:


shoot.. missed the zoom gathering.. on call




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