listen defn

we keep trying to improve things.. mostly by managing/micro managing/governing/mandating/assuming/oppressing/allegiancing…..

perhaps.. a better means to order in chaos ness.. is simply to.. listen

perhaps.. better\ness is emerging 24/7.. and we just need to make sure we aren’t missing it/us.

better\ness is doable.. scale-across-able.. urgent..

perhaps to get back to that basic sense of awareness ..attentiveness …we..

listen deeply gray

without an agenda.

to each other.

to ourselves.

to where/what/how/why we are us.. right now.

ie: non hierarchical listening

quiet enough to hear/see

The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as the word ‘silent’ – Alfred Brendel


listen – a simple message

no words ness..





David Menasche

Peter Harold

Chimamanda Adichie

the little prince

an app



listen & clap


communication quote by shaw


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Loving mystics (@loving_mystic) tweeted at 1:32 AM – 12 May 2018 :
Your body becomes what you eat
Your thoughts become what your read
Our minds are just patternmatchers
Want to feel unsafe? Read the news
Want to feel shocked? Listen to gossip
Want to be happy?
Listen to the birds
Listen to the wind
Listen to the rain (


Visakan Veerasamy (@visakanv) tweeted at 3:07 AM – 6 Mar 2019 :
What I’m getting out of this, really, is that people aren’t listening to kids. That’s why they DM a stranger halfway around the world. To find someone who will listen to them, who will ask them loving questions from a place of kindness and sincere curiosity (

imagining a mech (tech as it could be) to listen to every voice everyday.. to better connect us (augmenting interconnectedness via 2 convers as infra)