gabor on true self

Gabor Maté: Finding Our TRUE Selves in a Crazy World | Know Thyself Podcast EP 34 –  host – André Duqum – part 2 (part 1 – gabor on toxic normal trauma)

gabor maté, myth of normal, et al

notes/quotes from 90 min video:

2 min – andre: (reading erich fromm quote from myth of normal): our combined errors doesn’t make them true (paraphrase)

erich fromm.. history ness as non legit (like from whales in sea world).. dawn of everything (book) ness.. two books

3 min – g: fromm points out in advanced societies more disconnect from nature.. from who they are.. engaging in totally meaningless activity.. 70% of adults taking at least 1 med.. richest/unhealthiest.. all comes from disconnection of our nature.. just because people buy into that.. doesn’t make it normal or sane

hari present in society law.. krishnamurti measure law.. et al

missing piece #1

4 min – andre: (reads huxley quote from point).. people so conditioned.. acting like they ought to behave

socrates supposed to law et al.. any form of m\a\p

7 min – erich fromm talks about social character – in order to keep self going.. huxley.. trained to fulfill roles in test tubes.. almost like us.. ‘the thing is to want to do is what society wants you to do’ ..

8 min – this society needs us to be disconnected from ourselves.. if we’re connected to our gut feelings.. oliver sacks wrote.. man who mistook wife for a hat.. he asks self.. people couldn’t be mesmerized by words.. but were reading his (reagan) body language.. in this insane world.. he fit.. but they didn’t so they could see he was ridiculous.. big way this society survives is by disconnecting from gut

oliver sacks

11 min – since 70s.. several wars.. each time.. later found based on pack of lies.. but at time everybody bought into it.. each time new lie everyone goes along w it.. that’s mass hypnosis.. and i’m only talking about wars.. it takes a passivity

queen noor ness.. jeremy scahill – dirty wars ness.. et al

14 min – we live our lives as if it (climate change) wasn’t happening (when so obvious).. that’s a state of hypnotic passivity.. like injecting heroin into our infants

17 min – all find ourselves in this trance.. on auto pilot.. on death bed ‘what did i do w all that time’.. this culture designed to lull us to sleep all the time

20 min – sufficient to look in this life.. temporal state.. to see why people are the way they are.. (don’t need to go psychic on haunts of past ancestors).. but people who shape us were also shaped by .. so we are affected by ancestors (paraphrase).. if one generation traumatized.. alters not gene structure.. but genetic functioning.. and that can be passed on.. new sci.. we don’t know yet how strong that it.. but in general.. mother’s stress can affect child in womb.. et al

25 min – my field is so remiss.. we have the science now.. treating everything w stress hormones.. inflammation et al get steroids.. stress hormones.. see connection between stress and all conditions.. and women worse.. as stress absorbers of fam/society

31 min – corporate intel.. like military intell.. oxymorons.. rather ignorance and ignorance.. science is there but don’t look.. thinking if they don’t know it.. not worth knowing.. et al

36 min – if society doesn’t accept as you are.. develop personality traits to be accepted.. childhood programming et al

42 min – any one cutting.. my question is what purpose is it serving.. releases body’s own painkillers.. enorphins.. so called mentally ill behaviors have a function .. of dealing w trauma that has not been addressed

anonymous ones heavy law

45 min – on being driven by unconscious pain..

46 min – it’s not the activity itself.. but your internal relationship with it.. is it causing harm in long term? then not healthy

49 min – attachment has two uses.. 1\ clinging ness and 2\ connection .. between parent/child.. no mammal can survive w/o it.. so those that don’t get attachment met will get it in external.. lack of healthy attachment .. leads to unhealthy attachment

missing piece #2.. khan filling the gaps law.. et al

51 min – essential need of child: freedom to express all emotions.. and to be received/attuned/held by adult world.. when that doesn’t happen.. we stuff it.. to fit in .. so ie: don’t know how to express anger.. et al

maté trump law.. brown belonging law.. et al

53 min – saying no is saying yes to self.. if repress.. bait for disease or explosive anger.. et al.. so how do we re learn as adults? good therapy..

when body says no

56 min – most susceptible.. really nice people who don’t know how to say no..

58 min – what is the impact when you don’t say no when a no is wanted to be said

59 min – don’t see as symptoms you want to get rid of.. but as signals.. ie: headaches et al

60 min – being liked is a big value to you.. so hidden no to be liked.. or i learned it was selfish

67 min – on sensitivity tied to creativity.. sensitivity genetically born with.. the more sensitive.. the more you feel .. the more you absorb/sense.. get in tune w environ.. which is what artists do.. but also makes them more susceptible to pain.. so sensitivity combined w trauma/stress.. high need to escape.. creativity doesn’t go away.. but starts to serve the personality..

crazywise (doc) ness et al

73 min – element in our nature that wants us to be us.. makes you suffer greatly if you don’t wake up to that.. t

eu\daimon\ia ness.. on each heart.. undisturbed ecosystem.. et al.. hari present in society law

76 min – andre: reframe of.. not why me.. but what is that trying to tell me

77 min – you can be cured.. but not healed.. we’re poor at helping people heal

healing (roots of)

79 min – nothing in nature grows w/o vulnerability.. growth and vulnerability go together.. that’s why children are so vulnerable.. denial of vulnerability keeps us hardened.. see it in vets.. killing and accepting being killed..

80 min – almaas ‘protect us from the people that want to save the world’.. if find self filled w evangelical fervor.. ask yourself what’s going on .. if it’s a need to heal others.. you better watch it.. want to inflict new wisdom on everybody.. et al.. desire to push it on others.. someone who still hasn’t dealt with it

83 min – i’m 79 now.. and i wouldn’t wish to be as young/stupid as i was when i was 78.. though.. i don’t swim as fast.. so.. so far i like it.. i like having a bit more access to myself.. t

85 min – my advice is you don’t need my advice

86 min – carved on gravestone ‘it was a lot more work than i anticipated.. ongoing.. but not bad’

87 min – (wish for humanity?) – oh freedom.. freedom to be themselves.. what calls you.. my calling is that people are free..

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